Rohendel - Adventure Tome


This article details the most important aspects of the Rohendel region. The information here covers details about the Adventure Tome, Wandering Merchant appearance times, Hidden Quests and Mokoko Seeds. Maps of each zone in Rohendel and more detailed methods to acquire every Adventure Book entry are provided below.

Rohendel Adventure Tome Rewards

  10% ➜ Phoenix Plume x20
  20% ➜ Wisdom Potion
  30% ➜ Sylvain Queens' Blessing
  40% ➜ Masterpiece # 30
  50% ➜ Secret Map

  60% ➜ Song of Eternity
  70% ➜ Skill Point Potion
  80% ➜ Silver Wave Merchant Guild's Invitation
  90% ➜ Structure: Totoiki Sculpture
100% ➜ Ignea Token: Rohendel

Rohendel Zone Maps

Click the names in the Map Legend to go directly to the section for more detailed locations and completion.

Map Legend

Aricer the Wandering Merchant - Spawn Times and Locations

Aricer the wandering merchant randomly appears in 1 of 5 zones: Lake Shiverwave, Rothun, Glass Lotus Lake, Breezesome Brae, Xeneela Ruins and Elzowin's Shade. When Aricer spawns, he will be in all channels of one random zone and stay for around 25 minutes. The spawn times for Aricer are 2:30, 5:30, 6:30, 8:30, 9:30, and 12:30 for both AM and PM.

The most common method of catching Aricer is to have people covering each spawn location. Since wandering merchants spawn in all channels for a specific zone, you only need a few people. After a sighting has occurred, people usually let others know in chat.

Aricer's purchasable items are listed below. Only 1 item from each column appears during each spawn.

Rapport Items
Danube's Earrings
Elemental's Feather
Soundstone of Dawn
Sylvain Queens' Blessing

Alifer Card
Lenora Card
Gnosis Card

Cooking Ingredient
Pit-A-Pat Macaron

Hidden Quests Guide

Cooking Guide

Vista Guide

Unique Monsters Guide

Field Boss Magmadon

Xeneela Ruins

Another Story Guide

1. Music Echoes in Elzowin

The entire quest chain is fairly straightforward. After completing the 2nd quest in the chain, Falling Petals, you must complete a hidden quest in Glass Lotus Lake called Sanctum Under Siege before you can take A Mage's Story. This is shown below. The 5th quest in the chain, Flowers Bloom Once More, requires the quest There's a First Time for Everyone to be completed. This quest is received from Mederiel in Lake Shiverwave. This is also shown below.

2. Return Trip

This quest requires several prerequisites.

  1. Complete Rohendel's Una's Task called Repairing the Seal Site 7 times.
  2. Complete the first 5 yellow quests shown below. Una's Task not required.
  3. After completing the yellow quests, you can then complete Tower of Thanks.
  4. Gherdia in Lake Shiverwave is able to give you Return Trip after all the above is completed.

Hidden Story Guide

Rapport NPCs


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