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Outlaw Isle

Last Updated: May 19th 2023

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Island Rewards
Outlaw Isle Token

Island Token Acquisition

Outlaw Isle Token is a possible RNG reward for opening one of the 3 chests on the island. The chests respawn 5 minutes after a chest is taken. Since this is a PvP island, all players are flagged for PvP once you enter. Since it's such a small island map, even if you use Camouflage Robe, you're bound to be hit by some random AoE. On the Korean server, people actually queued a line for the chests and were respectful towards each other.

The golden chest has a higher drop rate for Outlaw Isle Token.

White Wave Island Quest Location

The only other purpose Outlaw Isle has besides the Outlaw Isle Token, is that it is one of the locations you must visit for a White Wave Island quest Many Islands, One Legend. You need to open a chest on the island to complete the quest.



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