Giant Heart Collectibles Guide


This article details where and how to obtain all the currently available Giant's Heart in the western version of Lost Ark. Most people go for Giant's Hearts solely for the Skill Point Potions and Masterpieces. The first 6 Giant's Hearts are manageable short term goals. 10 and 12 Giant's Hearts are your long-term goals. See the strategy section for more details on how to acquire Giant's Hearts the fastest.

Giant's Heart Rewards

Upon collecting a certain amount of Giant's Heart, you can unlock the rewards below. To collect these rewards, you must go to Wisdom Isle and speak to Minerva.

Giant's Heart Sources


1st Giant's HeartTortoykFive Scattered Brothers
15th Giant's Heart15th Heart Started By Reinvigorated Giant's Heart

Una's Tasks

7th Giant's HeartTooki Island 30x Una's Task: Taking on Tooki
11th Giant's HeartAzure Wind Island 15x Una's Task: Ruffians in the Ground
12th Giant's HeartShadowmoon MarketSpirit with a Heart (Gated By Una's Task)


2nd Giant's Heart Beatrice Friendly Stage
3rd Giant's Heart Sasha Trusted Stage
9th Giant's Heart Calvasus Trusted Stage
14th Giant's Heart Ninaveh Trusted Stage


4th Giant's HeartLake Eternity Field Boss Tarsila RNG Drop
10th Giant's Heart Shadespire 35th Floor [ilvl 480]
13th Giant's Heart Fatespire 35th Floor [ilvl 980]


5th Giant's Heart Blackfang's Den Exchange Gienah's Coin x3,300
6th Giant's Heart Atlas Exchange Pirate Coin x33,000
8th Giant's Heart Freedom Island Exchange Gienah's Coin x4,000

Collection Strategy

Farming all available Giant's Hearts can take a while, especially if you are limited on playtime. If you only care about getting 6 Giant's Hearts for the additional Skill Point Potions, you can choose the easiest ones to farm. Listed below are the strategies to obtain all the Giant's Hearts, listed in order of difficulty.

  1. The 1st Giant's Heart should be a no brainer, as the Tortoyk Quest should be done by everyone.Five Scattered Brothers is the final quest in a 4-part quest chain that starts withReaching a Crossroads, given by Totoma in Mokoko Village.
  2. Once you reach item level 480, you can attempt Shadespire 35th floor for the 10th Giant's Heart. It can be one of the fastest you can acquire depending on how much time you play.
  3. Even if you don't have a lot of playtime, do the Tooki Island Una's Task: Taking on Tooki and Azure Wind Island Una's Task: Bully in the Ground every day. These two might look like they take a lot of time, but just take it 1 day at a time and you'll finish them before you know it.
  4. Shadowmoon Market's has several prerequisites, but just realize that it also requires 5x Una's Task: Save Me, A Secret Ingredient. Make sure to remember to do it once per day.
  5. Go to the Field Boss events up to 3 times per week for a chance at acquiring 4th Giant's Heart from Tarsila.
  6. Fatespire's 35th floor can be done once you reach item level 980 for the 13th Giant's Heart.
  7. Go to rapport NPCs every day to play sheet music and emotes every day with the NPCs to work towards the 2nd Giant's Heart, 3rd Giant's Heart, 9th Giant's Heart, and 14th Giant's Heart. Be aware that Ninaveh requires the most amount of Rapport Points. If you are willing to spend money buying Epic Rapport Chest from the Cash Shop, you can speed up this process.
  8. Enough Gienah's Coin and Pirate Coin for the 3 Exchange Giant's Hearts can be farmed within 2-3 weeks. You can farm these coins from the following sources:
    • Each evening, Voyage Cooperation Missions reward around 300-400 Gienah's Coin without factoring in the random key drops like Key of Balance . Do all 3 events each day for 900-1200 Gienah's Coin. You can trade Gienah's Coin for Pirate Coin if needed.
    • Using the keys to enter the Gate of Balance will reward even more Gienah's Coin.
    • Certain Una's Tasks reward Pirate Coins after reaching a certain reputation level.
    • Doing the Islands that spawn during Procyon's Eye Compass can also reward you High Seas Coin Chest also allow you to obtain more Gienah's Coin and Pirate Coin.
    • Certain Islands reward a bunch of High Seas Coin Chest and Pirate Coin for completing quests.
  9. Once you get 14 Giant's Hearts, claim your reward Reinvigorated Giant's Heart to start the quest for the 15th Giant's Heart.


  • Acquiring 6 Giant's Hearts is a realistic goal for the near future to get 6 Skill Points in the current patch.
  • Acquiring 12 Giant's Hearts on our current patch is more of a long term goal and requires plenty of playtime.
  • Do the easiest daily activities when you log in, especially if you are limited on playtime.
  • Don't forget to have fun. You will eventually collect them all!


Written by Yaen
Reviewed by Lexyu