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Illusion Isle

Last Updated: May 19th 2023

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Island Rewards
Illusion Isle Token
Illusion Isle Loot
Secret MapAdventure: Dolmen

Island Token Acquisition

Illusion Isle Token is a RNG drop from Illusion Isle Loot. It is a reward for completing the island's cooperative PvP quest. It may also come from any of the random chests that spawn during the PvP quest. There are 3 to 4 spawn locations for chests.

Illusion Isle Cooperative PvP Quest

The adventure island quest starts 3 minutes after the 1st person enters the island. The quest requires that all players acquire 1,500 points together. 10 points are awarded per kill and 5 per assist. Everyone on the island contributes.

Interact with the tombstones on the island to gain attack buffs.

1st Place Rewards

  • Illusion Isle Loot
  • Silver x20,000

2nd Place Rewards

  • Illusion Isle Loot
  • Silver x15,000

3rd Place Rewards

  • Illusion Isle Loot
  • Silver x10,000

Participation Rewards

  • Illusion Isle Loot
  • Silver x2,000



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