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Chaos Assault Guide

Last Updated: June 11th 2024

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Event Shop
Chaos Assault Fragments
Honor Shard Pouch (L) Chest
Daily Leapstone Selection Chest
Solar Honing Support Material Chest
Una's Tasks [Daily] +1 (Instant Use)
Pirate Coin Chest
Silver Chest
Madame Moko's Creation Fragment Chest
Legendary Card Selection Chest
and more!

Quest Location

You can start the event quest The Twisted Chaos Chasm by talking to the researcher in front of the castle. Follow the quest to unlock Chaos Assault. All rewards are evenly distributed regardless of item level.

Chaos Assault (Part 1 May Update)

Chaos Assault is a daily activity that is very similar to your daily Chaos Dungeons. You can obtain "Chaos Crystals" from the dungeon until you reach 100% from the UI below (it will reset 6 AM server time). These materials can be traded in for a plethora of rewards from the shop. There's also a small chance for a Wishful Ember! These Distorted Chaos Rifts will open in Mount Zagoras.

Sword Statue

What to do?

Once inside, you can destroy the sword statue in the picture on the left. This will grant you a buff that will greatly speed up your clear! Using the Dominion Set could also speed up your clear. There are also different brackets depending on your item level.

You can do it on multiple characters, but once you fill up the gauge to 100%, you will have to wait for the daily reset to get drops.

Chaos Assault (Part 2 June Update)

Kaishuter was once an Argos tier boss who is back for revenge in this new event raid. Team up and defeat him for rewards! Players will need to head over to Mount Zagoras for the event quest. Like the first event, head over to Mount Zagoras during the event period to enter the "Fortress of Chaos" to defeat Kaishuter!


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