Music Box of Memories Collectibles Guide

Last Updated: September 5th 2023

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Memory Orbs are collected mostly by completing specific chain of quests in the open world. While completing these quests, you are introduced to some great stories told by ordinary NPCs. Currently, there are 10 obtainable Memory Orbs in the game.

Music Box of Memories Rewards

Upon collecting a certain amount of Memory Orbs, you can unlock the rewards below. You can enter the Music Box by using the Music Box of Memories in your Toy inventory. (Press “Y” and select the “Toy” tab.)

Memory Orb Sources

Memory Orb #4

You need to complete the following quests first before you can accept the quest to obtain this Memory Orb:

  • Festival Adventure - Punika Main Quest
  • Assistant Investigator - Arthetine Main Quest
  • (Quest) Unspoken Feelings Justice Never Dies -Arthetine- Stern
  • (Quest) The Great Masterwork - Sunflower Island
    • Requires at least 48 Masterpieces
    • Complete all main quests on the island.
  • (Quest) Beyond the Moonlight, Far Away - Shadowmoon Market
    • Complete all main quests on the island.
  • Sunflower Island Soul
  • [Title] Tipsy - Obtained from Achievement “Pour it Out. Drink It Up!” (Gesbroy Island)

After completing the quests above, go to the NPC Stern Times Reporter in Arthetine - Stern to accept the quest, Everyone starts like that (Image 1). To interact with the NPC, you need to set your title to “Tipsy Inspector”. Proceed with the quest until you obtain Hanna's Business Card. Afterward, go to the listed locations below in that order. Between each step, you need to wait 1 day before you can continue.

  1. Use Hanna's Business CardShadowmoon Market
  2. Use Shadowmoon Market PhotoSunflower Island
  3. Use Sunflower Island Photo ⇾ Punika
    • After completing this, you will get the 4th Memory Orb.

Tip: One day after obtaining the Memory Orb in Punika, go to the marked location (Image 2) in Shadowmoon Market and interact with it to start the final part of the quest line.



  • Memory Orbs are acquired through completing various quests in the open world.
  • Enjoy the stories told while trying to unlock all Memory Orbs!


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