How to Use Alts in Lost Ark


Compared to other MMOs, alts in Lost Ark have plenty of important uses that aid your main's and account's overall progression. The great thing about Lost Ark is that a lot of the completed content and collectibles on your main are server wide. This means that your alts have access to all acquired Skill Points, Engravings, Silver, Gold, and Cards that your main already has. Alts are not for everyone though, and that is perfectly fine. But if you're looking to maximize the use of alts, this will be the guide for you. We will first go into the critical uses of alts and how they aid your main's overall progression before going into how to gear them up efficiently.

Alt Time Investment

If you're doing the bare minimum, each alt does not take more than 10-20 minutes each day. The bare minimum includes only Chaos Dungeons and Una's Tasks completion. Your weekly Abyssal Dungeon clear time might vary depending on how hard it is to find a group and the success rate. Once you get into the routine of your alts, you'll take even less time. The initial setup part is what takes the longest; i.e. getting builds and Engravings setup.

How Do Alts Aid Your Main's Overall Progression?

Multiple Una's Tasks Reputation Progression

Each alt can progress different Una's Tasks for reputation rewards. This lets your main focus on the ones that provide upgrade materials like Leapstones or Shards while your alts complete other important Una's Tasks. Take advantage of your 3 Bifrosts and potentially a 4th Bifrost to save locations.

Be aware that this doesn't mean you can complete the same Una's Tasks on both your main and your alt for 20 points towards your reputation bar. Each unique Una's Tasks only provides 10 reputation points per day, no matter how many alts complete it per day.

Please visit this link for a complete list of important and high value Una's Tasks that you should take.

Funneling Mats to Main and Making Gold

The most common and main use of alts in Lost Ark is the pure fact that most upgrade materials that you acquire from Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Subjugations are tradable. You can either funnel the mats into your Main or sell them on the Auction House. The problem here is that since our Main is now in Tier 3, you must get them to Tier 3 as well to maximize their potential. So right now, your alts should funnel each other in Tier 1 to progress to Tier 2. On your way to Tier 3 though, you can still make decent amounts of money by selling mats.

For more information about how to gear alts, please visit this section below.

Bifrost for Wandering Merchant Cards

Personally, I find this one of the most valuable use of alts. I place 1 or 2 Bifrosts at one of the possible spawn points of 4 high value Wandering Merchants. With 4 alts, I can check Shushire, Tortoyk, Anikka, and West Luterra to see if they have the important cards that I want for sale.

The two most efficient Bifrost points for Mac in Anikka is the Prisma Valley spawn as that is super far away from a Triport. Same goes for the spawn point in Croconys Seashore and Leyar Terrace for Burt in East Luterra.

Click this link to see the spawn times and locations of all Wandering Merchants in the game.

Weekly Abyssal Dungeon Legendary Cards

This is also what I would consider one of the most valuable things to do on an alt. Each alt can do Abyssal Dungeons when reaching the required Item Level. Each Abyssal Dungeon has a chance of dropping a valuable Legendary Card like Armen.

For Abyssal Dungeon guides, please visit this link.

Bifrost for Rapport

For convenience, I usually devote 1 Bifrost or Song of Return waypoint to do Rapport on each alt.

For recommended NPCs, check the Rapport Guide.
For specific Rapport NPC details, please visit this link.

Bifrost for Sailing and Island Events

I personally do not use a Bifrost for Timed Islands or Sailing Cooperative Quests as I can easily go to them using my main or alts if given time. On the other hand, you may indeed find this important, so you can set up a Bifrost for any one of these events.

How To Gear Alts and Increase Their Item Level

Unfortunately, you cannot do Island quests again on your alts as Island quests are all considered as Roster quests. This mean that you may only complete them once per server. But there are other ways to gear up your alt. Read more below to find out!

Knowledge Transfer

With 2 Vern Powerpasses and your main at 50, you can use the Knowledge Transfer system in your stronghold to level 3 more characters to 50 for 600 Gold each. This way you can easily acquire 5 alts. Furthermore, each completion of a Region's Main Story Quest allows you to Knowledge Transfer one additional alt through that quest. The caveat here is that you must be at the required Item Level before you can transfer. For example, you must be Item Level 460 to Knowledge Transfer and complete Rohendel's Main Story Quest.

Training Camp and Leveling Alts Past 50

Once you reach level 52, you may unlock the Training Camp that lets one of your alts passively gain EXP. The limitations to this is that no alt can level past your highest level character. If you haven't already, advance your stronghold far enough so that you can accept the quest Legendary Monster Slayer from Adventurer Edwin. Once done, complete the quest Magic Society's Amazing Technology from Adeline to unlock the Training Camp.

Stronghold Research Honing Percent

Once your main hits T2, what is immediately available is a special type of research in your Stronghold. This research can increase your T1 Gear Honing Chance by 20% and decrease the amount of Harmony Shards required by 20%.

You can do the same research once your main hits T3 for T2 Honing Chance and Life Shards.

Shadespire and Fatespire

What happens when you clear Shadespire or Fatespire for your first time is that you acquire unique rewards like Engraving Pouches and Skill Points. On all subsequent clears on alts, you gain Honing Materials instead to help you progress. Make sure to do this content for free Honing Materials.

Chaos Dungeon, Guardians, and Rest Bonus

Personally, I do Chaos Dungeons every day for Harmony Shards and Life Shards. Your alts will mostly be gated by Shards and Chaos Dungeons are a big source of that. Buying Shard Bags from Mari's Shop won't help too much either. If you don't have time, you can always bank runs for the day as rest bonus.

I find Guardians time-consuming, so I wait 2 days to bank 40 points of Rest Bonus. Afterwards, I do Guardians on the 3rd day spending all my Rest Bonus for extra rewards.

Free Class and Battle Engravings Quests

For alts that are not Vern Passed, they have access to various quests that can reward you Engraving Recipes. You cannot sell these Engravings, but they are good for getting you your initial Class Engravings.

For my alts, I just went for the quick 20x Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) and 10x Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive). 20 Uncommon Class Engravings come from the 3 quests located in Luterra Castle as shown in the 1st image in the slider below. 10 Rare Class Engravings come from the quest Save Me and Where Help is Needed, as shown in the 2nd and 3rd image.

Note: The quest from Bard Daria requires the quest Knights to be Remembered to be completed first. The quest Save Me is only available after completing the Memories of Luterra quest chain, given by Thirain.

If you want to maximize your free rewards, please visit this link to see all Engraving Selection Chests you can acquire from leveling quests. You can acquire a total of 30x Uncommon Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, 30x Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive), 11x Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, and 10x Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive).

Luterra Castle

Luterra Castle

Blackrose Chapel

Blackrose Chapel

Leyar Terrace

Leyar Terrace


  • Alts can aid your mains progression in several ways including, but not limited to, multiple Una's Tasks reputation progression, Bifrosts for important events, and tradable honing materials.
  • Alt gearing is made easier with T1 and T2 Honing research in your Stronghold.
  • You can easily get your first Class Engraving by completing certain quests.
  • Shadespire, Fatespire, and Chaos Dungeons are your main source of upgrade materials for gearing alts.


Written by Yaen