Fastest 20 Island Tokens


Island Tokens are one of many Collectibles in Lost Ark. There are plenty reasons for obtaining them such as: Stat Growth Potions, Emotes, Mounts, Skill Runes, even other collectibles. For 20 of these you obtain a Greater Skill Point Potion which aids your PvE progression significantly. To acquire them you must visit any Island in the game and complete their unique objective associated with it. Obtaining Island Tokens requires different levels of effort. Let's focus on the easiest ones first!


  • Main Story completion of North Vern.
  • At least 1,000 Pirate Coins.
  • 20 Charisma obtained by completing:
    Normal Quest "What's In A Name" given by Neria in Prideholme (Rethramis)
    Normal Quest "Mercenary Registration" given by Basilock in Arid Path (Arthetine) and it's two follow-up Chain Quests "Tracing Smuggled Goods" & "Collecting Smuggled Goods"
  • Novice Fishing Tool, Novice Logging Tool, Novice Hunting Tool, purchased from Tool Vendors in major cities.

Easily Obtainable Island Tokens

Focus on these Islands first in the correct order as majority of them are Quest related or have very high drop rate.

1. Opher, The Lonely Island (~2minutes)

The first one is easy, it's given to you as part of an introduction to Islands themselves. Simply finish the purple quest on this Island and you’re done.

2. Aiwana Island Token (~15 minutes)

Pickup thepurple quest located in south-western Origins of Stern ( Main Story completion of North Vern is required for it to appear). Visit Islands 3 & 4 on the list while on your way to Peyto. Finish all quests located in the Upper Deck here. After completing the tasks on the Cruise Ship, you're free to go to Aiwana Island and get the Island Token.

3. Golden Wave Island (~5 minutes)

Simply loot Chests & Bags here and you'll have a chance to obtain the Token.

4. Slime Island

Run down the spawn locations of the golden slime repeatedly until you find it, kill it and get your Token. This is easier in a group with party spread out in all spawn locations.

5. Fomona Island Token (~2 minutes)

If you've done both quests under the Prerequisites you will have 20 Charisma which is the requirement to get the Token here. Simply finish the purple quest and you're done.

6. Serenity Isle (~25 minutes)

Start with the hidden purple quest located next to the entrance. This quest requires you to visit 2 separate dungeons.

  • Morai Ruins located in Saland Hill (Yudia), you must complete this dungeon fully. Afterwards use the Liner from Wavestrand Port to quickly reach Tortoyk.
  • Tortoyk's Heart located in Forest of Giants (Tortoyk), do this dungeon until quest state updates.

Afterwards return to Serenity Isle and obtain your Token and Skill Point Potion.

7. Giant Mushroom Island (~15 minutes)

Accept the yellow quest, buy a Novice Logging Tool and Red Cashew Juice from the NPC's on the Island, enter the area with the mushrooms and chop away until you get lucky!

8. Astella (~10 minutes)

Enter the Island and pick up fallen stars that are scattered across the floor everywhere by doing so you have a chance to obtain the Token. Obtained Colorful & Splendid Star Fragments can be exchanged for various things at the NPC on the Island.

9. Turtle Island (~30 minutes)

Complete the purple questline. Detailed info can be found in our Island Guide.

10. Starlight Isle (~60 minutes)

Complete the purple questline. Detailed info can be found in our Island Guide.

11. Glacier Isle (~40 minutes)

Complete the purple questline. Detailed info can be found in our Island Guide.

12. Crescent Isle

Purchase a Novice Hunting Tool from the Vendor and hunt Rabbits on the Island to obtain Crystallized Scales, 60 of these can be traded for the Island Token at the exchange NPC.

13. Shadow Island

Complete the quests on the Island. Detailed info can be found in our Island Guide.

Drop Chance Island Token

14. Fortuna (Item Level 325+)

Break Jars to find a golden version of them, which has a chance to contain the Island Token.

15. Island of Time (Item Level 340+ Multiple Players Advised)

Purchase a Novice Fishing Tool. Then Fish to obtain Magick Jars which can be used in marked locations on the Isalnd to summon Savnak, killing him can grant you the Island Token.

16. Facility X-301

By completing the repeatable yellow quest you obtain a Secret Hideout Access Card which can be used to enter the Dungeon of the Island. Create a party with other players for quicker entry ticket farming. The Token is a random drop from the final boss of the dungeon.

Daily Task Island Tokens

17. Death's Hold Island

This is a PvP Timed Island, depending on your performance you are given Foul Sculptures which can be exchanged for a Secret Map at the exchange NPC on the Island. Entering this map will give you the Island Token.
Equip the "Cursed" title for a one time secret yellow quest to show up, which will grant you 15 Foul Sculptures, reducing the amount of times you have to visit the Island in order to get the Token.

18. Notos Island

It's a reward from the quest With Didi. The quest will appear once you have completed 3 of the Notos Island Una's Tasks as well as all the island quests.

19. Runaways Island

Awarded after completing the Una's Task 6 times. Preferably use one of your alternative characters to complete these dailies. The purple quest will require 1,000 Pirate Coins to be completed.

20. Totopia Island

Unlock the Una's task by completing the yellow quests on the Island. After 5 completions of Una's Tasks you will gain access to a new yellow quest granting you the Token.

Extra Choices

Outlined here are Islands that are easy to get, but involve an expensive exchange, prolonged quest lines or require your character to be a certain item level. Pursue them if you have spare time and plenty of Pirate Coins.

Other Options

There are many Timed Islands in the game whose Tokens are chance based and therefore not a good fit for a list like this. Still, visiting these places is a high priority in your daily routine, and it's very likely you’ll obtain a few extra Tokens here and there by attending them.

If you want to pursue them, check out our Island Guides for detailed information.


  • Collecting 20 Island Token quickly is important to obtain the coveted Greater Skill Point Potion.
  • Obtaining Island Tokens requires different levels of effort. Focus on the easiest ones first!
  • There are chance-based Tokens you will likely find along the way that are not on this list.
  • Visit our Island Guides to learn more about every Island in detail.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Raxxanterax