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Tooki Island

Last Updated: May 19th 2023

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Island Rewards
Tooki Island Token
7th Giant's Heart
Kindness Potion
Iron Wall
Crafting Recipe: Reinforced Safe Box

Island Token Acquisition

The Tooki Island Token can be obtained by RNG when killing the island boss Tooki King. The cooperative quest for the island occurs 3 minutes after the first person enters the instance.

Tooki King Possible Loot

  • Wealth
  • Iron Wall
  • Tooki King Card
  • Tooki King's Fake Eye
  • Tookicalibur
  • Gold x1-15

Una's Task - Killing the King

Each Una's Task completion rewards 10. Once you have completed a certain number of Una's Task, you may receive certain rewards and you move onto the next tier of rewards.

Taking on Tooki

  • Tier 1 70/70
    1. Silver x5,000
  • Tier 2 80/80
    1. Crafting Recipe: Reinforced Safe Box
    2. Silver x7,000
  • Tier 3 130/130
    1. 7th Giant's Heart
    2. Kindness Potion
    3. Tookalibur Card
    4. Silver x14,000

Island Quests

Tooki Island is home to part of a quest chain involving Secret Map. This item can be dropped from any monster in the world. The quest chain starts near the docks of Krona Harbor in North Vern by interacting with this Tooki Statue shown below in the image. It can only be interacted with if Secret Map is in your inventory.

For more information on this quest line, visit the Secret Map Quest Guide.



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