Brelshaza Gate 1 Legion Raid Guide


Brelshaza Gate 1 focuses on your party's synergy. Especially, the proper distribution of classes with Weak Point and Stagger affix are very crucial. On top of that, make sure that each player in raid has a Skill slotted with the Counter Attack affix. This increases the chance of surviving the x45 HP Counter Attack Mechanic.

The recommended Combat Items include, but are not limited to:

Party 1

  • HP Potion of your choice
  • Panacea
  • Whirlwind Grenade
  • Destruction Bomb

Party 2

  • HP Potion of your choice
  • Panacea
  • Whirlwind Grenade for classes with low stagger damage, Frost Grenade or Flash Grenade
  • Sleep Bomb

Disclaimer: In this guide, we will only focus on the important core & general patterns of the boss. Basic attacks of Gate 3 which are easy to predict or deal low damage, won't be explained in detail.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

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Main Mechanics Overview

  • Phase 1 - Statues & Dogs
  • Phase 2 - Hammer & Bow Split
  • Phase 3 - Hammer & Bow Merge
  • x85 HP - Safe zones
  • x45 HP - 6 Counter Attacks

Once you have read through the detailed description of the main patterns, use the “cheat sheet” during the raid, or check out our condensed Cheat Sheet Collection for all Legion Raids on one page.


Phase 1

Statues & Dogs


  • Stagger Check Statue
  • Kill 25 mobs to break Dog's shield


  • Kite the Orb spawned by the Statue
  • Weak Point Damage breaks Dog's shield


  • Stagger Statue at 3 or 4 Debuff Stacks
  • Use multi hit skills to break Dog's shield


  • Use CC to interrupt Statue's Blind Debuff
  • Stagger Damage breaks Dog's shield

Phase 2

Hammer & Bow Split

Use Thirain once both Bosses are aligned.

Try to kill both bosses at the same time.


Safe zones

Go to your assigned position

Occupy the safe zones as soon as they spawn.


6 Counters

Use Azena once mobs appear on Minimap.

Counter 6 times

Raid Mechanics

Raid mechanics cover the passive mechanics that are persistent through the entire raid.

Sidereal - Thirain



  • Thirain is the Sidereal used for high normal and Weak Point Damage.

When To Use (Does not include all possible situations)

  • Phase 2 after aligning Hammer & Bow Bosses
Sidereal - Azena

Innana: CTRL+X


  • Using Azena, summons Damage dealing spears on every monster.

When To Use

  • During 6 Counters pattern

Main Mechanics

Main mechanics occur at certain HP intervals or Phases.

Phase 1


  1. Get the proper Combat Items as mentioned above.
  2. Put classes with higher or more Weak Point Damage skills into Party 1.
  3. Put classes with higher Stagger Damage into Party 2.


  1. Each party will be split into random groups of 2 Players each.
  2. The pairs spawn in a room with one unique Statue & Dog.
  3. To proceed to the next Phase, each pair needs to kill the big dog in their room.
  4. Party 1 pairs are teleported into either Sadness or Despair room. Party 2 pairs are teleported into either Anger or Corrosion room.

What To Do

Avoid or interrupt the Statue mechanic, while destroying the dog's shield first before killing it.

Statue Mechanic
  • Statue: Succeed the occasionally appearing Stagger check. Failing it, fears the entire raid.
  • Dog's Shield: It can be destroyed by killing 25 small dogs.

Footage will be added soon.

Phase 2


  1. Upon clearing Phase 1, the raid splits into 2 parties.
  2. Each party faces a different boss, which is either the Hammer or the Bow boss.
  3. To proceed to the next Phase, you need to kill both bosses at the same time. If it takes too long to kill the second boss after killing one, the first one revives with a small amount of HP.

What To Do

  1. Line up both bosses at the center, as showcased in the image above.
  2. Use Sidereal: Thirain to hit both bosses to deal damage and break their armor.
  3. Stop dealing damage if needed, to synchronize the kills.
Phase 2
Brelshaza G1 Phase
Phase 3


  1. Occurs once both bosses in Phase 2 are killed.
  2. The wall in the center disappears and 2 bosses merge together into one.


  1. Starting from here, the next Main Mechanics trigger based on the merged boss's HP.
x85 Safe zones


  1. Occurs at x85 HP.
  2. The boss teleports to the center of the arena and summons safe zones around the cardinal directions (N, E, S and W).


  1. Safe spots appear in pairs around specific cardinal directions and summon 2 new spots once the previous ones are occupied by a player.
  2. The order of appearance is: (N+S) > (E+W) > (N+S) > (E+W)
  3. If a safe spot remains unoccupied for too long, it can wipe an entire party.

What To Do

  1. Go to your assigned positions as soon as the boss jumps to the center.
  2. At each cardinal direction, there should be 1 member of each party.
  3. The first time a safe spot appears around a specific cardinal direction, a member of Party 1 should step in.
  4. Once the first 4 safe spots are occupied by Party 1 players, Party 2 players can start to occupy a safe spot once one appears close to their assigned spots.
Safe Zones
x45 Counters


  1. Occurs at x45 HP.
  2. The boss teleports to the center of the arena and summons an Elite Monster at each cardinal direction.


  1. Boss starts to use multiple Counterable attacks 6 times in succession. After each attack, the boss rotates towards a random direction.
  2. Successful counters reduce the Skill Cooldown of all players, but also summons 3 lightning strikes on the player who managed to counter the boss.
  3. Failing a counter deals high damage to everyone in the raid. Two failed counters lead to a raid wipe.

What To Do

  1. Go to your assigned positions as soon as the boss jumps to the center.
  2. Use Sidereal: Azena to kill the summoned Elite Monsters.
    • Optional: Sidereal: Balthorr can also be used instead, which will help to massively reduce the damage taken upon failing the Counter.
  3. Party 1 players should stay on the left, and the Party 2 players on the right side of the boss.
  4. Use a Counter skill once the hammer is above the boss's head. Upon successful Counter, move away from other players to avoid dealing damage to them with the lightning strikes.

Notable Patterns

Moving Tiles


  1. Highlighted floor tiles appear periodically and move in specific patterns through the entire battlefield.

What To Do

  1. Pay attention to glowing and moving tiles and try to predict the pattern.
  2. Once it gets close to you, move to a safe position based on the tile's moving pattern. Otherwise, it deals damage and knocks you up, if it appears below you.


  1. Occasionally, on random floor tiles, with red and blue lightning effect appears.


  1. Standing on it summons, after a short delay, either in cardinal or ordinal direction moving tiles.
  2. If the lightning effects remain on the floor too long, without getting triggered, it turns into a purple puddle.
  3. Purple puddle deals insane damage on players touching it. This can kill squishy classes within seconds.

What To Do

  1. If you spot a tile affected by the red or blue lightning effect, stand briefly on it to trigger the moving tiles.
  2. If you spot a purple puddle, warn everyone with a ping and stay away from it until it disappears.
Continuous Spin


  1. The boss remains stationary and starts to spin clockwise while shooting projectiles from the tip of his hammer and bow.
  2. At the end of the spin movement, after a short delay, the boss uses a swipe attack.

What To Do

  1. Stay close to the boss and rotate with him while dealing damage.
  2. To avoid the swipe attack, stay on the left side of the hammer.
Spin & Rain


  1. The boss thrusts the tip of the spear into the ground.
  2. The boss performs a spin attack.
  3. After a brief delay, the boss shoots arrows into the sky. The arrows rain down on random players.

What To Do

  1. Avoid the spin attack by staying close to the boss.
  2. Spread out and keep moving to dodge the arrow rain, if you are one of the targeted players.
180° Spin


  1. The boss uses a 180° spin attack, which briefly pushes away nearby players.
  2. After the initial spin attack, the boss shoots multiple arrows with the bow and a shock wave with the hammer, towards the front.

What To Do

  1. Move too the sides of the boss after the spin attack.
Backwards Jump


  1. The boss thrusts the spear in front of him, which sends out small lasers towards multiple directions.
  2. Boss jumps backwards while throwing the spear towards a random player.

What To Do

  1. Prepare to dodge the spear throw attack, as soon as you see the initial spear thrust movement. The spear throw deals high damage on hit!
Counterable Charge


  1. The boss glows blue for a few seconds before using a charge move followed by 3 hammer strikes.

What To Do

  1. Use Counter skill to interrupt the skill and stagger the boss for a few seconds.
Brelshaza G1

Notable Patterns 2

Leap Attack


  1. The boss leaps with the hammer towards a direction and hits the ground with it.
  2. After a brief delay, an explosion occurs around the hammer impact area.

What To Do

  1. Wait until the explosion occurs before moving too close to the boss.
Brelshaza Leap Attack
Flower Shot


  1. The boss aims towards the sky and shoots multiple arrows.
  2. Arrows rain down 5 times in a flower shape, expanding outwards.
  3. Four big arrows land around the boss after the last hit of the flower shaped arrow rain.

What To Do

  1. Dodge the flower shaped rain by standing between the “petals”.
  2. To avoid the big arrow, either move away from the boss or move to the spot where the first of the 5 flower shot arrows hit the ground.
Portal Snipe


  1. The boss opens a portal in front of his bow and aims an arrow towards it.
  2. After a short delay, small portals appear close to each player with a laser pointing towards them.
  3. The boss shoots the arrow into the portal, which reappears out of the mini portals.


  1. Once you see the lasers coming out of the mini portals, move away from those.


Written by Perciculum
Reviewed by Starlast