Omnium Star Collectibles Guide


This article details where and how to obtain all the currently available Omnium Stars in the western version of Lost Ark. They are introduced once you reach Punika and finish the main quest there. Though few in number, the rewards you can collect upon reaching a certain amount of Omnium Stars are extremely valuable. At 2 and 6 Omnium Stars, you are rewarded with 2 Greater Skill Point Potions. Wealth is also an incredibly good rune to acquire once you have collected 5 Omnium Stars.

Omnium Stars Rewards

Upon collecting a certain amount of Omnium Stars, you can unlock the rewards below. To collect these rewards, you must go to Nia Village in Punika and speak to Albion.

Omnium Stars Sources

Omnium Star #1PunikaWhispering Star (See Collection Strategy #2 For Details)
Omnium Star #2Punika Una's Task: Pond of Purification x21
Omnium Star #3Punika Nia Trusted Stage
Omnium Star #4Punika Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel Sun Coin x8,016
Omnium Star #5Punika Moake (Item Level 1415)
Omnium Star #6Anguished Isle Garden of Despair Boss Stella
Omnium Star #7South Vern Bellion Ruins Chaos Line Boss

Collection Strategy

2 Omnium Stars aren't terribly difficult to collect, they just take time. It's reaching 5 or 6 Onmium Stars that's the tedious part. Listed below are the steps you should follow to acquire each Omnium Star.

  1. Once you complete Punika's Main Story, you can instantly take Una's Task: Pond of Purification. Get started on it as soon as possible, as it will take you a minimum of 21 days to acquire Omnium Star #2. After completing it 7x, the Una's Task: Madness Piles on the Altar will replace Pond of Purification.
  2. Punika'sWhispering Star is a guaranteed Omnium Star, but also has a long prerequisite quest chain that must be completed first. After finishing the Punika's Main Story, you will be able to accept the questWhere Memories Begin from the NPC Kala, shown below, in Nia Village. Complete the entire quest chain until you receiveBerver's Friend. Afterwards,A Trace of Light can be taken from Nia.Whispering Star is the final quest in that quest chain.
  1. People usually go to Anguished Isle once a day for the daily Garden of Despair Key and the Crimson Skein Exchange tokens. At the same time, you can enter the dungeon on the island using the key to kill the boss Stella for a chance of dropping Omnium Star #6.
  2. If you've been saving your High Seas Coin Chest from island quests, you can easily acquire Sun Coin x8,000 just by opening them. If instead you used them on Gienah's Coin, it will take you quite a long amount of time to collect Omnium Star #4. Most players will not be able to get their ship levels and crew up to a point to withstand Punika's Voyage Cooperation Missions. Doing the Islands that spawn during Procyon's Eye Compass can also reward you more High Seas Coin Chest.
  3. Omnium Star #3 from Nia will take an especially long amount of time and might be impossible for a new player to collect. One of her Rapport quests requires 330 Wisdom and 330 Kindness to accept. If you do not complete it, you cannot give her gifts or do Rapport with her past Friendly Level 1. Since Friendly Level 2 and Level 3 both require 11,000 Points to achieve, what you can do is give her enough of the same Legendary Gift to bypass this barrier. An example is shown below. I have 9300/11000 Points. To reach Trusted with her, I need 24,000 Points. This means in this situation, I must give her 12 of the same Legendary Gift (24,000 points) to bypass the Virtue barrier.

Note: Be careful not to overshoot 9,499 as you cannot have an excess of Rapport experience above 500. If you want to safely do this, you can try giving her 15 gifts starting from 3,100 experience.

  1. You require Item Level 1415 for your attacks to not be fully blocked when fighting Punika's Field Boss Moake. A channel with mostly 1370+ Item Level players can clear Moake in time assuming no one resets the boss.
  2. The 7th Omnium Star is a possible RNG drop from doing the weekly Chaos Dungeon in South Vern's Bellion Ruins.


  • Acquiring 2 Omnium Stars is a manageable task to acquire the first Greater Skill Point Potion.
  • In the current western launch, collecting 5 or 6 Omnium Stars in total is a monumental task, that most players will not be able to achieve, which is completely fine.
  • Don't forget to have fun. You will eventually collect them all!


Written by Yaen
Reviewed by Lexyu