Crescent Island


Island Rewards
Crescent Isle Token
Courage +1

Island Token Acquisition

Crescent Isle Token is an item exchanged for 60 Crystallized Scale at Aldridge. You can obtain Crystallized Scale by hunting any of the various rabbits on the island.

Island Quests

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
AldridgeHunters IslandCourage +1


Exchange Merchant

Aldridge [Crystallized Scale Exchange]

Item SoldItem Cost
Crescent Isle Token60 Crystallized Scale

Cesar [Trade Skill Tool Merchant]

Item SoldItem Cost
Novice Foraging ToolSilver x1500
Novice Logging ToolSilver x1500
Novice Mining ToolSilver x1500
Novice Hunting ToolSilver x1500
Novice Fishing ToolSilver x1500
Novice Excavating ToolSilver x1500


Written by Yaen
Reviewed by Facefoot