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Ignea Token Collectibles Guide

Last Updated: December 12th 2023

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Ignea Tokens are rewards for achieving 100% Adventure Tome completion for each region. For most if not all regions, NPC rapport is the final barrier. Rapport is time gated for all regions, though some regions do have it easier for Rapport. For example West Luterra only has 1 NPC. Either way, just take your time and you will eventually reach 100% in all regions.

Ignea Token Rewards

Upon collecting a certain amount of Ignea Tokens, you can unlock the rewards below. To collect these rewards, you can go to any main city and speak to the merchant with the Ignea Token icon.

Important Ignea Token Milestones

There are a few important rewards that are worth the Ignea Token investment.

  • 2 Ignea Tokens: Mokoko's Skillet can be used to make receiving the Argon Island Token a much simpler task. The frying pan deals 1 damage so you can sculpt the perfect ice pillar. For more information, visit the Argon Island page.
  • 5 Ignea Tokens: Purify helps against guardians that apply long debuffs, like Flame Fox Yoho's burn. Although, it's not required if there is a Gunlancer or Paladin to cleanse you.
  • 8 Ignea Tokens: The Greater Skill Point Potion is the most important reward for this collection system. No other explanation is needed. Most people don't bother going past 8 Ignea Tokens.
  • 9 Ignea Tokens: An extra Bifrost Key allows you to save one more location to teleport to. It's convenient to have, but not necessary.
  • 10 Ignea Tokens: The Delain Armen Card can contribute towards the set that gives you an extra 7% Critical Chance.


  • Don't expect to breeze through the initial few collectibles like the Giant's Hearts Collectibles and the Masterpiece Collectibles.
  • Rapport will be your greatest barrier to reaching 100% in all Adventure Tomes.


Written by Yaen
Reviewed by Lexyu

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