How Do I Increase My Virtue Stats?


For some people, Virtue Stats is an important mechanic in the game. Without high enough Virtue Stats, you wouldn't even be able to talk to your favorite NPCs! How else are you going to get Sasha into your stronghold?! So this guide is here to answer that question; "How Do I Increase My Virtue Stats?". Your current Virtues, Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness are viewable in your character window in the 2nd tab. Virtue Stats are not only used for progressing Rapport NPCs, but also to access certain Mokoko Seeds and to progress certain quests. Virtue Stats can be acquired through Quests, Skins, Adventure Tome, Potions, Achievements, and Rapport Dialogue.


Random quests here and there reward you small amounts of Virtue Stats. Usually, I end up doing every single quest on each region and Island to make sure I didn't miss any Virtue Stats. For Islands that with quests that give Virtue Stats, please visit the Island Tool and filter by rewards and then Virtue Stats.

Note: Please visit Lost Ark Codex which lists all quests that reward you those stats. You can filter the quests by typing in the zone name.

Costumes and Skins

Certain skins either give you a bit of every Virtue Stat or go all in onto one. For example, the Platinum Complimentary Skin Set goes all into one stat giving you a total of 70 extra Charisma. It's much better to go for these kinds of sets when more come out in the future. Usually, you're lacking in only one or two stats when having to get past a Virtue Stat check for Rapport.

Adventure Tome

Your Field Boss, Another Story, and Hidden Story completions in your Adventure Tome provide additional amounts of Virtue Stats. Complete them for a nice boost.

Rapport Dialogue

Upon advancing certain NPCs to certain stages, you will be met with an option for dialogue. Sometimes these dialogues give Rapport EXP, but other times they reward you with Virtue Stats.


Certain achievements also provide an easy way for you to gain Virtue Stats. Check out all Achievements that reward you Virtue Stats below.

Category: Adventure
Legendary PacifistUse the Exit Portal in a Legendary Secret Map Dungeon with no kills+2
Manor of SinsComplete the Punishment Main Story Quest in Shushire+1
Love Can Make a Man Act StupidComplete the Pain to Gain quest in Liebeheim+1
The DetectiveComplete The Castle's Secrets quest on Sublime Isle+2
Even the Deer Are Wise HereComplete the Sacred Deer quest in Shangra Island 108 times+1
Chaos's EndDefeat Chaotic Chuo in Anikka+1
Faster than LightObtain the Fermata Island Soul from Fermata+1
I Want to Read That BookBuy and read Procyon Nights, Illucia's World Tour Vol. 1, Faneri's Journal Vol. 3, Olivia's Dawn Vol. 2, Arkesia's Song Collection 3 from the Shadowmoon Bookstore on Shadowmoon Market+3
Morai Ruins ExpertFind all 5 secret locations inside Morai Ruins+2
Of the Pumpkins, for the Pumpkins, by the PumpkinsMax Ominous Pumpkins Una's Task reputation on Orvis Island+1
Toto Elder, Whom We All RevereMax Saltern Worker Una's Task reputation on Toto Silver Island+1
Scoring Sheet MusicLearn 9 pieces of Sheet Music+2
The Enlightened IFind essences #1-5 on Shangra+1
The Enlightened IIFind essences #6-10 on Shangra+1
Category: Character
Mo' Money!Earn 10,000,000 or more Silver+1
Use My NicknameCollect 300 or more Titles+3
A Leading LifeChoose an Advanced Class+1
MasteryReach Skill Tree Level 3 on one of your skills+3
Time of the WolfMount and dismount from 6 types of Wolf Mounts +1
Jackpot! I Think?From a single sale, earn "7", "77", "777", and "77,777" Silver+2
Adventurer Wears SkinMod 100 Skins with the Skinsmith NPC+2
Devil HuntressReach Lv. 50 on Gunslinger+1
Monarch of the ElementsReach Lv. 50 on Sorceress+1
Where Mokokos Come FromPick up 1,000 Mokoko Seeds+1
Category: Combat
Flame Fox YohoDefeat Flame Fox Yoho 50 times+3
HelgaiaDefeat Helgaia 50 times+3
AchatesDefeat Achates 50 times+1
I'm UndyingClear up to Cube Stage 20+3
All about Vertus: Advanced IIDestroy Vertus's tail 150 times+3
All about Chromanium: Advanced IIDestroy Chromanium's armor 150 times+3
All about Nacrasena: Advanced IIDestroy Nacrasena's tail 150 times+3
All about Levanos: Advanced IIDestroy Levanos's shell 150 times+3
How to Fight Igrexion: Advanced IIStagger Igrexion's Field Charge 200 times+3
All about Night Fox Yoho: Advanced IIDestroy Night Fox Yoho's 1st Tail 150 times+3
Split the WindIncrease Move Speed to 145% or higher (Needs Special Silver Compass or higher)+2
Slower than a TurtleDecrease Move Speed to 33% of lower+2
Category: Trade Skills
Path of the Expert LoggerReach Logging Level 50+1
When I Find You, and I Will…Track 400 Hunting Secret Maps+1
Fast TrackerStart Tracking and Find Prey's Hideout Within 1 Minute+1
Excavation MasterGet 3 Success in a single Excavation mini game 500 times+1
Category: Raid
Argos the Guide of DestructionDefeat Argos for the first time+1
Leave Weather Forecasting to MeDeafeat Argos 100 times+3
Category: Sailing
Are We Really Pirates?Obtain Eshu Catherine Rosa Blackfang Wilhelm+1
Who's Going to Steer the Ship?Obtain Jeffrey Ordorik Coniconi Belrod Orne Vanderwal+1
Restaurant on the SeaObtain Morimori Yongjin Seoyeon Yozo Sorang+1
Bring It OnObtain Crew Application Form: Vandolph, Crew Application Form: Tarmilla, Crew Application Form: Bertoge, Crew Application Form: Barakas, Crew Application Form: Edward+1
Category: Trader
Excavation MasterGet 3 successes in a single Excavation mini game 500 times+1
Fast TrackerStart Tracking and find a prey's hideout within 1 minute through Hunting+1
Path of the Expert LoggerReach Logging Lv. 50+1
When I Find You, and I Will…Track 400 waypoints through Hunting+1
Category: Others
Productive BlastBreak 3 Ores With One Mining Bomb+2
Flawless InspectorComplete the Assistant Investigator Main Story Quest in Arthetine+1
Librarian of Wisdom IsleRead 5 Hidden Books on the Ground on Wisdom Isle+1
Kaishuter the Raging DragonDefeat Kaishuter for the first time+1
Category: Adventure
WantedDefeat Lieutenant Kugo, Lieutenant Mago, Enforcer Jago, and Ugo in Rethramis+1
On My Left…Defeat 20 Restless Competitors (PvE) on Asura Island+1
On My Right…Defeat 666 Competitors (PvP) on Asura Island+2
How About a Snowball Fight?Win 50 snowball fights on Snowpang Island+1
I Crown You the Lord of Snowball FightsWin 100 snowball fights on Snowpang Island+3
Three Beans Can Be AnythingComplete the Grand Initiation Ritual quest in Atropos+3
Footsteps of the Great PeddlerComplete A Perilous Path quest in Atropos 25 times+3
Road to EnlightenmentComplete the Waterfall Training quest in Shangra 108 times+1
MartyrClear Twilight Chapel on Twilight Isle+1
Light in the DarkClear Twilight Chapel within 11 minutes on Twilight Isle+3
Fallen KnightsComplete Putting the Fallen Knights to Rest quest in North Vern+2
Pest ControlMax Insects in the Grass Fields Una's Task Reputation on Azure Wind Island+2
Demolition ExpertDestroy the Phantom Legion Castle Wall 100 times in Phantom Palace Dungeon+2
A Long-Cherished Wish GrantedComplete the [Investiation] Achates quest+2
The Fiercest LionComplete the Rain, Stars, Wind purple quest in Anikka+1
Adventurer of Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, East Luterra, Tortoyk, Anikka, Arthetine, North Vern, Shushire, Yorn100% each of these regions for +2+2
Walking the World II70% 7 Adventurer's Tomes+2
Walking All the World100% 7 Adventurer's Tomes+3
Category: Character
Berserker 50, Gunlancer 50Reach Level 50 on These Classes, +1 Each+1
Scrapper 50, Soulfist 50, Striker 50Reach Level 50 on These Classes, +1 Each+1
Deathblade 50, Shadowhunter 50 Reach Level 50 on These Classes, +1 Each+1
Artillerist 50, Hawkeye 50Reach Level 50 on These Classes, +1 Each+1
Strategic FailureFail Honing 500 times+2
Virtue: CourageObtain 300 Courage+2
Let's Talk BenefitsGain 3 Virtue Points through Rapport Conservations with Beatrice+3
Category: Combat
Me Against the Mayhem LegionClear Mayhem Legion Chaos Gates 50 times+2
Me Against the Plague LegionClear Plague Legion Chaos Gates 50 times+2
Me Against the Darkness LegionClear Darkness Legion Chaos Gates 50 times+2
Me Against the Phantom LegionClear Phantom Legion Chaos Gates 50 times+2
More Monster KillerDefeat 90,000 Monsters+1
Most Monster KillerDefeat 240,000 Monsters+1
Elite? As If!Defeat 5,000 Elite Monsters+2
The Highest Darkness IClear Shadespire Floor 50+2
The Highest Darkness IIClear Fatespite Floor 50+3
All about Achates: Advanced IIDestroy Achates's wings 150 times+3
All about Velganos: Advanced IIStagger Velganos during mechanic 150 times+1
I'm All You NeedDeal at least 150,000 damage in a single PvP battle+2
Undisputed ChampionWin 10,000 in the PvP Arena+2
Too Much Work TodayClear 10 stages in a row in Shadespire+3
That Was CloseClear a Cube stage with 5% or less HP remaining+1
Everyone Okay?Clear a Guardian Raid without anyone in your party dying+2
Top of the HeapReach PvP Extreme 10 (Ranked)+3
Altar of Haals IVClear up to at least Level 12 in Boss Rush 30 times+2
Altar of Haals VClear Level 15 in Boss Rush 30 times+3
Winning SpreeWin 25 consecutive times in the PvP arena+3
A Decent FighterEliminate 1,500 foes in Team Elimination+2
Category: Sailing
Haunted SeaEnter 200 Ghost Ships+2
Estoque Is DepartingObtain +1
Are We Really Pirates?Obtain Eshu Catherine Rosa Blackfang Wilhelm+1
Go AnywhereUpgrade Estoque to Level 10+1
Sea TankUpgrade Tragon to Level 10+2
Category: Others
Between Hot and ColdComplete Warrior Prologue+1
Owner of a Conflicted DestinyComplete Assassin Prologue+1
Lady Grand MasterComplete Martial Artist Prologue+1
Beyond Frozen TimeComplete Gunner Prologue+1
The Call of MagickComplete Mage Prologue+1
Have You Hit Max Level Yet?Complete the Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, and Mage Prologues+1
Delicate ControlTake fewer than 5 hits while clearing Hoverboard Testing Site in Heart of Sceptrum Dungeon+3
The Next AsuraComplete Asura Island Soul Quest Chain+3
Too EasyClear a Shadespire Stage within 10 seconds+3
Into the FireReach Boss without getting damaged by traps in Realm of Elementals Dungeon+3
Invisible ThreatDefeat Mystic in Phase 3 for the first time+2
Even the Thickest Mist Can't Stop Me!Defeat Mystic in Phase 3 100 times+3
Calmed the Raging FlamesDefeat Kaishuter in Phase 3 100 times+3
Category: Achievements (Available when Trial Guardians Content Released)
Trials of AchatesDefeat Achates in Trial Guardian Raids+3
Trials of AlberhasticDefeat Alberhastic in Trial Guardian Raids+3
Trials of Ancient CalventusDefeat Ancient Calventus in Trial Guardian Raids+3
Trials of IgrexionDefeat Igrexion in Trial Guardian Raids+3
Trials of VelganosDefeat Velganos in Trial Guardian Raids+3
Category: Adventure
Courage to Everyone!Play Song of Valor 150 times+1
For Lost SoulsPlay Requiem of Twilight 150 times+2
Glacial FlowPlay Elegy of Serenity 150 times+2
Heading to YouPlay Song of Trixion 150 times+1
Me, Myself and the ForestPlay Forest's Minuet 150 times+2
Melody Moving HeartsPlay Heart's Melody 150 times+1
Memories, Good and BadPlay Song of Reminiscence 150 times+1
Romantic Weapon Just for YouPlay Romantic Weapon 150 times+2
Seductive TunePlay Song of Temptation 150 times+2
Song in a SongPlay Song of Resonance 150 times+2
Song of RohendelPlay Song of Eternity 150 times+2
Spring BreezePlay Song of Spring 150 times+2
Starry NightPlay Song of Starlight 150 times+2
Take My HeartPlay Serenade of Love 150 times+2
The Most Perfect HarmonyPlay Heavenly Harmony 150 times+2
Adventurer of RohendelComplete 100% of Rohendel's Adventurer's Tome+2
Adventurer of PunikaComplete 100% of Punika's Adventurer's Tome+2
Sylvain Queen's friendComplete the Ratik Main Story Quest in Rohendel+1
Shaded River ApocalypseGet on a sailing boat in Elzowin's Shade in Rohendel+1
A Symphony of You and IComplete Music Echoes in Elzowin Another Story quest in Rohendel+1
KartaComplete the Will Main Story Quest in Feiton+2
Dark Blades of ModerationComplete the Join Avesta Main Story Quest in Feiton+1
In a Class of My OwnComplete Ride the Ocean quest in Punika+3
Protector of the Seed of HarmonyComplete the Protect the Seed of Harmony! Main Story Quest in Punika+3
Star of the MonthComplete An Important Personage quest on Lopang Island (6x same task)+2
Melting TearsComplete Elegy of Serenity quest on Glacier Isle+2
An Ornithologist's RequestComplete the Ornithologist Eto quest on Dreamgull Island+2
Master of the StageComplete the Unbreakable Beat quest at Revelry Row+1
Victory Tastes Sweet!Win the Treasure Hunt! cooperative quest that appears on Fermata+3
Defeat Tastes SourLose the Treasure Hunt! cooperative quest that appears on Fermata+3
I'm the Searcher of This AreaPhotograph Golden Elementals 30 times on Shadowmoon Market+2
I Met Her!Complete the To the Sound quest on Whispering Islet+1
Awakened GirlComplete Waiting's End Dungeon quest on Whispering Islet (Folow quest line)+1
Advocate for MusicMax Choir Teacher Una's Task reputation on Whispering Islet+2
Making DewCollect 1,000 drops of Shangra Flower Dew+1
Juice ExplosionDestroy the huge golden peach onn Shangra+1
In Other ViewsFind all 4 Hidden Journals on Gesbroy+3
Pour It Out, Drink It Up!Stack Booze buff 15 times on Gesbroy+1
So Luxurious and Cute!Acquire Investigation Rabbit Foot Hammer from Drumbeat Island+2
Relight the Azure FlamesComplete the Blue-Blazing Blade quest on Isteri+3
With LunaComplete the [Raid] Velganos quest from the Guardian Investigation Quest Chain+2
Category: Character
Dance on Their GravesReach Lv. 50 on Wardancer+1
Perform HealingReach Lv. 50 on Bard+1
The Light That Melts PermafrostReach Lv. 50 on Paladin+1
Weapons SpecialistReach Lv. 50 on Deadeye+1
Gear of My DreamsReach 575 Item Level+1
Incredible GearReach 1075 Item Level+2
There Are No Bad EffectsRetrain your Pet Stat 200 times+2
Voice of ArkesiaPlay an instrument for a Rapport NPC+1
My Pet DiaryRegister at least 10 Pets+1
Thirain, Beatrice, Cals, Sasha, Nineveh
Ealyn, Avele, Blackfang, Mari
Raise Rapport to Trusted to Receive +3 Each+3
Prideholme Neria, Luterra Castle Neria,
Wavestrand Port Neria,
Stern Neria, Yorn Neria
Raise Rapport to Trusted to Receive +2 Each+2
Bastian, Ezrebet, Krissa,
Calvasus, Kaysarr, Zinnervale
Raise Rapport to Trusted to Receive +2 Each+2
Category: Others
So ScandalousRaise Sasha's Rapport to Affection+3
Elemental RescuerLight the Torch of Elementals in the Realm of Elementals Dungeon.+3
Oh, My QueenRaise Ealyn's Rapport to Affection+3
Ring Them Golden BellsRing the Golden Bell at the Gesbroy Tavern 5 times+3
Category: Adventure
Pain of a Pure HeartComplete Her Response quest in East Luterra+1
The Haughty Tower FallsComplete Enter at All Costs Main Story Quest in Arthetine+2
Gorgon SlayerComplete To the Nest quest in North Vern+1
Adventurer of FeitonComplete 100% of Feiton's Adventurer's Tome+2
Pew Pew Snowball Fight!Complete Go Away, Pepero Cooperative Quest on Snowpang Island 3 times+2
Bandits' NightmareMax Wiping out the Horse Thieves Una's Task Reputation in Fesnar Highland+2
Arke's Research ColleagueMax Frozen Memories Una's Task Reputation in Icewing Heights+2
Violent Pacifist+2
Judged by the LightMax Kadan's Cathedral Exorcism Ritual Una's Task Reputation+2
Three, Two, ThreeMax Free-Ranging the Rabbits Una's Task Reputation+1
Private EyeMax Catch the Criminals Una's Task Reputation on Runaways Island+2
Legendary Prisoner EmancipatorMax Prisoner Emancipation Una's Task Reputation on Kalthertz+2
Lonely RagpickerMax A Stranded Ship Una's Task Reputation on Golden Wave Island+2
Kind KirMax Kir's Favorite Una's Task Reputation on Lost City Island+1
Cutest ThingsMax The Island of Pandas Una's Task Reputation on Panda Island+2
Are You Here Alone?Max Club Manager Una's Task Reputation on Revelry Row+2
Secret AmbitionMax Help with the Reagent Experiment Una's Task Reputation on Shadowmoon Market+2
Tooki KingslayerMax Kill the Tooki King Una's Task Reputation on Tooki Island+2
Good Teachers Are Made, Not BornMax School is Fun Una's Task Reputation on Totopia+2
Chicken Won't Make You FatMax Tender and Crispy Una's Task Reputation on Alakkir+2
Cheers to Good Booze, the Sea, and You!Max Defense Match Una's Task Reputation on Hypnos's Eyes+2
Have a Shot with MeMax Treasure of Gravis Una's Task Reputation on Gravis+1
Soul GuideMax Eye of Fate Una's Task Reputation+2
Boss Hunter: ExpertDefeat Alakkir Bosses, Forpe Boss, Spida Island Boss, Island of Time Boss, and Erasmo's Island Boss+1
Dances with MagmadonDefeat Magmadon, Rohendel Field Boss+2
Echoing Laughter in My HeadDefeat 100 Mayhem Spiritual Echoes after dominating Albion at Oreha's Well+2
Category: Character
Skilled HandlingSucceed in 150 Equipment Skill Tree transfers+2
Punish Foes with LightUse Paladin's Awakening Skill, [Awakening] Alithanes's Light 1,000 times+2
Good TeachersAcquire +2
Category: Combat
Icy LegorosDefeat Ice Legoros 50 times+2
TytalosDefeat Tytalos 50 times+2
Lava ChromaniumDefeat Lava Chromanium 50 times+2
Armored NacrasenaDefeat Armored Nacrasena 50 times+2
Category: Trade Skills
Path of the Expert ForagerReach Foraging Level 50+2
Path of the Expert HunterReach Hunting Level 50+1
Path of the Expert ArchaeologistReach Excavating Level 50+2
Category: Raid
Yes, I'm Alone NowDefeat Amaus in Forge of Fallen Pride 10 times+2
Category: Sailing
Marine ConservationistCollect 10,000 Flotsam (stuff in the ocean)+2
Harpoon HunterHit an ocean creature with Harpoon Throw 10,000 times+2
Ocean CleanerEnter 200 shipwrecks+2
It's Safe, Right?Obtain Kebra Janes Extinct Senok Scodel Berald Crew Application Form: Dark Specter Biliad +2
Addicted to AdventureObtain Haberk Mokamoka Ainsley Matimati Ratina Narinari+1
Guided by the GodsObtain Mikeel Julien Niera+1
Dedicated Deep-Sea FishingUpgrade Ship: White Wind to Level 10+2
Faster than AnythingUpgrade Ship: Eurus to Level 10+1
Know No LimitsUpgrade Ship: Brahms to Level 10+2
Free WhaleyPickup the item left behind after a Humpback Whale jumps 77 times+2
Category: Other (Unavailable)
I've Got Your Back!Complete the following Achievements: Battle Support: Godhands, Battle Support: Demon Stingers, Battle Support: Hellfire+3
Battle Support: GodhandsMount Godhands and fire 200 mana bullets
Battle Support: Demon StingersCollect 200 Messenger's Flame Gunlances0
Battle Support: HellfireMount Hellfire and fire 50 cannonballs0

Virtue Potions

In the game Wisdom Potion, Courage Potion, Charisma Potion, Kindness Potion provide +10 to your Virtue Stats. Your ingame Item Codex (Alt+D) will tell you where each potion comes from in addition to whether or not you have acquired them already. To supplement your codex, here are the various methods in acquiring these potions listed.

  1. Gideon Rapport: Trusted (North Vern) (18,000 Points)
  2. A Risky Bet (Vern Powerpass Automatically Completes This Quest)
  3. Her Name (Requires 5x Totopia Una's Task: Totopia Tutor for a Day Completed)
  4. Kaysarr Rapport: Friendly (Yorn) (25,000 Points)
  5. 15x Completion of Vernese Forest Una's Task: Fairy's Friend (North Vern)
  6. 7x Completion of Port City Changhun Una's Task: Anxious Mind (Anikka)
  7. 15x Completion of Totopia Una's Task: Totopia Tutor for a Day
  8. 40% Completion of Yudia Adventure Tome
  9. Orelda Rapport: Trusted (Rohendel) (6,000 Points)
  10. Cals Rapport: Trusted (East Luterra) (78,100 Points)
  11. Azure Wind Island Quest Meadow's Riddles Completed (Visit Island Link For More Details)
  12. 20% Completion of Arthetine Adventure tome
  13. Toto Elder Rapport: Trusted (Toto Silver Island) (18,000 Points)
  14. 20% Completion of Rohendel Adventure Tome
  15. Jahara Rapport: Trusted (Punika) (38,200 Points)
  16. 2x Giant's Hearts Collected (Giant Hearts Collectibles Guide)
  1. Daybreaker Javern Rapport: Trusted (Shushire) (18,000 Points)
  2. Lucky Letter (Vern Powerpass Automatically Completes This Quest)
  3. Hunting Treasure (Isle of Yearning Quest)
  4. 7x Completion of Fesnar Highland Una's Task: Die a Hundred Deaths
  5. 7x Completion of Medrinic Monastery Una's Task: Kadan Cathedral's Exorcism Ritual
  6. 10x Completion of Hypnos's Eyes Una's Task: Playing by the Pirates' Rules
  7. 40% Completion of West Luterra Adventure Tome
  8. Yorn Neria Rapport: Friendly (Yorn) (58,150 Points)
  9. Ealyn Rapport: Trusted (North Vern) (78,100 Points)
  10. Ryeon's Ghost Rapport: Trusted (Anikka) (6,000 Points)
  11. Azure Wind Island Quest Spreading Your Wings Completed (Visit Island Link For More Details)
  12. 10x Completion of Gesbroy Una's Tasks
  13. Jederico Rapport: Friendly (Feiton) (58,150 Points)
  14. 20% Completion of Shushire Adventure Tome
  15. Liru Rapport: Trusted (Punika) (38,200 Points)
  16. 20% Completion of Feiton Adventure Tome
  1. Yuul Rapport: Trusted (Anikka) (17,900 Points)
  2. Collecting Smuggled Goods (Vern Powerpass Automatically Completes This Quest)
  3. Elia Nahun Rapport: Trusted (East Luterra) (5,900 Points)
  4. What's In A Name (Vern Powerpass Automatically Completes This Quest)
  5. 15x Completion of Icewing Heights Una's Task: Frozen Memories
  6. 15x Completion of Runaways Island Una's Task (There's 2, Do The Collecting Core One)
  7. 15x Completion of Hope Island Una's Task
  8. 50% Completion of Rethramis Adventure Tome
  9. Beatrice Rapport: Trusted (Trixion) (78,000 Points)
  10. Azena Rapport: Amicable (Rohendel) (2,600 Points)
  11. Rohendel Quest Music Echoes in Elzowin Completed (Click here for the quest guide)
  12. Azure Wind Island Quest Song of the Azure Wind Completed (Visit Island Link For More Details)
  13. Quest Kinsera's Fatalism Completed (Quest chain starts in Kalaja with Black Eye of Fate, each quest appears a day after)
  14. 40% Completion of Tortoyk Adventure Tome
  15. Nia Rapport: Trusted (Punika) (58,050 Points)
  16. Rethramis Neria Rapport: Trusted (Rethramis) (38,100 Points)
  1. Wandering Memories (Vern Powerpass Automatically Completes This Quest)
  2. Astella Quest Pure Heart Completed (Click Island Link For More Details)
  3. Notos Island Quest Whalesongs Completed (Requires 3x Una's Task on Island Done)
  4. 15x Completion of Lullaby Island Una's Task: A Boy's Dream done
  5. 30x Completion of Tooki Island Una's Task: Taking on Tooki done
  6. 15x Completion of Facility X-301 Una's Task: Android Emancipation done
  7. 30% Completion of East Luterra Adventure Tome
  8. Thirain Rapport: Trusted (East Luterra) (78,100 Points)
  9. Rohendel Quest The Forest Chamkuri Completed (Click link for quest chain information)
  10. Nagi Rapport: Trusted (Punika) (38,200 Points)
  11. Azure Wind Island Quest Of the Meadow, To the Meadow Completed (Visit Island Link For More Details)
  12. Nabi Rapport: Trusted (Feiton) (6,000 Points)
  13. 20% Completion of Tortoyk Adventure Tome
  14. 100 Mokoko Seeds Collected


  • Virtues are used to pass Virtue Checks with NPCs, Mokoko Seeds, and progressing certain quests.
  • Virtues can be increased through Quests, Skins, Adventure Tome, Achievements, Potions, and Rapport Dialogue.


Written by Yaen
Reviewd by Starlast