West Luterra - Adventure Tome


This article details the most important aspects of the West Luterra region. The information here covers details about the Adventure Tome, Wandering Merchant appearance times, Hidden Quests and Mokoko Seeds. Maps of each zone in West Luterra and more detailed methods to acquire everything are provided below.

West Luterra Adventure Tome Rewards

  10% ➜ Phoenix Plume x10
  20% ➜ HP Potion (Bound) x30
  30% ➜ Seria
  40% ➜ Courage Potion
  50% ➜ Scherrit

  60% ➜ Stat Increase Potion
  70% ➜ Emote: Stretch
  80% ➜ Medrick Centennial Wine
  90% ➜ Structure: Lynnis Statue
100% ➜ Ignea Token: West Luterra

West Luterra Zone Maps

Click the names in the Map Legend to go directly to the section for more detailed locations and completion.

Map Legend

West Luterra Adventure Tome General Maps

Mount Zagoras


Brilliant Ridge [Dungeon]

Medrick Monastery

Bilbrin Forest

Gray Hammer Mine [Dungeon]

Battlebound Plains

Malone the Wandering Merchant - Spawn Times and Locations

Malone, the Wandering Merchant, randomly appears in 1 of 5 zones: Mount Zagoras, Lakebar, Medrick Monastery, Bilbrin Forest and Battlebound Plains. When Malone spawns, he will be in all channels of one random zone and stay for around 25 minutes. The spawn times for Malone are 2:30, 5:30, 6:30, 8:30, 9:30, and 12:30 for both AM and PM.

The most common method of catching Malone is to have people covering each spawn location. Since Wandering Merchants spawn in all channels for a specific zone, you only need a few people. After a sighting has occurred, people usually let others know in chat.

Malone's purchasable items are listed below. Only 1 item from each bullet point appears during each spawn.

  • Black Rose or Lakebar Tomato Juice or Stalwart Cage or Chain War Chronicles
  • Berhart Card or Cadogan Card or Cassleford Card
  • Hairplant

Malone Wandering Merchant Spawn Times and Locations

Malone | Mount Zagoras Location

Malone | Lakebar

Malone | Medrick Monastery

Malone | Bilbrin Forest

Malone | Battlebound Plains

Cooking Guide

West Luterra In-Depth Cooking Guide

Cook Location

1. Boar BBQ

2. Lakebar Freshwater Fish Stew

3. Miner's Rum

4. Efferin's Egg Rice

5. Bear Gallbladder Skewer

6. Wriggling Tentacle Sashimi

7. Medrick Hair Loss Solution

The cook is an important NPC that is available in all regions of the game. This NPC helps you craft food for entries in your adventure tome. The West Luterra cook, Heron, is located in Lakebar.


Vista Guide

West Luterra Vista Locations

1. Zagoras Fortress Entrance

2. Old Lakebar Tree

3. Medrick Bridge

4. Rakuni Forest

5. Battlebound Plains

6. Monument of King Luterra

7. Gray Hammer Mine

Mount Zagoras

Unique Monsters Guide

West Luterra Unique Monster Locations

1. Lead Mane Tiger

2. Lead Lake Boar

3. Boss Red Poisonous Locust

4. Raging Darkness Cragolith

5. Agile Rakuni

6. Redhand Warlock

7. Raging Elemental

8. Resentful Spirit Knight

9. Elite Raid Group Supplier

10. Ferocious Red Kran

11. Hellhound of Obscured Chaos

12. Elite Grayhammer Mugger

13. Elite Grayhammer Explorer

14. Lead Moonlight Wolf

15. Lead Red Rock Bear

Mount Zagoras

West Luterra Field Boss Rovlen

Bilbrin Forest

Another Story Guide

West Luterra Another Story In-Depth Guide

1. Heart Engraved on the Headstone

2. The Peddler of Luterra

Completed The Declaration main quest to gain access to Heart Engraved on the Headstone from Murray in Mount Zagoras.

Mount Zagoras

Hidden Story Guide

West Luterra Hidden Story In-Depth Guide

1. What Makes a Hero 4/4

2. Lost Letter 2/2

3. Knight's Oath 1/1

4. The Tiger of Bilbrin 1/1

5. Regent's Donkey Ears 1/1

6. Well Ghost Story 3/3

7. Sleight of Hand 5/5

Medrick Monastery
Bilbrin Forest
Battlebound Plains



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