Masterpiece Collectibles Guide


This article details where and how to obtain all the currently available Masterpiece in the western version of Lost Ark. You may only acquire up to a maximum of 48 Masterpieces, but eventually you will be able to collect them all!

Most people go for Masterpieces solely for the Island Token obtainable at 10 Masterpieces. The other rewards that are most lucrative are the gold boxes at 20, 30, 34, 38, and 52 Masterpieces. Wei Card is also an important card that can be acquired at 36 Masterpieces. Judgment is also a great addition to your rune collection.

Masterpiece Rewards

Upon collecting a certain amount of Masterpieces, you can unlock the rewards below. To collect these rewards, you must go to Sunflower Island and speak to Alfonso.

Masterpiece Sources

Adventure Tome

Masterpiece # 4 ➜ 50% East Luterra Adventure Tome Completion
Masterpiece # 5 ➜ 50% Tortoyk Adventure Tome Completion
Masterpiece # 6 ➜ 50% Anikka Adventure Tome Completion
Masterpiece # 7 ➜ 50% North Vern Adventure Tome Completion
Masterpiece # 8 ➜ 40% Shushire Adventure Tome Completion
Masterpiece # 30 ➜ 40% Rohendel Adventure Tome Completion
Masterpiece # 31  ➜ 40% Yorn Adventure Tome Completion
Masterpiece # 37  ➜ 40% Feiton Adventure Tome Completion
Masterpiece # 43  ➜ 40% Punika Adventure Tome Completion
Masterpiece # 49  ➜ 60% South Vern Adventure Tome Completion


Masterpiece # 1Sunflower IslandArtist in Residence
Masterpiece # 13LiebeheimPain to Gain

Una's Tasks

Masterpiece # 9Ozhong Hills Una's Task: The Cursed Ruins
Masterpiece # 10Wavestrand Port Una's Task: Running the Port
Masterpiece # 18Karlhertz Una's Task: Prisoner Release
Masterpiece # 19Freedom Island Una's Task: The Archaeologist's Request
Masterpiece # 28Cradle of the Sea Fermata Una's Task: Fermata's True Manager
Masterpiece # 48Star Sand Beach Una's Task
Masterpiece # 50Candaria Estate South Vern Una's Task: Unfinished Journey


Masterpiece # 17Shadespire Floor 25 ilvl 440
Masterpiece # 14 Any Cube
Masterpiece # 24 Any Cube
Masterpiece # 36 Elite Cube and higher
Masterpiece # 40 Elite Cube and higher
Masterpiece # 45 Dimension Cube
Masterpiece # 15 Any Boss Rush
Masterpiece # 25 Any Boss Rush
Masterpiece # 35 Any Boss Rush
Masterpiece # 41 Any Boss Rush
Masterpiece # 46 Hall of the Sun

Secret Map Dungeons

Masterpiece # 16 ➜ Any Chaos Gate Secret Map
Masterpiece # 26 ➜ Yorn Chaos Gate Secret Map and higher
Masterpiece # 42 ➜ Feiton Chaos Gate Secret Map and higher
Masterpiece # 47 ➜ Punika Chaos Gate Secret Map and higher
Masterpiece # 51 ➜ South Vern Chaos Gate Secret Map


Masterpiece # 34 ➜ Atropos Black Merchant (Hidden Area) Pirate Coin x30,000
Masterpiece # 2 ➜ Stronghold Merchant Illayne Raid Seal x4,275
Masterpiece # 12 ➜ Blackfang's Den Navigator Rosa Gienah's Coin x3,600
Masterpiece # 20 ➜ Starlight Isle Merchant Favreau Gienah's Coin x3,300
Masterpiece # 27 ➜ New Vernese Exploration Ship Pirate Coin x10,000


Masterpiece # 29 ➜  Calvasus Rapport Trusted Stage
Masterpiece # 52 ➜  South Vern Neria Rapport Trusted Stage


Masterpiece # 3 ➜ Island Token x30
Masterpiece # 11World Tree Leaf x24
Masterpiece # 21Giant's Heart x9
Masterpiece # 22Island Token x55
Masterpiece # 38 ➜ Island Token x75
Masterpiece # 23Sea Bounties x30
Masterpiece # 39Sea Bounties x38
Masterpiece # 32 ➜ 950 Mokoko Seeds
Masterpiece # 44 ➜ 1150 Mokoko Seeds
Masterpiece # 33Giant's Heart x11

Collection Strategy

Farming all available Masterpieces can take a while, especially if you are limited on playtime. You should be going for the most important rewards at 10 and 20 Masterpieces for both Sunflower Island Token and Artist's Treasure Chest respectively. Choose the easiest ones to farm first. Some of them you get passively just by playing the game or as a side reward. Listed below are the strategies to obtain all the Masterpieces.

  1. Sunflower IslandArtist in Residence and LiebeheimPain to Gain are part of quest chains that get you plenty of upgrade materials in addition to their Masterpieces.
  2. Reaching item level 440 for Masterpiece #17 from Shadespire can be done relatively quickly within the first few days of hitting level 50.
  3. Complete Una's Tasks every day to work towards their Masterpieces. You can also do them on multiple alternate characters to maximize the rate at which you gain reputation rewards. You should be able to get these within 2 weeks of starting their respective Una's Tasks.
  4. If you have a decent amount of playtime and do Chaos Dungeons regularly, you can acquire plenty of Entrance Ticket: Cube (Bound) and Entrance Ticket: Silent Hall (Bound) to do Cube and Boss Rush for their Masterpieces.
  5. Chaos Gates can drop Secret Maps which let you go inside secret dungeons in a nearby zone. The monsters at the end of these dungeons can drop various Masterpieces. Share maps between 3 other people for more attempts at it dropping.
  6. Adventure Tomes for East Luterra, Tortoyk, Anikka, North Vern, Shushire, and Rohendel are guaranteed Masterpieces if you just put in time. If you were diligent on getting Skill Point Potions from completing East Luterra, Shushire, and Rohendel Adventure Tomes, then you got 3 additional Masterpieces already.
  7. Getting the Exchange Masterpieces usually takes a bit longer. Spending Gienah's Coins and Pirate Coins for Giant's Hearts are a priority over Masterpieces. You can farm these coins from the following sources:
    • Each evening, Voyage Cooperation Missions reward around 300-400 Gienah's Coin without factoring in the random key drops like Key of Balance. Do all 3 events each day for 900-1200 Gienah's Coin. You can trade them for Pirate Coin at the Ships outside each region port.
    • Using the keys to enter the Gate of Balance will reward even more Gienah's Coin.
    • Certain Una's Tasks reward Pirate Coins after reaching a certain reputation level.
    • Doing the Islands that spawn during Procyon's Eye Compass can also reward you High Seas Coin Chest also allow you to obtain more Gienah's Coin and Pirate Coin.
    • Certain Islands reward a bunch of High Seas Coin Chest and Pirate Coin for completing quests.
  8. Rapport with Calvasus for Masterpiece #29 takes some time, but you're basically killing two birds with one stone as you are also going for the 9th Giant's Heart. If you are willing to spend money buying the Epic Rapport Chests from the Cash Shop, you can speed up this process. Rapport for South Vern's Neria will take quite a bit more time.
  9. The most time-consuming Masterpieces are probably the collectible ones. You will get them all eventually by playing the game. Refer to the Island Tool on how to acquire Island Tokens, World Tree Leaves Collectibles Guide, Giant Heart's Collectibles Guide, and Sea Bounties Collectibles Guide.


  • You most valuable rewards Sunflower Island Token and Artist's Treasure Chest.
  • Remember to do your daily activities when you log in, especially if you are limited on playtime.
  • As you play the game, you will acquire Masterpieces as side rewards through completing content, so don't forget to have fun. You will eventually collect them all!


Written by Yaen
Reviewed by Lexyu