New Content and Collectibles South Vern


The release of South Vern will become our first region addition in our version of Lost Ark. In other versions of the game like in KR and JP, each new region always added new collectibles and activities with which you could do. South Vern is no different. This article will list all the new content, activities, and collectibles that will be added with the release of South Vern.

Chaos Line

With South Vern, comes a new weekly content you can do which gives you some nice roster limited rewards, just like Anguished Isle. What you have to do once inside is fairly straightforward, so I will skip explaining it. There is also a chance for you to acquire Omnium Star #7 in this dungeon!

Note: After finishing South Vern's Main Story Quest, An Invasion of Chaos, go to Magick Scholar Jeneca to accept the quest [Guide] Become a Member of the Knights. Complete this quest to unlock the weekly quest.

Vern Castle

Bellion Ruins

ItemRoster LimitFragmented Bloodstone Cost
Destruction Stone Crystal Chest5/5x 200
Guardian Stone Crystal Chest15/15x 60
Honor Shard Chest (M)10/10x 20
Honor Leapstone Chest17/17x 30
Solar Grace Chest30/30x 10
Solar Blessing Chest15/15x 30
Solar Protection Chest5/5x 75
Legendary - Epic Card Pack3/3x 360
Soul Leaf~/~x 200
Silver Chest10/10x 30
Epic Rapport Selection Chest10/10x 70

Stronghold Merchant Marte

After you have completed 70% of South Vern's Adventure Tome, you will receive a merchant contract like for other region's Adventure Tomes. This one with give you a Stronghold Merchant named Marte. From him, you can purchase two legendary skill runes; Conviction and Judgment for 27,000 Adventurer's Seals each.

New Collectibles

The patch for South Vern will introduce 3 additional Masterpieces for which you can acquire.

  1. Masterpiece # 49 - 60% South Vern Adventure Tome Completion
  2. Masterpiece # 50 - Candaria Estate Una's Task Max Reputation

The prerequisite for the Masterpiece Una's Task are two quests in Candaria Estate, shown below. It will take you 31 days to complete.

  1. Masterpiece # 52 - South Vern's Neria Rapport Trusted Stage
  2. Omnium Star #7 - Chaos Line RNG Boss Drop
  3. #46: Adventure: Lost Merchant ShipCandaria Estate Una's Task: Vern Magick Society

The prerequisite for Una's Task: Vern Magick Society is the second quest in the quest line for South Vern's Another Story #2. 1st complete Ealyn's Summon shown in the 1st image below. The 2nd quest in the line, Investigate Candaria's Holy Statue, is taken from Speaker Alberto shown in image 2. Each quest in the quest line only appears after daily reset.

Card Pack Quest Rewards

South Vern Main Story Quests and Side Quests can reward Legendary - Rare Card Pack, Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack, Rare Card Pack and Uncommon Card Pack.

Please visit the South Vern Card Pack Quests article to see all quests in South Vern that reward you card packs.

Feiton Powerpass Extra Goodies

Using the Feiton Powerpass on a character will complete all quests up to and including Feiton. This means all side quests will be completed as well. Listed below are all the benefits you gain if you have not done any side quest on any character before.

  1. Another Story Completion for all regions up to Feiton
  2. All Skill Point Potion Quests up to Feiton completed
  3. An increase in Virtue Stats from completed side quests


  • The release of a new region comes with new content to explore and collectibles to acquire.
  • Addition of 3 Masterpieces and Omnium Star #7.
  • Addition of card packs from South Vern quests.


Written by Yaen