Snowpang Island


Island Rewards
Snowpang Island Token
Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch
Red Snowperson Muffler
Pink Snowperson Muffler
Blue Snowperson Muffler
Gold x500
Kindness +1

Island Token Acquisition

Snowpang Island Token is a possible reward from the Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch that your receive for completing the adventure island quest here.

Adventure Island PvP Quest

It's a snowball fight! Pick up the snowballs on the ground to use them.

Be careful when the wind picks up and a blizzard comes. Go to the safe spots that appear!

1st Place Rewards

  • Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch
  • Silver x6,000

2nd Place Rewards

  • Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch
  • Silver x3,000

Island Quests

Snowpang Island Quest Chain

The 2nd and 3rd followup quest only appears after a subsequent island visit.

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
SisterLittle's Sisters WishSilver x10,000
Mary Sister, Have You Grown Up?Silver x15,000
Mary Sister, Are You a Snowman?Offense Battle Item Random Chest
Ice Spirit Enri
(Ice Butterfly Cliff)
Help, Ice Spirit!Gold x500
Ice Spirit Enri
(Ice Butterfly Cliff)
With the Power of SnowflakesRed Snowperson Muffler or
Pink Snowperson Muffler or
Blue Snowperson Muffler
Kindness +1



Written by Yaen
Reviewed by Facefoot