Stronghold Guide


A Stronghold is your own customizable private island instance that serves many useful functions for the growth of your account. Rewards from the Stronghold can range from crafting powerful battle items to boosting additional characters through the story. Over time, you are able to gain more functions and perks as you level up your Stronghold.

After completing the story quest Eadalin's Gift in front of Luterra Palace, you'll be able to navigate to your Stronghold with your newly acquired Sheet Music, Song of Hearth and Home. So, what are you waiting for? Let's play that song and get working on your kingdom.

Stronghold Management (Ctrl +1)

Using the shortcut while in your Stronghold allows you to open up your management tab. Through this tab you are able to do the main functions of your Stronghold. Crafting or completing Lab productions also grants Stronghold XP, which further increases your production capabilities and functions.

Important: Anything put into production or dispatch requires Action Energy, Materials, and a cost.


In this tab, you can research a variety of different recipes and quality of life Stronghold functions. The more items you Research, the more items your Stronghold is able to craft and produce.

Important: You can Research Honing improvements for your other characters under Roster Help (bottom of the Research list). With this you are able to reduce the XP costs needed and increase their Honing chances for the researched tier.


This is the tab you can craft Battle Items, Food, Profession related tools, Honing Materials (only Fusion Materials), and Maps.

Tip: North Vern Archaeological Site Map, Yorn Archaeological Site Map and Punika Archaeological Site Map are great Maps to craft for your respective tier if you are looking to boost your Honing chances. These maps have a chance to provide valuable upgrading materials like Moon's Breath (Bound) and Star's Breath (Bound). Unlock these Maps by researching them in the Lab.

Check the Gear Honing System for more details.

Fast Stronghold XP Farm

If you want fast Stronghold XP, consider using Crafting Recipe: NACT-1 Counter or Crafting Recipe: Urr's Tree Bench for crafting structures that require Silver instead of Gold. These are usually obtained from Merchants visiting your Stronghold, so be on the lookout for them. Refer below for a quick list.

Merchant TagoCrafting Recipe: NACT-1 Counter
Merchant TagoCrafting Recipe: Urr's Tree Bench
Merchant TagoCrafting Recipe: Awning
Merchant TagoCrafting Recipe: Dyorika Waterwheel
Some Cheap Crafts


This is where you start Missions that your sailors, pets, and boats can complete. There are two types of Missions, Normal and Special.

  • Normal Missions provide the rewards listed in exchange for Pirate Coins, Action Energy and Ship Durabiltiy.
  • Special Missions require the same materials needed in Normal Missions, but also need Daily Entry Requirements. You essentially send a crew to do dailies for you, whilst also consuming your own daily run. Rewards received depend on the crew's performance.

Important: It's almost never worth it to do Special Missions.


This is where you can equip structures like the Structure: Model SMT-01 and costumes to gain passives to your Stronghold Actions.

  • Structures are found from crafting, the Adventurer's Tome, or cash shop.
  • Costumes can be unlocked from having maximum Rapport with specific NPCs, or with Blue Crystals.


Legendary training can be unlocked after completing Legendary Monster Slayer from Adventurer Erwin in your Stronghold, followed by The Magic Society's Amazing Skill quest (to complete this quest, you have a character at level 52).

Once unlocked, you can select one character to gain passive EXP (they cannot exceed your highest level character level however).

Pet Ranch

To unlock, you'll need to have Stronghold level 15, unlock the Stronghold Farm, the Cave, and have a Pet. After that, you can complete the Stronghold quest "Yay, Pet Ranch!!" given by Butler Adeline.

Once unlocked, you can have access to all things related to upgrading pets and the ranch. Please refer to the Pet Ranch Guide for more info.


The Knowledge Transfer machine is unlocked after reaching Stronghold level 5 and completing all quests in North Vern (Awakening as well). After that, you'll be able to take the Nothing Is Impossible For Cykins quest from Atheline. Finish it to unlock.

To set up your Knowledge Transfer, you must bring another character to your Stronghold to access the machine. Requirements below:

  • Create a new character and go to your Stronghold after receiving access to your Sheet Music in Prideholme.
  • Access the machine and pay 600 Gold.
  • Wait 8 hours for completion.

Note: To Knowledge Transfer the next tier, you need a character to have finished the story for said continent. After the first 600 Gold boost, the subsequent Knowledge Transfers cost more Gold and the required item level to skip the story. For example if you want to boost past Rohendel, the character you would want to boost will need to be item level 460 and have the Gold required.

Check the Alts Guide for more details.

Other Stronghold Features

  • Ctrl +2 puts you into placement mode for furniture and characters. This is mainly for decorations.
  • Ctrl +3 is where you would purchase costumes for passive Stronghold bonuses.
  • Ctrl +4 changes the camera view.


Reaching Stronghold level 15, you can unlock your Farm through the Land of Life quest from Felix and The Cave Where Time Stands Still from All-around Lifeman Nature NPC for the Cave.

These areas are life skilling areas that grant different bound materials compared to normal life skilling. This is mainly for people who don't enjoy life skilling.

Note: You gain less Profession EXP when life skilling in your Stronghold. World Tree Leaves do not drop here as well. Materials are also bound, so you cannot sell them for Gold.

Visiting Merchants

Merchants occasionally visit your Stronghold to sell you items for Raid Seal. You can unlock different Merchants through Adventure Tome rewards Vern Royal Merchant Guild's Invitation or Una's Task rewards. There are many notable items you can find through Merchants:

  • High Tier Sailors
  • Runes
  • Collectibles

Note: Other players may visit your Stronghold, but only have access to your Open Sale tab. Sales are limited in the Open Sale tab.

MerchantPre-requisiteCurrencySailorsImportant Items
RamiNo RequirementVictory SealTenetra
TagoNo RequirementRaid SealCrew Application Form: Yongjin
Crew Application Form: Vandolph
Crew Application Form: Morimori
Crafting Recipe: NACT-1 Counter
Crafting Recipe: Urr's Tree Bench
Crafting Recipe: Awning
Crafting Recipe: Dyorika Waterwheel
DuekhyeonNo RequirementAdventurer's SealOverwhelm
Iron Wall
Adventure: Llama
Flarke70% Arthetine Tome
Morlo Guild's Invitation
Victory SealGrimani
Cool-Headed Shez
Appraiser Bijorn
Adventure: Tablet of Wind
Roehn70% Shushire Tome
Daybreakers' Invitation
Adventurer's SealConviction
Illayne70% North Vern Tome
Vern Royal Merchant Guild's Invitation
Raid SealMasterpiece # 2
Astiel80% Rohendel Tome
Silver Wave Merchant Guild's Invitation
Victory SealGunther
Adventure: Stardust
Maxelle Repairing the Seal Site
The Rebuilding of Xeneela
Elzowin's Blessed Letter
Raid Seal
TuleuAtropos Island
What's in the Ship?
Mederiel's Letter
Adventurer's SealHilder
Adventure: Starfruit
Market Research
Research and Development
Quality Check
Bulletproof Cream Hits the Market
Umar Cosmetics' Invitation
Victory SealStronghold Crew Application Form: Wat
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Phoebe
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Hilder
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Joffrey
Adventure: Mandrill
Gador70% Yorn Tome
Great Ashen Forge's Invitation
Raid Seal
Borza70% Feiton Tome
Levi's Letter
Adventurer's SealOverwhelm
Nasha70% Punika Tome
Invitation from the Lailai Merchant's Association
Raid SealStronghold Crew Application Form: Hai
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Plione
Adventure: Ghost Lizard
Marte70% South Vern Tome
Candaria Trade Company's Invitation
Adventurer's SealConviction


  • Follow the Notes and Tips for crafting in this article.
  • Strongholds grant many benefits to your account progression, so don't gloss over it!


Written by Starlast
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