Chaos Gate & Secret Map Guide


Chaos Gate is one of the four Procyon's Compass events in Lost Ark. In this instanced dungeon you can team up with up to 30 other players and slay elite monsters to reach the final boss. Obtain valuable loot that will help progress your character. Let's find out what lies beneath the gates of chaos!

Chaos Gate Overview

Every day except on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays is when you may enter the Chaos Gate. This event occurs hourly starting from daily reset at 11AM until 5AM UTC+1. You may enter as many times as you wish, but rewards can only be received once per roster per day. Possible rewards include:

  • , , Secret Maps
  • , , Rage
  • Any Card Pack
  • Rift Pieces

Secret Map Sharing

Don't do Secret Maps by yourself! Form a party with 3 other players that have a map and gain quadruple the rewards by sharing the maps with each other. The easiest way to accomplish this is with people from your guild, friends or the area chat right after a completed Chaos Gate.

Whenever you right-click a map you'll see the rarity and the zone it's located in at the top. When you approach the marked location, an indicator will appear on the bottom left letting you know how close you are, guiding you to it with the help of cardinal directions.

Note that Legendary Secret Maps can have their marked location flipped upside down, making it harder to find them.

Secret Map Rewards

On top of the guaranteed honing materials, each map contains a chance for Masterpieces: #16, #26, #42 and #47, Card XP, Battle Engraving Recipes and Level 1 Gems(Tier 3 maps only).

Rare Secret Maps

Tier 1 ➜ 1x Harmony Shard Pouch (S), 2x Star's Breath

Tier 2 ➜ 1x Life Shard Pouch (S), 5x Moon's Breath

Tier 3 ➜ 1x Honor Shard Pouch (S), 1x Solar Grace

Epic Secret Maps

Tier 1 ➜ 1x Harmony Shard Pouch (M), 5x Star's Breath

Tier 2 ➜ 1x Life Shard Pouch (M), 10x Moon's Breath

Tier 3 ➜ 1x Honor Shard Pouch (M), 1x Solar Grace, 1x Solar Blessing

Legendary Secret Map

Tier 1 ➜ 2x Harmony Shard Pouch (L), 10x Star's Breath

Tier 2 ➜ 2x Life Shard Pouch (L), 15x Moon's Breath

Tier 3 ➜ 2x Honor Shard Pouch (L), 2x Solar Grace, 1x Solar Blessing, 1x Solar Protection

Secret Map Exchange

Map Exchange NPC's can be found in all major cities in the game. They let you upgrade the rank of your map by exchanging multiple copies of the same rarity. The chance of success depends on how many maps you sacrifice. The outcome is a singular map that has its rank either increased or maintained. Consider this method for Rare Secret Maps at either 50 or 100% rank up rate. Epic Secret Maps require too many copies to be a viable option.


Rift Piece Exchange

Participating in Chaos Gates and killing the elites within them grants you Rift Pieces. These can be exchanged for , , Secret Map Chests at a Rift Piece Exchange NPC found in all major cities. The chests have a weekly roster limit of 1. This limit is separate for tier 1, 2 and 3 versions.

Chest Cost Per Tier

Rarity/TierT1(North Vern)T1(Rohendel)T2(Yorn)T2(Feiton)T3(Punika)
Rare Chest100150250400650
Epic Chest1502253756001000
Legendary Chest25037562510001650


There are several achievements tied with the Chaos Gate and the Secret Maps it provides. If legendary cards is something you seek, consider completing these achievements for them:

  • Kharmine Card - Clear 100 Chaos Gates
  • Sien Card - Share 100 secret maps
  • Luterra Card - Enter 400 secret dungeons
  • Galatur Card - Use the portal in a Legendary Secret Map with no kills


  • Participate in the Chaos Gate event, obtain Rift Pieces and Secret Maps.
  • Form a party to rotate your Secret Maps with each other for more rewards.
  • Exchange accumulated Rift Pieces with the Rift Piece Exchange NPC.
  • Exchange multiple copies of secret maps at the Map Exchange NPC to raise their rarity.
  • Complete achievements to gain legendary cards.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Starlast