Sea Bounties Collectibles Guide


This article details where and how to obtain all the currently available Sea Bounties in the western version of Lost Ark. In the current patch you may only acquire up to a maximum of 44 Sea Bounties, but eventually there will be more released.

The name Sea Bounty makes it seem like what you do for this collectible is grander than it actually seems. Basically, when you acquire a Secret Map, you are receiving a treasure map. The description of the Secret Map will tell you what Adventure you must find. For this specific Secret Map, you must find the Adventure: Statue of Gienah. Opening the Secret Map will show you a hint of where you can find the Adventure in the open sea. Once you have successfully located the Adventure (a golden telescope as shown below), you may encounter a scenic cutscene or nothing at all. You don't gain any actual "Sea Bounty" out of the Adventure itself, but rather for collecting a certain amount of them as detailed further below.

Most Secret Maps are time gated and cannot be grinded. If that bad enough, the only valuable rewards come from higher collection numbers, specifically at 30, 34, 38, 40, and 44 Adventures. Because of this many players don't really prioritize on this type of collectible.

It's still important though, to be conscious of acquiring Secret Maps as you play the game. In future patches, you are rewarded Tears of the Abyss for collecting 40 and 46 Adventures. Tears of the Abyss can be traded for artifact grade crew like Crew Application Form: Hwarin at Island of Mist. Prioritize other collection systems like Skill Point Potions, Giant's Hearts and Masterpieces, but don't forget to collect Sea Bounties as you play the game!

Sea Bounty Rewards

Upon completing a certain amount of Sea Bounties, you can unlock the rewards below. To collect these rewards, you must go to Peyto or Cradle of the Sea Fermata and speak to Vatius The Humpback Whale.

Sea Bounty Sources


#29: Adventure: Statue of Gienah Haberk To The Ship

Una's Task

#46: Adventure: Lost Merchant ShipCandaria Estate South Vern Una's Task: Feel the Fresh Magick!

Sailing and Islands

#25: Adventure: Ghost Stingray Sea Gate Secret Map Loot
#26: Adventure: Siren Sea Gate Secret Map Loot
#30: Adventure: Aurora Sea Gate Secret Map Loot
#33: Adventure: Totoiki Boat Sea Gate Secret Map Loot
#35: Adventure: Eye of the South Sea Illusion Isle Illusion Isle Loot
#38: Adventure: Pirate's Peg Leg Lullaby Island Chest of Sleeping Songs

Boss RNG Loot

#27: Adventure: MoonkeepAlakkir Golden Chicking RNG Loot
#36: Adventure: Eye of the DeadOblivion's Valley Sea God Aporas RNG Loot
#37: Adventure: Mysterious ChestForpe Batuark RNG Loot
#39: Adventure: Pirate FlagSpida Island Kagros RNG Loot
#40: Adventure: The HestiaAlteisen Sol Grande RNG Loot
#41: Adventure: Phantom ButterflyPhantomwing Island Adrinne RNG Loot
#43: Adventure: Covered FigureheadYorn Field Boss Kohinorr RNG Loot

Adventure Tome

#1: Adventure: Mokoko Mushroom70% Tortoyk Adventure Tome Completion
#5: Adventure: Sea Flower70% Anikka Adventure Tome Completion
#10: Adventure: Five-colored Parrot50% Rohendel Adventure Tome Completion
#22: Adventure: Polar Mammoth60% Shushire Adventure Tome Completion
#23: Adventure: Red Camel60% Arthetine Adventure Tome Completion
#7: Adventure: Dragonfruit ➜ 60% Yorn Adventure Tome Completion
#32: Adventure: Mute Island50% Feiton Adventure Tome Completion
#3: Adventure: Red Sea Turtle ➜ 60% Punika Adventure Tome Completion
#45: Adventure: Snow Sledding ➜ 50% South Vern Adventure Tome Completion


#15: Adventure: Forgotten Lake Artisan Urr West Luterra
#16: Adventure: Crevasse Samly Glacier Isle
#19: Adventure: Magick Circle Neth Hope Island
#24: Adventure: Unicorn Tanay Peyto
#17: Adventure: Smoldering Ice Jederico Feiton
#12: Adventure: Halfmoon Mask Levi Feiton
#13: Adventure: Ancient Rod Zahara Punika
#14: Adventure: Ancient Gold Coin Liru Punika


#42: Adventure: King ShellfishIsland Token x60
#44: Adventure: Ice Statue of a WomanIsland Token x85

Traveling Merchant Ships Exchange

#20: Adventure: Shipwreck Arthetine Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel x3,340
#21: Adventure: Common Dolphin North Vern Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel x6,680
#28: Adventure: Godsent Spear East Luterra Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel x3,340
#31: Adventure: Whirlpool Anikka Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel x3,340
#34: Adventure: Eye of the North Sea Shushire Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel x6,680
#18: Adventure: Dolmen Yorn Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel x3,340

Stronghold Trade Merchant

#2: Adventure: LlamaStronghold Merchant Deokhyeon Adventurer's Seal x12,000
#4: Adventure: StardustStronghold Merchant Astiel Victory Seal x11,400
#6: Adventure: StarfruitStronghold Merchant Tuleu Adventurer's Seal x11,400
#11: Adventure: Tablet of WindStronghold Merchant Flarke Victory Seal x11,400
#8: Adventure: MandrillStronghold Merchant Florr Victory Seal x10,800
#9: Adventure: Ghost LizardStronghold Merchant Saha Raid Seal x10,800


  • Other than the ones acquired through Adventure Tomes and the initial quest, all the other Secret Maps are time gated by either collection tokens, Rapport or RNG.
  • If and when Secret Maps becomes your main focus, then these are the things you must do daily: Stronghold Dispatch, Sea Cooperative Missions, Field Boss Spawns, Sea Gates, and Rapport.


  • To acquire a Sea Bounty, you must first acquire a Secret Map. Once you have that, you can go treasure hunting for the relevant Adventure on the map.
  • Successfully completing Secret Maps will let you unlock rewards for every 2 completions.
  • Most Secret Maps cannot be acquired quickly and are time gated. Just play the game and you will eventually acquire them all!


Written by Yaen
Reviewed by Lexyu