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Skill Point Collection Guide

Last Updated: March 16th 2024

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This article details where and how to obtain all the currently available Skill Point Potions in the Western version of Lost Ark. Investing more Skill Points allows you to allocate additional Tripods, resulting in an overall increase in Damage Per Second (DPS) during battles.

With level caps going above to 55 and 60, you gain 6 Skill Points per level. At level 55, you can upgrade your skills to level 11 for a 10% damage boost. At level 60, you can level your skills to 12 for another 5% damage boost.

For now, 24 Skill Point Potion and 6 Greater Skill Point Potion can be collected for a total of 360 Skill Points at level 50. With level 55, your maximum Skill Points attainable will become 390. At level 60, your limit will be even higher at 420 Skill Points. Collect them all to fully maximize your character!


Skills gain Tripods when they reach Levels 4, 7 and 10. There are breakpoints where a certain amount of Skill Points (270, 285, 288, 297, etc.) grants access to an additional Tripod. For example, 288 Skill Points is an important breakpoint where 6x Tier 3 Tripods can be allocated.

The next two milestones would be at 312 Skill Points and 330 Skill Points because your utility skills get some good upgrades. The lull between 336 and 342 Skill Points is an awkward spot to be in. Most classes lose the utility skill at 336 if you are focusing on 7x Tier 3 Tripods. Some classes lose a distance increase tripod in their dash skill.

Of course, once you hit level 55 and 60, you should focus on immediately putting points into skills that do the most damage. The listed breakpoints to the right is the ideal combination for most classes. By no means should you only start upgrading your skills to Level 11 once you reach 348.

BreakpointsSkill Combinations
2525x Lv. 10 Skills | 3x Lv. 4 Skills
2615x Lv. 10 Skills | 1x Lv. 7 Skill
2705x Lv. 10 Skills | 1x Lv. 7 Skill | 2x Lv. 4 Skills
2825x Lv. 10 Skills | 2x Lv. 7 Skills
2855x Lv. 10 Skills | 2x Lv. 7 Skills | 1x Lv. 4 Skill
2886x Lv. 10 Skills
2976x Lv. 10 Skills | 2x Lv. 4 Skills
3126x Lv. 10 Skills | 1x Lv. 7 Skill | 1x Lv. 4 Skill
3306x Lv. 10 Skills | 2x Lv. 7 Skill
3367x Lv. 10 Skills
3427x Lv. 10 Skills | 1x Lv. 4 Skill
3486x Lv. 11 Skills | 1x Lv. 7 Skill | 1x Lv. 4 Skill
3846x Lv. 12 Skills | 1x Lv. 7 Skill | 1x Lv. 4 Skill
3848x Lv. 10 Skills

Skill Points Sources

Adventure Book Completion (+18 Skill Points)

Skill Point Potion ➜ 70% East Luterra Adventure Tome Completion
Skill Point Potion ➜ 60% North Vern Adventure Tome Completion
Skill Point Potion ➜ 50% Shushire Adventure Tome Completion
Skill Point Potion ➜ 70% Rohendel Adventure Tome Completion
Greater Skill Point Potion ➜ 80% Punika Adventure Tome Completion

Tower (+21 Skill Points)

Skill Point PotionShadespire
Skill Point PotionShadespire
Skill Point PotionFatespire
Skill Point PotionFatespire
Skill Point PotionFortunespire
Greater Skill Point PotionFortunespire

Quest (+27 Skill Points)

Using your free Vern Pass automatically completes all region quests up to Shushire. This means that the first 3 quests are automatically completed for you, giving you 9 extra skill points. Using higher Power Passes, will clear some of the quests listed below accordingly.

Skill Point PotionA Light Cast Over the Dark Fields - East Luterra
Skill Point PotionEggs in the Sky - Anikka
Skill Point PotionThe Hidden Robber - Shushire
Skill Point PotionThe Stone of Power - Serenity Isle
Skill Point Potion[Awakening] The Sunset - Rohendel
Skill Point PotionReturn Trip - Rohendel (7 days minimum)
Skill Point PotionThose Buried in the Dark Ground - Feiton
Skill Point PotionThe Last Melody of a Requiem - Feiton (4 days minimum)
Skill Point PotionEternal Love - Punika (5 days minimum)

Una's Task (+3 Skill Points)

Must have Yorn completed before being able to enter this island. Complete all quests on island first.

Skill Point Potion Whispering Islet (10 Days)
Skill Point Potion Wisdom Isle (14 Days)

Collection (+36 Skill Points)

Greater Skill Point PotionIsland Token x20
Skill Point PotionGiant's Heart x4
Skill Point PotionGiant's Heart x6
Skill Point PotionGiant's Heart x10
Skill Point PotionGiant's Heart x12
Greater Skill Point PotionIgnea Token x8
Greater Skill Point Potion ➜ 2 Omnium Stars
Greater Skill Point Potion ➜ 6 Omnium Stars

For the fastest method on acquiring 20 Island Token, please visit the Fastest 20 Island Tokens Guide.

For the various ways on acquiring Giant's Hearts, please check out the Giant Hearts Collectibles Guide.

For more information on what Ignea Tokens are, please read the Ignea Token Collectibles Guide.

For the sources of Omnium Stars, please read the Omnium Stars Collectibles Guide.

Collection Strategy

Quest unlocks are usually the easiest ones, while the collection unlocks are ones that require progression over multiple days or even months. I will detail the quickest Skill Point Potions to acquire, separated into three sections. The first section details what skill points are related to your gear progression on your path toTier 3. The 2nd section details which skill points are daily gated. The 3rd details the Skill Point Potions from side content that don't really have anything to do with your gear progression. You can complete the side content at any time you wish.

  1. The Skill Point Potion quests from East Luterra, Anikka, Shushire, and Serenity Isle can instantly be done once you hit level 50 for +12 Skill Points. You can even do the one from East Luterra and Anikka while leveling to 50 if you want.
  2. Once you have reached item level 420. Complete Floor 20 of Shadespire to be rewarded with Skill Point Potion. Subsequently, reach item level 540 to complete Floor 50 of Shadespire to be rewarded with another Skill Point Potion.
  3. The 2nd Awakening Quest chain rewards a fair bit of materials, and you can start your 2nd Awakening Quest once you finish Rohendel's main quest. Be aware though that the entire quest chain can take you 3-4 hours to finish.
  4. If you've been doing island quests for upgrade materials, you're most likely also trying to acquire Island Tokens. Depending on how well you know the easiest Island Tokens to obtain, you can unlock Greater Skill Point Potion as a reward for 20 Island Tokens. This can be done in 1 or 2 days. Check out the Fastest 20 Island Token Guide for the fastest and easiest ones to acquire.
  5. If you're now on T2 content, you can treat Floor 20 and Floor 50 of Fatespire as your next steps. You will want the rewards from the other floors of the tower either way.
  6. Upon completing Feiton's main story quest, you will be able to takeFeiton Purple Quest #1.
  7. Fortunespire should be the last tower to do for the last tower potions.

Daily Gated

  1. Once you reach Rohendel, you can get started on the prerequisites forReturn Trip. Since this quest requires 7x Una's Task Completion, at the minimum it will take you 7 days.
  2. Try to start Whispering Islet's Una's Task as fast as possible. It will take you at least 10 days to acquire the Skill Point Potion from this.
  3. One of Feiton's Skill Point quests requires, at the minimum, 4 days of quest completion since the followup quests don't appear until the next day.
  4. Finishing Punika's main story quest will allow you to start the quest chain for the Skill Point quest. Followup quests appear the next day, so it will take you 5 days to complete each quest.

Side Content

  1. There are 3 Skill Point Potions from East Luterra Adventure Tome Completion, North Vern Adventure Tome Completion, and Shushire Adventure Tome Completion. Depending on how quick you are, you can usually acquire them in less than 2 hours each.
  2. Rohendel's Adventure Tome takes more time than the 3 previous Adventure Tomes. You can attempt to do it, but don't prioritize the Skill Point here.
  3. Skill Point Potions from Giant's Hearts collection are your long term goals. Try to be conscious of acquiring them as you play the game.
  4. Collecting 2 Omnium Stars shouldn't be too difficult. Collecting 6 is extremely difficult as the 6th is from Punika's Field Boss, Moake. There is a low drop rate for this boss.
  5. The Greater Skill Point Potion from 8 Ignea Tokens is most likely the one that you will require the most amount of time invested, as maxing Rapport for NPCs is one of the most time-consuming activities in Lost Ark.

Completing the Skill Point Quests

A Light Cast over the Dark Fields

The Luterra quest starts inside the castle. This is a straightforward quest, so just follow the in-game instructions.

Eggs in the Sky

The Anikka quest chain is split into 3 quest parts in separate zones on the continent of Anikka. After completing each quest, there is no indicator for the next one. They take place in Port City Changhun, Rattan Hill, and Twilight Mists. Check the 3 images below for each of the starting locations.

The Hidden Robber

The Shushire quest is initiated by an item drop from killing rats anywhere in the Frozen Sea zone. There are 3 other spots with rats, but this zone has the most rat spawns. The farming locations are in the image below.

The Stone of Power

The Serenity Isle chain quest is initiated by interacting with an object on the island (1st image slide). It is straightforward until the 3rd quest. This part of the chain requires you to do 2 dungeons, Morai Ruins in Saland Hills and Tortoyk's Heart in Forest of Giants. You must kill the boss Thanatos at the end of Morai Ruins (3rd image slide), but you only need to partially complete Tortoyk's Heart. Afterwards, continue the quest and receive a buff to kill the final boss (4th image slide). It is worth completing both dungeons on hard mode for progress on your Adventure Book There are 2 monsters in Morai Ruins and the cooking ingredient Naruni Egg Shell in Tortoyk's Heart.

The Sunset

The 2nd Awakening Quest can be started after completing the world quest for Rohendel. It is a long quest that takes you around the map taking around 3 to 4 hours to complete. It starts at the NPC in the image below.

Return Trip

This Skill Point quest is actually the 2nd Another Story Adventure Book quest for Rohendel. There are several prerequisites before you can actually receive the purple quest for it:

  1. Complete Rohendel's Una's Task called Repairing the Seal Site 7 times.
  2. Complete the first 5 yellow quests shown below. Una's Task not required.
  3. After completing the yellow quests, you can then complete Tower of Thanks.
  4. Gherdia in Lake Shiverwave is able to give you Return Trip after all the above is completed.
A Strange and Magical Book

Interact with a hidden object in Lake Shiverwave to start the questA Strange and Magical Book.

Those Buried in the Dark Ground

This quest requires the Feiton Main Quest to be completed first. You can take the quest from Kaldor in the castle in Feiton's main city.

The Last Melody of a Requiem

This quest always rewards you a Skill Point Potion. You receive it from Kaldor. There are several prerequisites before you can actually receive the purple quest for it. The prerequisite quests are shown below. It is time-gated, so it will take you at minimum 4 days to complete it.

  1. Complete Market Investigation and Withered Future.
  2. Complete Black Eyes of Fate from Kinsera.
  3. Wait until next daily reset and complete Kinsera's Lucky Day.
  4. Complete Lonely Night's quest line, starting from Lucas.
  5. Take Feiton Wild Cake from Kayle. Wait until daily reset. Then take The Boy's Shimmering Dream. Wait until another daily reset and then take A Particular Kind of Adventurer.
  6. Complete Den of Buried Sins and it's 3 part quest line. The prerequisite for this quest is Those Buried in the Dark Ground. It's a Skill Point quest taken from Kaldor, once you have finished the Feiton storyline.
  7. After completing all the above quests, you can take the quest The Last Melody of a Requiem from Kaldor.
A Particular Kind of Adventurer

A Particular Kind of Adventurer is the 3rd quest of a 3 part quest chain. The 1st quest,Feiton Wild Cake is taken from Kayle. Afterwards, you must wait until daily reset before the next questThe Boy's Shimmering Dream appears at Levi. Finish that quest, and you must again wait until daily reset before taking A Particular Kind of Adventurer from Kaldor.


Eternal Love

Eternal Love is the final quest of a 5 part quest chain. After completing each quest, you may not take the next quest until after daily reset. Furthermore, 2 out of the 5 quests start from hidden objects.

  1. After completing Punika's Main Quest, a hidden quest will appear at this location in image 1.
  2. After completing the hidden quest, the next quest can be taken from the NPC in image 2 after daily reset.
  3. The 3rd quest starts from the same NPC.
  4. The 4th quest is started from a hidden quest, as shown in image 3.
  5. The 5th quest is taken from the NPC in image 4.


  • The more Skill Points you have, the more damage output you will have. At levels 55 and 60, you can upgrade your skills to Level 11 and 12.
  • Some of the easiest and quickest Skill Point Potions to collect are ones from quests.
  • Some Skill Point Potions are daily gated. You should take note of which ones are, so you can be as most efficient with your time as possible.
  • As you progress through the game, you will be able to acquire the other Skill Point Potions just by playing. So just enjoy the game, and you will eventually collect all of them!


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