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South Kurzan Adventure Tome Guide

Last Updated: June 22nd 2024

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This guide looks to detail the most important aspects of the region named South Kurzan. This guide will cover the Adventure Tome, Traveling Merchant, Hidden Quests, and Mokoko Seeds. The first section contains general maps of each zone in South Kurzan; the purpose is to give you a brief holistic point of view of each zone. The other sections go into more detail about your Adventure Tome and other hidden parts of South Kurzan.

  10% ➜ Buff Battle Item Chest x30
  20% ➜ Kami
  30% ➜ Specialization Increase Potion
  40% ➜ Stronghold Crew Application: Great Fencer Cho Jepeng
  50% ➜ Undying Flame

  60% ➜ Kindness Potion
  70% ➜ Menelik's Tome x2
  80% ➜ Assar Charm
  90% ➜ Structure: Spear of Flame
100% ➜ Ignea Token: South Kurzan

South Kurzan Zone Maps

Select the below names in the Table of Contents directly go to the in-depth guides for each Adventure Tome section. You will find more detailed locations and methods of acquisition of each entry there.

Unique Monsters

Another Story
Hidden Story

Traveling Merchant

Cursed Land, Vesper

Detailed Mokoko Guide

  • Complete the hidden quests: Sacria's First Steps followed by Messy Footsteps.
  • After you've completed both quests, return to the mokoko seed.
    • You must be riding a mount to be able to enter and leave.
Hidden Quests Vesper
  • Equip title: Assar's Epic
  • The title can be obtained by completing the main story quest line of South Kurzan.
  • Afterward, press "G" to climb two walls and reach the mokoko.
  • Find and interact with the 5 statues seen in the image below.
  • Each statue grants a buff lasting 10 minutes.
  • Collect all 5 buffs to gain a greater buff, which will let you enter the building to collect the seeds.
  • Consume the Millennium Soup, which can be crafted/re-crafted at the Cook.
  • Interact with Vista #2 to obtain a 5minute buff.
  • Enter through the golden gates to obtain the mokoko seeds.

Obtain the title: Unbreakable Mind

3 Achievements are required to receive this title.

Afterward, you can enter the building to collect the seeds.

Achievement #1

  • Head over to the location, equip the title: Assar's Epic
  • You'll see two hidden NPC's
  • Play the Song of Valor next to them to get the achievement.

Achievement #2

  • Head over to the location, equip the title: Assar's Epic
  • Jump down the cliff by pressing "G".
  • Run along the pathway to find NPC's and activate a flame by pressing "G" to receive the achievement.

Achievement #3

  • Defeat all four listed monsters 5 times each to complete the achievement.
  • Equip title: Assar's Epic
  • This lets you enter the building.
  • Go to the second floor.
  • Move between the cabinets to slip through the wall.
  • Then collect 2 seeds in the darkness.
  • Go to the bar shown on the map.
  • Use the emote [Let'sPlay] while standing next to the 3 NPC's to obtain a buff for 5 minutes.
    • You can either type it in chat or use it from your menu by pressing Y → Emoticons.
  • Go to the very south and go through the narrow path into the mine to collect your mokokos.

Obtain the title: Pounding

  • Go to the four marked locations and repair a collapsed door, a broken cart, a cracked wall, and a fence to obtain the title.
  • Then go to the 5 o'clock position in the Plaza.
  • Jump down the rope, and proceed to go right to reach the missing seeds.

Donia, Wandering Merchant Location

The Wandering Merchant appears in the Cursed Land, Vesper. When she spawns, she will be available in all channels and stay for 6 hours.

Miscellaneous Items
Simple Purifier
Quality Purifier
Military Supply Purifier
Copper Ring
Secret Pouch: Sooty Pouch
Undying Flame
Obisidian Mirror
Press-Grilled Sulfur Mushrooms
Tuketooth Whale Oil
Wine Woven Tiara
Soul Leaf


Cursed Land, Vesper

Cooking Guide

Wishful Cookie
Sacrian Stone Bread
Grilled Hanging Piranha
Withered Stem
Millennium Soup
Mysterious Black Jelly
Glass of Purified Water
  • Defeat Golem monsters in the locations marked in the map below to obtain x30 Kurzan Halite Powder
  • Go to the [Cook] and craft Wishful Cookie then consume it.

Purchase these items from a General Merchant:

  • Hardened Sacrian Stone Bread
  • Mildly polluted water

Use Hardened Sacrian Stone Bread until you obtain Sacrian Stone Bread then consume it.

Grilled Hanging Piranha can be purchased from the General Merchant for 2,000,000.

  • Gather a Poisonous Stem from one of the marked locations on the map above.
    • Dismantle this item by placing it in the dismantle interface.
  • This will grant you a Poisonous-Free Stem that has a 2-hour timer.
  • After the 2 hours, this stem turns into a Withering Stem with a 24-hour timer.
  • Do not consume the stems and let them transform on their own.
  • When it becomes a Withered Stem you can consume it.

Collect 3 types of materials in the marked locations craft Millennium Soup at the [Cook], then consume it. You require:

  • Kurzan Halite x50
  • Shriveled Meat x100
  • Agarwood Bark x1
  • Reach Trusted Rapport status with Nefer to obtain Mysterious Material Sack
  • Go to the [Cook] and craft Mysterious Black Jelly, then consume it.

Purchase purifier items from the Traveling Merchant Donia and make sure you buy out the stock, as the probability to succeed is low.

  • Simple Purifier
  • QualityPurifier
  • Military Purifier

Additionally, buy Mildly Polluted Water from the General Merchant.

Proceed to consume the purifiers and hope you get lucky to obtain Glass of Purified Water.

Vista Guide

Blackthorn Cathedral
Sacrian Base
Miasma Lands
Elnead Base
Giant Sylmael Mountain

Unique Monsters Guide

1-12 Monsters

Another Story Guide

What Was Lost and What Remains
The Alliance's Beginning
  • ! The Main Story Quest line has to be completed for the quest to appear.
  • Complete the What Was Lost and What Remains quest to get your Another Story.
  • ! The Main Story Quest line has to be completed for the quest to appear.
  • Complete the The Alliance's Beginning quest to get your Another Story.

Hidden Story Guide

Friendship Forever
Collapsed Tower
Kurzan Delain Guidelines
History Written in Blood
Wind Dreamer's Prayer
Dark Angel
Song of Fire

Rapport NPCs


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