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Music Box of Memories Collectibles Guide

Last Updated: March 10th 2024

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Memory Orbs are collected mostly by completing specific chains of quests in the open world. While completing these quests, you are introduced to some great stories told by ordinary NPCs. Currently, there are 10 obtainable Memory Orbs in the game.

Music Box of Memories Rewards

Upon collecting a certain amount of Memory Orbs, you can unlock the rewards below. You can enter the Music Box by using the Music Box of Memories in your Toy inventory. (Press “Y” and select the “Toy” tab.)

Disclaimer: Western version has currently only 10 Music Boxes available.

Memory Orb Sources

Unlocking Collectible Board + Memory Orb #1

Press “J” and accept the guide quest Poet's Letter. To start this quest, you need to complete South Vern's main quest, An Invasion of Chaos. Complete Poet's Letter quest chain to unlock the Music Box of Memories collectible board, and to obtain the very first box.


  • Memory Orbs are acquired through completing various quests in the open world.
  • Enjoy the stories told while trying to unlock all Memory Orbs!


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