Lost Ark Tips & Tricks


Lost Ark offers a lot of options and features to simplify and make your daily actions more enjoyable. However, these are not always obvious and can be difficult to discover on your own. From changing specific settings that make your gameplay more clear and fun to interesting interactions with emotes, combat, the world map, and other aspects of the game. Let's find out all about these tips and tricks!

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Map Related

  • Click on your overlay map with Mouse 3, hold and drag to move it around.
  • Travel to Triports directly from your overlay map by holding alt + left-click on the Triport of your choice.
  • Teleport directly to the Port from anywhere inside a Continent by opening your World Map (M) and pressing "Ready to Sail" in the bottom left.
  • Typing /escape will teleport you to the closest Triport near you immediately (20minute cooldown).
  • Typing /escape while inside an Island will teleport you out of it immediately (20minute cooldown).
  • You can enter your Stronghold without delay by using the Visit Stronghold icon under the Guildmates tab (Alt+U).
  • While in the Sea, you can set auto-paths to any location by holding alt + left-click on the World Map. This pathing can be extended up to four times by repeating the action.
  • When docking at a Port with "Z", you can enter any area of the continent directly by pressing "Triport" in the bottom right and selecting your location.
  • You can avoid taking damage from Hazardous Waters when waiting for an Adventure Island/Ghost Ship to spawn by teleporting to your Stronghold and returning to the sea once the event has spawned.
  • You can access Trixion from within the Sea by first teleporting to your Stronghold and then to Trixion.

Interface Related

  • Right-clicking an emote, song, mount or toy in your hotbar will open the menu for the respective item.
  • Battle item/hotbar presets can be swapped manually with: Ctrl + Q/W/E/R (1,2,3,4).
  • Mass gear presets can be swapped manually with: Ctrl + A/S/D/F/G (1,2,3,4,5).
  • Mass presets can be assigned for instanced content in the bottom right of their window.
  • You can level a skill to maximum immediately by pressing shift+left-click on the plus sign.
  • Right-click any engraving effect under ALT+I to put it in the top engraving slot, and ALT+right-click to put it in the 2nd slot automatically.
  • Skill Runes can be moved from one skill to another by simply dragging them over.


  • Completing Chaos Gate/Daily Adventure Island or Ghost Ship and killing the Fieldboss can be done within the same hour if done during an active time period by taking advantage of the amount of channels.
  • Anguished Isle allows you to purchase 50x Life /Honor Leapstone Chests from the vendor with each of your characters once.
  • If you own multiple sets of accessories for: Raids, Chaos Dungeons or Trade Skills, you can store them in your Personal Storage to not occupy inventory space. When switching between your Mass presets with Ctrl+A/S/D/F/G it will automatically swap them and keep your inventory free.
  • Collecting Sea Bounties will provide you with increased resistance to Hazardous Waters.
  • Emoticons can be used in chat by typing their [emoticon] code, this can be found in the Interact window (Y) by hovering over the emoticons.
  • You can dismantle unused Argos's Blood and Oreha's Empyrean tokens for a good amount of Great Honor Leapstones.
  • Honing materials can be bought from the Harbor Vendors with each of your character using Pirate Coins. Guardian and Destruction Stones can be traded between your Roster or sold on the Auction House for additional weekly income.
  • Guild quest "Collect Gienah's Coins" can be completed by using any High Seas Coin Chest. For the highest profit, always choose Sun Coins to do so.
  • Dyed outfits can be reset back to their original settings with no cost using the "Remove dye" option (This will remove all your currently applied dye settings with no additional warning). Additionally, outfits can be colored pure white for free as long as every piece is using #FFFFFF hexcode.
  • Ctrl+Mousewheel-up or down lets you change the color of your cursor.
  • You can click on the subtitles to stop them from doing the audio lines.
  • Certain emotes can be triggered by typing an alternative solution in chat, for example:
    /Talk → any singular letter a, b, c etc.
    /Positive → yes
    /Negative → no
    /Greet → hi
    /Surrender → gg
    /Question → ?
    /Laugh → haha

Gameplay Settings

  • Force 21:9 aspect ratio provides a significant visual advantage over 16:9 in PvE and PvP related contents.
  • Setup Buff Icon Display Priority to help you reduce unimportant buffs displayed for your character.
  • Cursor Aim should be disabled for PvE related content to avoid unwillingly autocorrected skills, however this can be a benefit in PvP for certain fast-paced skills.
  • Yours and other player pets/titles/names can be hidden for a cleaner gameplay experience.
  • Consider enabling "Skip Dungeon Cutscenes" to automatically skip all cutscenes.
  • Utilize Macro Text for an easy way to let your teammates know when you're providing them with valuable damage or defense buffs.
  • Change the color of front and back indicators or disable/enable either of them based on your playstyle for easier directional recognition.



  • You can repeat the key inputs for bombs and throwable quest items, it will throw them at the mouse cursor.
  • Skills that reset their cooldown can have their animation delay canceled by simply pressing or holding mouse1(movement key) allowing you to use the skill again immediately without any downtime.
  • When using the Dominion Fang gear set, cast your awakening and quickly cancel it by opening your Pet Interface (Alt+P) → Remote Repair → Esc + Esc. This will cancel its animation and provide you with the set bonus.

Class Related

  • Shadowhunter has a special auto-attack interaction, by catching the returning blade at the right moment you perform a larger forwards dash and knockdown opponents while doing so.
  • Soulfist has a special auto-attack interaction. Perform a few attacks, wait for the circle beneath your feet to glow blue to attack again, and you will unleash the special move.

Raid Related

  • Buying the Maze of the Edge Helm, Pants and Chestpiece Skin Chest from the Auction House can be a cheap way of obtaining 3% str/dex/int for your secondary characters instead of spending thousands of Gold on expensive store skins for the same effect. Additionally, you can trade Providence Stones at the Exchange Rapport NPC for Rapport related skins or buy skins from your Pet Ranch with Jam Cookies.
  • During Guardian Raids, zooming in your camera on the Woeful Drylands map before dropping down the zip line will let you scout the boss in the background ahead of time.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewd by Starlast