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Giant Mushroom Island

Last Updated: May 19th 2023

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Island Rewards
Giant Mushroom Island Token
Ancient Platinum Coin
Novice Logging XP Potion
Pirate Coin x2000

Island Token Acquisition

The Giant Mushroom Island Token is obtained through logging and felling of the mushrooms on the island. It's estimated that the Giant Mushroom Island Token takes around 5 to 20 minutes to obtain from constant logging. Like all other RNG drops, you can either be lucky or unlucky.

Buy Red Cashew Juice to enter the inside area of the island where the mushrooms are located. There are small mushrooms that everyone can log and the larger ones that require you to be at least level 10 in logging.

Island Quests

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
DamonThe Loyal Son Ancient Platinum Coin
Pirate Coin x2000
Silver x8,000


Merchant Exchange

Pushpush [Cashew Juice Merchant]

Item SoldItem Cost
Red Cashew JuiceSilver x10

Senusenu [Exchange]

Item SoldItem Cost
Novice Logging XP Potion (5 Max)Sturdy Timber x250

Panupanu [Trade Skill Tool Merchant]

Item SoldItem Cost
Novice Foraging ToolSilver x1500
Novice Logging ToolSilver x1500
Novice Mining ToolSilver x1500
Novice Hunting ToolSilver x1500
Novice Fishing ToolSilver x1500
Novice Excavating ToolSilver x1500


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Reviewed by Facefoot

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