Gear Progression Guide


Gear Progression in Lost Ark is divided into exact item level thresholds. Characters have to reach these thresholds to become eligible for advancement to further continents and item tiers. This article showcases the path of progression through each item level threshold.

Tier Progression

Item Level 1370 - 1415 Efficient Upgrading Path

Various paths can be utilized to reach item level 1415, but not all of them are equal in material consumption and power gain. Outlined here are 3 ways to reach this goal and the cost in doing so based on average honing chance with no additional materials used.

Note that while reaching Legion Raid: Valtan[Normal] more quickly with a cheaper method is acceptable, further content will require all pieces to be honed equally.

1400 Breakpoint

The cheapest way to reach item level 1400 is:

  • Weapon +10, Gloves +16, Shoulders +11, Helm +11, Chest +11, Pants +11

1415 Breakpoint

A comparison between different paths one can take to reach item level 1415:

  1. Weapon +15, Gloves +15, Shoulders +15, Helm +15, Chest +15, Pants +15
  2. Weapon +11, Gloves +17, Shoulders +17, Helm +17, Chest +8,  Pants +8 ㅤ
  3. Weapon +11, Gloves +17, Shoulders +17, Helm +13, Chest +12, Pants +12 (Cheapest)

Note: Using aditional upgrade materials suggested by our Upgrade Calculator based on auction house pricing can reduce this cost further.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always complete the highest accessible Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids to not fall behind in progression.
  • To transition into higher tier content, all your gear has to have an average upgrade of +15. This process can be made cheaper in Tier 1 and 2 by keeping your weapon at lower levels (+13 or 14), while upgrading your armor pieces to +16 to offset the difference.
  • If your progression is exceedingly quick, save Silver by not transferring your gear into epic or legendary sets and stay with your Chaos Dungeon set until you can proceed to the next tier.


  • Reach the required item thresholds to unlock new tiers.
  • Upgrade efficiently to item levels 1400 and 1415 to save Gold and resources.
  • Unlock new continents and their features by finishing theirGuide Quests and Main Story.
  • Transfer into powerful Abyssal Dungeon and Abyss Raid sets for more damage and survivability.
  • Complete the highest level Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids each day.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Lexyu


May 19th 2022
Article updated for Legion Raid: Valtan Added 1370-1415 Efficient Upgrading Path

Mar 10th 2022
Article updated for Abyssal Raid: Argos