Pet Ranch Guide


The Pet Ranch is another Stronghold activity that revolves around your pets. Putting your pets to "work" on the ranch will net you tokens, allowing you to buy all sorts of items from the Stronghold vendor. Rewards range from Any Card Pack, cosmetics, pet skinning functions, legendary pets, and much more! So what are you waiting for, lets's get to work!

To unlock, you'll need to have Stronghold level 15, unlock the Stronghold Farm, the Cave, and have a Pet. After that, you can complete the Stronghold quest "Yay, Pet Ranch!!" given by Butler Adeline.

Ranch Overview

You'll be able to obtain cookies/biscuits when working on the ranch to exchange for many items. Recover your pets through the Ranch tab and send them to work to obtain XP/Cookies through the Cookie Workshop, simple!

  • Totocookie is a vendor, and will take the Jam Cookies that you've obtained from the Pet Ranch and exchange them other items.
  • Dispatched Chromarong will help you place your Pets in the Ranch or the Cookie Workshop.
  • Minky, Protector of Pets will exchange Rapport Gifts for Vitameow.
  • Working Achatemeow manages Pet functions; retraining, upgrading, or changing Pet Skills.

How to obtain cookies?

Cookies can be obtained by dispatching your pets through the pet ranch function. To give you a rough estimate, in 8 hours with 4 pets dispatched, you'll be making about 576 cookies. This will also deplete your pet's morale in the process, so you'll need to use Vitameow to replenish their energy.

  • Pet food can be obtained either through the cash shop or with the affinity exchange in the stronghold.
  • Unlike dispatch, there are no ranks, so you'll always get the same amount of cookies back.
  • The higher the pet tier, the more cookies you'll earn from them.

Best way to level up your pets?

The best way to level up your pets to legendary status would be to overfeed them by using vitameow through the affinity exchange.

  • Overfeeding a singular pet will allow you to basically run them for several days for max XP and Cookie gain.
  • You should be using these Cookies for the RNG token box for the Legendary Upgrade.
  • There is a chance for your pets to randomly become "happy" while recovering on the ranch, allowing them to work for extra XP and Cookies for a set duration.

Legendary Pets

To promote a pet, you'll need Pet Expertise Potion through the pet exchange, similar to shard bags. Once filled, you can promote it with Pet Growth Tokens. You can get tokens through the happy pet box in the exchange.

  • 100,000 EXP is needed for promotion through Expertise Potions
  • 30 Pet tokens through the Pet Box exchange.

On top of that, legendary pets provide additional stats through a new skill you unlock. You can pick between 5 different skills for your new legendary pet. Pick the correct one accordingly for your build! It will cost around 20 Crystals at the Pet Management NPC.

All skills will have 3 lines, with the last 2 lines being the same. One of 3 of the skills will be applied when in combat. Only one of the lines can proc (around 90 sec cooldown).

  • 40% chance of casting a 5s shield for 10% Max HP
  • 40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP
  • Cheers of the Heart: 20% chance of recovering 8% of Max HP
  • Cheers of Serenity: 20% chance of resetting Cooldown of Movement and Stand Up Skills, and reducing the Cooldown by 40% for 8s
  • Cheers of Heaven: 20% chance of Attack Speed +3% for 8s
  • Cheers of Courage: 20% chance of Move Speed +5% for 8s
  • Cheers of Resonance: 20% chance of Specialty Meter gain +10% for 8s.

In general, Cheers of Heart seems to be generally the best for the HP. Cheers of Resonance might be ok for some classes like Bard.

Other Rewards

Other rewards range from cards, cosmetics, battle items, inventory, and pet skins.

  • Pet skin change (make your pet look like another pet)
  • Pet bag upgrade (more inventory slots)
  • Cards Packs
  • Battle items
  • Cosmetics


  • Collect cookies to obtain rewards on the ranch!
  • Legendary pets provide additional stats that could be useful for your build.


Written by Starlast
Reviewed by Yaen