Cradle of the Sea Fermata


Island Rewards
Fermata Island Token
Stat Increase Potion
Great Masterpiece # 28
Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack x5
Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x2
Fermata Card Pack
Pirate Coin x40,000

Island Token Acquisition

Fermata Island Token is acquired through 2 separate layers of RNG. You must first choose the correct jar out of the 3 in front of Merrymaker Jackpot and then you will have a chance for the Fermata Island Soul. You will know you chose the correct jar because you will get more Pirate Coins for the right one. The NPC will also say you chose the right one. You can only attempt to choose 1 jar per character per day by buying the Game Voucher from Merrymaker Jackpot. You can speed up this process by doing it on each of your alts.

Island Quests

Cradle of the Sea Fermata Island Token Quest

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
Game VoucherA Marvelous GameSilver x500

Cradle of the Sea Fermata Quest Chain

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
Manager AlmanyThe Best Welcome EverPirate Coin x3,000
Silver x8,500
DennisDrop-dead DeliciousLegendary - Uncommon Card Pack
Silver x8,500
Meteorologist Lena The Search for a Peaceful SeaPirate Coin x3,000
Silver x8,500
Dennis Ready to Have FunRare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x2
Ealyn's Blessing x3
Silver 8,500

Cradle of the Sea Fermata General Quests

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
Famous PainterFermata's ModelLegendary - Uncommon Card Pack x2
Silver x8,500
Trickster's VictimRegretsPirate Coin x3,000
Silver x8,500
Shipyard ManagerFor a Bigger FermataLegendary - Uncommon Card Pack x2
Silver x8,500

Una's Task - The Fermata's True Manager

For the Fermata's Maintenance requires the quest For a Bigger Fermata to be completed first. For the Fermata's Maintenance is only available for 2 completions. Afterwards For the Farmata's Safety is available.

Each Una's Task completion rewards 10. Once you have completed a certain number of Una's Task, you may receive certain rewards and you move onto the next tier of rewards.

For the Fermata's Maintenance

  • Tier 1 20/30

For the Fermata's Safety

  • Tier 1 30/30
    1. Pirate Coins x7,000
  • Tier 2 40/40
    1. High-quality Timber x5
    2. Pirate Coins x10,000
  • Tier 3 80/80
    1. Masterpiece # 28
    2. Pirate Coins x19,000



Merrymaker Jackpot [Game Voucher Merchant]

Item SoldLimitItem Cost
Game VoucherDaily 1/1Pirate Coin x100

Loti [Luck: Card]

Item SoldLimitItem Cost
Fermata Card PackWeekly 7/7Pirate Coin x2000

Yuri [Dessert Merchant]

Item SoldItem Cost
Emote: CuteSilver 5,000

Bay Lin [Luck: Ability Stone]

Item SoldItem Cost
Unidentified Outstanding Stone of Birth
325+ Weekly Limit 3/3
Pirate Coin 644
Unidentified Powerful Stone of Birth
385+ Weekly Limit 3/3
Pirate Coin 891
Unidentified Elegant Stone of Birth
460+ Weekly Limit 3/3
Pirate Coin 1,040
Unidentified Outstanding Stone of Devotion
825+ Weekly Limit 3/3
Pirate Coin 1,287
Unidentified Powerful Stone of Devotion
885+ Weekly Limit 3/3
Pirate Coin 1,782
Unidentified Elegant Stone of Devotion
960+ Weekly Limit 3/3
Pirate Coin 2,079

Demis [Bartender]

Item SoldItem Cost
West Luterran BeerSilver 1,000
Dyorika BeerSilver 1,000
Totrich BeerSilver 1,000
Vernese WineSilver 1,000
Ealyn's BlessingSilver 1,000

Vatius The Humpback Whale [Exchange Sea Bounty]

  2 Adventurer's Coin Chest
  4 Crew Application Form: Mikeel
  6 Adventurer's Coin Chest
  8 Crew Application Form: Vanderwal
10 Stat Increase Potion
12 Adventurer's Coin Chest
14 Crew Application Form: Shirley
16 Adventurer's Coin Chest
18 Crew Application Form: Eungwang
20 Title "First Mate"
22 Adventurer's Coin Chest
24 Transformation: Seagull

26 Bloodclaw's Splendid Coin x5
28 Crew Application Form: Edward
30 Masterpiece # 23
32 Adventurer's Coin Chest
34 Wealth
36 Title "Westwind Conductor"
38 Masterpiece # 39
40 Tears of the Abyss
42 Focus
44 Tears of the Abyss x2
46 Adventurer's Coin Chest


Written by Yaen
Reviewed by Facefoot