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Distorted Island

Last Updated: March 6th 2024

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Island Rewards
Distorted Island Token
Stat Increase Potion
Epic Rapport Chest x3
Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack x3
Creation Fragment x5
Wisdom +2

Island Token Acquisition

The Distorted Island Token is a reward for completing the quest Secrets of the Cube. The island map itself looks exactly like Wisdom Isle, except the front of the mansion is destroyed and you must enter through the side of the mansion. The island is fairly annoying in the fact that the quest starter NPC Mephito changes his location every single time you enter a different room. So basically you're trying to engage in a game of hide and seek when trying to find the NPC. Make sure to search the entire room before moving on as it is very easy to miss him.

Island Quest Chains

Into the Rift of Distorted Dimensions involves trying to find Mephito again a total of 3 times to finish the quest.

Divining the Distortion involves finding these three objects pictured below and finding Mephito again.

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
Dimensional Traveler MephitoDimensional DistortionCreation Fragment x2
Silver x30,000
Wisdom +2
Dimensional Traveler Mephito Divining the DistortionStat Increase Potion
Epic Rapport Chest x3
Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack
Silver x30,000
Dimensional Traveler Mephito Secrets of the CubeDistorted Island Token
Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack x2
Creation Fragment x3
Silver x40,000

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