World Tree Leaves Collectibles Guide


World Tree Leaves are collected by doing life skill activities in the open world. A higher life skill level gives a higher chance of a World Tree Leaf randomly appearing when you forage, mine, log, hunt, fish or excavate. Currently, there are 10 World Tree Leaves per life skill school, for a total of 60. More leaves will be added in future patches.

World Tree Leaves Rewards

Upon collecting a certain amount of World Tree Leaves, you can unlock the rewards below. To collect these rewards, you can go to any main city and speak to the merchant with the World Tree Leave icon.

World Tree Leaves Sources

  1. Each life school skill tree offers 10 World Tree Leaves for a total of 60 World Tree Leaves in the current patch.

World Tree Leaves Rewards

This collection system doesn't reward much, mainly offering boosts to life skills. These rewards are more important for players invested into foraging, mining, logging, hunting, fishing or excavating.

  • 12 World Tree Leaves: Faint Ore Charm provides a life skill gathering boost and +1 to all life skills. The charm is upgraded to Faint Citrine at 36 leaves, and then Silent Citrine at 48 leaves.
  • 18 World Tree Leaves: Adept Craft Kit x6 allows you to craft purple life skill tools. You most likely will have already gotten purple tools by this point, but it saves you some gold.
  • 24 World Tree Leaves: Masterpiece # 11 is useful for its collection system.
  • 30 World Tree Leaves: Transformation: Rabbit is a troll item to mess around with other players. It's fun to play with when you're waiting for something to spawn.


  • World Tree Leaves are acquired through any life skill activity in the open world.
  • The rewards for World Tree Leaves collection don't give you must benefit outside Life Skilling.
  • There is no quick and easy way to unlock them all. Just play the game and have fun!


Written by Yaen
Reviewed by Lexyu