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Akkan Gate 1 Legion Raid Guide

Last Updated: February 29th 2024

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In this Gate, you will need to manage several debuff stacks that will cause death. Keep yourself clean and dodge important boss mechanics.

Normal Mode: 1580+
Hard Mode: 1600+
Type: Demon
Weakness: None

GoldMaterialBox MaterialBox CostAuction MaterialFirst Clear
Gate 115003390020
Gate 22000331100
Gate 340005515005
Gate 1175077120020
Gate 22500771400
Gate 3575088190010

The recommended Combat Items include, but are not limited to:

  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Sacred Charm
  • Panacea
  • Purify

Disclaimer: In this guide, we will only focus on the important core & general patterns of the boss.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

Learn about the Akkan Gates: 2 / 3

Main Mechanics Overview

  • x140 HP - 8 Tumor Orbs/Spear
  • x128 HP - Cleanse Yellow
  • x112 HP - Orb Grab
  • Time Attack
  • Evacuation
  • x75 HP - Stop Mobs
  • x50 HP - Inanna Phase
  • x20 HP - Remove Shield/Bells
  • Final Fight

Once you have read through the detailed description of the main patterns, use the “cheat sheet” during the raid, or check out our condensed Cheat Sheet Collection for all Legion Raids on one page.


Raid Mechanics

Raid mechanics cover the passive mechanics that are persistent through the entire raid.

Tumor Debuff

The Tumor Debuff appears after the first mechanic. Players will either be black or green turmor. If a player with opposite colors touch, they will get a stack.

Stack effects:

  1. Healing Reduction 50%
  2. Bleed Damage at 10 stacks

What To Do

  1. Try to not to touch each other when possible.
  2. Use Panacea, Sacred Charm, and Purify.

After Evacuation Phase, you can get knocked off the arena. When knocked off, you will be in a Drowning state.

What To Do

  1. Spam Spacebar minigame to increase blue bar.
  2. When it's purple, clip the yellow bar at the top of the blue bar you filled.
  3. This will get increasingly harder the more times you Drown.

Drowning Bar

Purple Bar Clip

Drown Debuff

Main Mechanics

Main mechanics occur at certain HP intervals or Phases.

x140 8 Tumor Orbs/Spear
x128 Cleanse Yellow
x112 Orb Grab
Time Attack
x75 Stop Mobs
x50 Inanna Stagger
x20 Shield/Bells
Final Fight


  1. Boss jumps to center and summons 4 green orbs and 4 black orbs.
  2. Shortly after, the boss will drop spears that will be safe zones.

What To Do

  1. Get into clock positions (x3, x3+1)
  2. Break Orb to get your Tumor Debuff.
  3. Spears will be summoned shortly after.
  4. Touch the spear when the boss jumps back down. (safezones).
  5. The spears does % HP damage, so be careful if you touch it early.


  1. Boss will emit a green explosion with a stagger bar.
  2. During this period, you will get a green debuff that will turn into a yellow debuff.
  3. Yellow debuff = Less Stagger
  4. When the yellow debuff is cleansed it will turn red.
  5. Red debuff = More Stagger.

What To Do

  1. Wait for the green debuff to turn yellow.
  2. Stick together and cleanse yellow debuff.
  3. Stagger with red debuff.

Green Debuff


Yellow Debuff


Red Debuff



  1. Boss will jump and spawn a green or black orb.

What To Do

  1. Break the Orb with the correct tumor debuff. (Black orb only gets killed by Black Tumor person).
  2. The boss will grab at the location of the orb. Make sure that person being grabbed is the same color as the orb.
  3. Stagger the boss.
  4. Small Orbs will spawn around the map. Destroy Orbs that match your color with Auto Attacks.
    • Destroying 3 incorrect orbs will kill you.
    • Every Orb that touches the Boss will grant him more HP for the next phase.

Hard Mode: 4 orbs will spawn with 1 being a different color. The different orb will be the grab spot.


  1. Boss cutscene will bring you to another arena.
  2. A 1 min timer will appear in the top left.

What To Do

  1. You will need to bring the Boss down to 90x HP before the timer runs out.
  2. After the cutscene, use Thirain.
    • Innana can work too to help the fight/cleanse.
  3. Stick close to the boss, as raid patterns can be hidden with the water.


  1. The area will flood and a cutscene appears after 90x HP.

What To Do

  1. Avoid touching Tumor debuffs when running through the map.
  2. First player who reaches the crossroad will need to point out the correct path.
  3. The incorrect path will be marked with debris/dust dropping on top of the stairs.
    • In normal mode, there will be a barricade in the wrong path you can destroy instead of a dead end.
  4. When you finally reach the top, before using the G Key interact, wait till the water covers the last remaining stairs to avoid bad patterns from the boss.
    • Jumping too early will cause bad boss patterns.

Hard Mode: wrong path = death.


  1. Boss will summon 2 spears, a large mob, and several small mobs.

What To Do

  1. Kill the large mob.
  2. Help with killing small mobs as well, they will stun you after a while.
  3. When a black fog comes out from the boss, touch the spear for the safe zone.

Hard Mode: 2 large mobs will need to be killed.


  1. Boss will jump to center and create a stagger bar.

What To Do

  1. When the boss stands up use Innana.
    • This will prompt a special interaction and will make this a free DPS phase.
    • Not using Innana will make doing the stagger much harder. As you will need to avoid his patterns while staggering (there is a counter at the end as well if you do not Innana).


  1. Boss will turn into a cacoon and emit a green puddle.
  2. Standing inside the green puddle will give you debuff stacks.
    • At 10x stacks, you will likely die.

What To Do

  1. You will need to bring down his shield to make the next phase easier.
  2. Killing 3 small bugs will grant you an addtional shield damage buff.
  3. Dodge small and large circles that spawn. (large circles hurt)
  4. When the bell rings, the boss will get a shield that you will need to break.
    • Get into the green puddle and DPS the boss.
    • When you have around 7x stacks, step out and wait for the debuff to cleanse.
    • repeat the process.


  1. Boss will queue the final cutscene for the last fight.
  2. No more main mechanics, but pay attention to the patterns to avoid death.

New Patterns

  1. Green Aura: The aura around the boss lowers movement speed & stagger.
  2. Imprison: A player will be imprisoned and after freeing them, others around will be imprisoned as well.
  3. Counter Attack: The boss flies up and spawns circles. When he lands he can be Countered.

Notable Patterns

Jump AoE
Counter Thrash
Counter Jump
Tentacle Pull/Explosion


  1. Boss will charge forward with his spears to grab.
  2. If he does not grab he will swing backwards and slams.


  1. Boss will step back and spear.
  2. If grabbed, he will laser the player.
  3. No grab = hits behind him.


  1. Boss pokes forward after a long yellow telegraph.
  2. If grabbed = boss throws player + 270 degree slash.
  3. No Grab = slash backwards


  1. Boss jumps to a spot.
  2. If he hits a player he will throw that player and AoE around him.
  3. If not, he will Jump again and AoE.


  1. Boss spawns a yellow telegraph around him.
  2. He will grab and hold onto the player for a while. Stay inside.


  1. Boss thrashes around him several times.
  2. He will then do a final slam that can be countered.
  3. If players are hit too much by the thrash you won't be able to counter.


  1. Boss jumps 3-4 times and then slams the front.
  2. Counter before the slam.


  1. Boss swings up and blows player away if hit.
  2. If not, swings the back.


  1. Tentacle spawns in the front of the boss.
  2. If grabbed, players will the tossed and an AoE will spawn around him.


  1. Boss will spin in several directions and finish with an AoE.
  2. Stick close.


Written by Starlast

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