North Vern - Adventure Tome


This article details the most important aspects of the North Vern region. The information here covers details about the Adventure Tome, Wandering Merchant appearance times, Hidden Quests and Mokoko Seeds. Maps of each zone in North Vern and more detailed methods to acquire everything are provided below.

North Vern Adventure Tome Rewards

  10% ➜ Vitality Increase Potion
  20% ➜ Iron Wall
  30% ➜ Mount: Gray Stripe Raptor
  40% ➜ Larhalt
  50% ➜ Masterpiece #7

  60% ➜ Skill Point Potion
  70% ➜ Vern Royal Merchant Guild's Invitation
  80% ➜ Linderte Goblet
  90% ➜ Structure: Ancient Lazenith Statue
100% ➜ Ignea Token: North Vern

North Vern Zone Maps

Click the names in the Map Legend to go directly to the section for more detailed locations and completion.

Map Legend

Peter the Wandering Merchant - Spawn Times and Locations

Peter, the Wandering Merchant randomly appears in 1 of 5 zones: Port Krona, Parnar Forest, Fesnar Highland, Vernese Forest, or Balankar Mountains. When Peter spawns, he will be in all channels of one random zone and stay for around 25 minutes. The spawn times for Peter are 12:30, 3:30, 4:30, 6:30, 7:30, and 10:30 for both AM and PM.

The most common method of catching Peter is to have people covering each spawn location. Since Wandering Merchants spawn in all channels for a specific zone, you only need a few people. After a sighting has occurred, people usually let others know in chat.

Peter's purchasable items are listed below. Only 1 item from each column appears during each spawn.

Rapport Items
Exquisite Music Box
Goblin Yam
Magick Cloth
Magick Crystal
Queen's Knights Application
Vern's Founding Coin

Payla Card
Gideon Card
Thar Card

Hidden Quests Guide

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Another Story Guide

1. Navegal's Fate

Veloran's Orders has a chance of dropping from killing Veloran's Messenger and starts the Navegal's Fate quest. There is a prerequisite quest for Navegal's Fate called Echoes of the Ghosts, the 2nd quest following Ghostly Highlands. The quest chain starts at the Fesnar Highland Board in Rania Village.

Fesnar Highland

2. Probing Goblin Village

Probing Goblin Village has several prerequisites that must be completed before it is given by Elder Balu.

  1. Go to the Parna Forest Board in Rania Village to take the quest The Madness at Parna Forest. This starts a quest chain; make sure to complete up to Goblin-Eating Monsters of the quest chain.
  2. Accept the Lazy Inspector quest from Warrior Nedoru.
  3. Complete Snowy is Hungry from Alle.
  4. Complete Fruitful Research from Professor Restrang.
  5. Now Elder Balu provides the quest The Elder's Vision. Once finished, you can accept Probing Goblin Village.

Hidden Story Guide

Rapport NPCs


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