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General Chaos Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: March 3rd 2024

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Chaos Dungeons become available shortly after reaching level 50. Together with Guardian Raids and Una's Tasks they are some of the most important objectives to complete daily. It's a place to test your skills against a never ending horde of monsters, elites and bosses, all while being handsomely rewarded for it!

Chaos Dungeon Overview

Chaos Dungeon Window

After reaching level 50, unlock the Chaos Dungeons by following the Main Quest in Vern Castle. Interact with the Chaos Dungeon entrance to access the window above.

1. Rest Bonus

At the daily reset, every skipped Chaos Dungeon adds 10 points to your Rest Bonus bar. You can accumulate up to 100 points, and every 20 grants you bonus loot for 1 Chaos Dungeon run.
Only utilize this feature if you lack time to complete this task daily. The best strategy in that regard is to skip Chaos Dungeons for 2 days, accumulate 40 Rest Bonus and get double rewards on day 3, only loosing out on 1 day worth of loot in the process. Otherwise clear them daily for maximum profit!

2. Continent Selection

Starting from North Vern, each consecutive major continent hosts multiple levels of Chaos Dungeon entries. With each new continent you unlock, you'll be able to face stronger opponents, gain more and better rewards.

3. Level Selection

Here you select the level you are eligible to enter based on your item level. Always pick the highest level accessible to you as it provides you with the best rewards.

4. Tier

Indicates the Tier of the gear and/or upgrade materials the selected Chaos Dungeon can drop.

5. Expected Rewards

Displays the possible rewards. Finding a Cube Ticket or an expensive Engraving Recipe here is always a welcome sight! Item rarity is based on the difficulty level of the Chaos Dungeon you're attempting.
Rewards include items like:

  • Silver
  • Shards
  • Full Chaos Dungeon Gear Set (Only in early Tiers)
  • Accessories
  • Cube Ticket
  • Engraving Recipe
  • Gems
  • Ability Stone
  • Leapstones
  • Refined Obliteration Stone (Bound)
  • Refined Protection Stone (Bound)
  • Radiant Hero Bracelet

6. Restrictions

The only restrictions for Chaos Dungeons are: your minimum achieved item level and a 5 minute time limit per stage.

7. Aura of Resonance

At daily reset time you are given 100 Aura of Resonance, which is enough for 2 entries per day. Each entry consumes 50 Aura and provides you with full rewards. If done without Aura, monster kills provide exchangeable tokens instead. More on this is covered down below under Endless Chaos Dungeons.

8. Matchmaking

There are 3 ways to enter a Chaos Dungeon:

  • "Enter" immediately starts the Dungeon for you and your current party.
  • "Matchmaking" places you in a queue and attempts to find 3 teammates to create a party and enter Dungeon.
  • "Find a Party" opens a new window which displays "Looking for Member"(LFM) posts for the selected content. You can either request to join or make your own LFM post.

Note that Chaos Dungeons are commonly considered to be a solo activity, therefore using the Enter option is often the best choice. Monster HP scales with party size and they are easier to group up and kill alone.

Chaos Dungeon Gameplay

Portal to floor 2

Chaos Dungeons have 3 different floors, with a 5 minute time limit to complete each of them. Killing monsters fills a progress bar, which at ~18% spawns a portal to the 2nd floor. A portal to the 3rd and last floor opens upon killing the Boss. At 100% your run is finished and you are given completion rewards.

  • Rewards don't change based on clear speed, so take your time to do it safely!
  • You can use Phoenix Plume if you die, to respawn on the spot. Or you can choose to respawn at the nearest checkpoint.
  • To heal up, use Regular Healing Potions instead of Potions that recover your life instantly, as these are best reserved for Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons.
  • Always focus on the elite monsters first, since they give more progress upon kill and speed up the entire run.
  • After killing the 2nd floor boss, proceed to the next floor immediately, as staying behind and killing extra monsters will increase your progress bar and reduce the amount you can clear on floor 3.

Elite & Rift Core Buffs

Making use of the buffs is a big part of clearing Chaos Dungeons quickly. Use your AoE skills to kill big monster packs and refresh your cooldowns by killing Elites. You don't have to be conservative with your Awakening skill because of this.

  • Walking over blue wind spheres grants you 40% increased Movement Speed and increased Health and Resource Recovery Rate.
  • Elite kills grant a buff that Refreshes the Cooldown of cast skills by 40% (including Awakening) and grants 200% increased Energy Recovery Rate.
  • Killing the 2nd floor boss refreshes all of your Cooldowns fully.
  • Destroying Rift Cores grants a buff, increasing Attack Speed by 40% and Reducing Cooldown of skills by 40%.

For optimal and efficient Chaos Dungeon clears, check out our Build Guides!

Fate Ember

While killing any monsters, you have a chance to get a Fate Ember drop. Upon picking it up, you receive one of the rewards listed below. Higher item level Chaos Dungeons drop higher quality/quantity of the rewards.
Possible Rewards:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Legendary Card Selection Pack
  • Legendary Card Pack
  • Happiness Epic Card Pack (Select)
  • XP Card
  • Destined Honing Materials Chest (S), Destined Honing Materials Chest (M) or Destined Honing Materials Chest (L)

Endless Chaos Dungeon

Chaos Dungeons can be repeated without Aura of Resonance, but most of the rewards become unattainable. Instead you are given Perception Shards and Disorder Crystals for monster kills. These tokens can be exchanged at Magick Scholar Jeneca near the Chaos Dungeon entrance for various upgrade materials and accessories that have a weekly purchase limit.

The most efficient way is to clear floor 1&2 and leave the dungeon from the top left of your screen, re-enter it and repeat this process until you're satisfied with the farmed amount of materials.
Note that items like Accessories and Harmony Leap Stones can still be dropped, but with greatly reduced chance.


  • Chaos Dungeons unlock shortly after reaching level 50.
  • Each day you are given 100 Aura of Resonance, which is enough for 2 entries per day with full rewards. You can continue doing them endless without Aura, but with diminished rewards.
  • Skipped Chaos Dungeons add 10 points to your Rest Bonus bar. You can accumulate up to 100 points and every 20 points accumulated grants you bonus loot for 1 Chaos Dungeon run.
  • Don't use Feathers of Resurrection if you die, as you are allowed to freely respawn at the nearest checkpoint.
  • To heal up use Regular Healing Potions instead of Potions that recover your life instantly, as these are best reserved for Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons.
  • Cooldown buffs from killing Elites, Bosses and Rift Cores work on all skills, including Awakenings.
  • Monster HP scales with party size, consider soloing if you prefer an easier time.


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