Secret Map Quest Guide


Along your travels, there might be a mysterious map that drops from monsters. The item icon seems eerily similar to the Secret Maps that drop from Chaos Gates, but the description of the item, Treasure Map, is off. Previewing it opens a map with a Tooki icon instead of an actual map; and it seems like it is a bug. This guide will dive into the secret behind it all!


1.Complete and Broken World

Click the map item, and you'll see a map preview. It resembles the bottom part of Port Krona. There you will find a Tooki statue that you can interact with. The quest will ask you to visit Tooki Island.

2.The Loudest Silence

Upon landing on Tooki Island, interact with this box here. It makes a strange noise every time it rattles. You're asked to kill 30 Tooki's.

3.Silent Words

Go back to the box, and you're asked to kill 30 Tooki's again. You're rewarded with Suspicious Device.

4.Honest Liar

Use Suspicious Device to start this quest. To dive into the mystery, you need to get the help of a hacker to repair it. Thankfully, you know one in Origins of Stern. Unfortunately, when you place the device onto his robot, you destroy the robot. Make your way now to Facility X-301.

5.Innocent Deserter

Look for Damian at Facility X-301. There you will be asked to interact with some "bugged" Mokoko Seeds. The world of Arkesia doesn't seem to be functioning correctly. Each time you try to pick up a Mokoko Seed, it bugs and nothing happens. Go to Shushire to investigate more of these bugged Mokoko Seeds.

6.Slaughtered Predator

For this quest, you need Song of Resonance, Cute, Threaten, and Sit. You encounter Tarsila, who speaks as if theres more to this world than it seems. She hints at the fact that there is more to the world of Arkesia. She's playing a script, getting killed over and over again. This seems familiar doesn't it, something you'd see on the TV Show called Westworld...

7.Escape to Freedom

Go back to Facility X-301 to talk to Damian again. You'll find that he is no longer there. Proceed with the quest and search the area around the island. Once you get to the area below, you'll start encountering errors like your PC is crashing. Don't worry though, it's all in the game.

You wake up inside some kind of control room. As you explore the place, you'll realize quickly that this isn't Arkesia. You see NPC models moving across an assembly line; exactly something like out of Westworld.

When you get up to the statues, you must play Song of Resonance to enter the next area. Upon entering this Matrix styled area, you'll start hearing someone saying that they encountered a bug. They continue to say to stop and to not go any further. Progress through, and you'll enter a seemingly bugged version of the starter city, Prideholme.

Go past the bridge and a NPC will say to find 4 secrets. Each numbered point corresponds with an image below.

  1. In the church, you will see 4 Thirains. Interact with the one next to the chair circled below. That is the 1st secret.
  2. Next, go inside Neria's Tavern. You may choose to interact with all the Nerias for some nice lore and dialogue. To acquire the next secret, go speak to Yorn Neria.
  3. In the right of the map, enter the room, and you will encounter Kharmine. Interact with something in the middle for the 3rd secret.
  4. In the bottom left corner of the map, you can enter a room. Interact with all 5 objects to be able to exit.
  5. After all 4 secrets are found, go to the top part of the map to continue the quest progression.
1. Thirain

1. Thirain

2. Yorn Neria

2. Yorn Neria

3. Kharmine

3. Kharmine

4. Interact

4. Interact

5. Top Part

5. Top Part

The rest of the quest is straightforward. You get nice dialogue with the "developer" so I suggest you watch all the cutscenes.

8.Truth or Dare

Go to Minerva on Wisdom Isle for the final quest in the chain.

Quest Rewards

Each quest in the chain offers nice rewards.

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
Hidden Object
(Krona Harbor)
Complete and Broken WorldUncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x5
Creation Fragment x6
Pirate Coin x5,000
Silver x10,000
Suspicious Box
(Tooki Island)
The Loudest SilenceHigh Seas Coin Chest x10
Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x5
Silver x50,000
Gold x50
Suspicious Box
(Tooki Island)
Silent WordsHigh Seas Coin Chest x20
Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack x14
Suspicious Device
Silver x100,000
Gold x50
Suspicious Device Honest Liar
(Requires Treasure Map)
High Seas Coin Chest x5
Pirate Coin x7,000
Silver x20,000
(Facility X-301)
Innocent DeserterCreation Fragment x7
Pirate Coin x20,000
Silver x8,000
Postman Elrond
(Regens Village)
Slaughtered PredatorHigh Seas Coin Chest x10
Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x5
Pirate Coin x10,000
Silver x30,000
Damian's Original Location
(Facility X-301)
Escape to FreedomDeveloper's Bag
Creation Fragment x7
Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x4
Pirate Coin x15,000
Silver x30,000
(Wisdom Isle)
Truth or DareEmote: Error
Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack x10
Creation Fragment x10
Silver x40,000
Gold x100


  • This quest involves a unique storyline much akin to the TV Show Westworld.
  • The unique areas that the quest brings you to are worth paying attention to. Dialogue and interactions with various NPCs show how much thought the quests were given when being made. Enjoy it!


Written by Yaen