Brelshaza Gate 2 Legion Raid Guide

Last Updated: September 23rd 2023

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Brelshaza Gate 2 focuses on your ability to resolve and recognize the correct mechanics quickly. Keeping track of your positional requirements and understanding which version of a particular attack you're facing will be crucial in this gate.

The recommended Combat Items include, but are not limited to:

  • HP Potion of your choice
  • Swiftness Robe or Marching Flag (If low movement speed)
  • Whirlwind Grenade for classes with low stagger damage
  • Dark Grenade on supports or dps with high stagger
  • Time Stop Potion

Disclaimer: In this guide, we will only focus on the important core & general patterns of the boss. Basic attacks of Gate 2 which are easy to predict or deal low damage, won't be explained in detail.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

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Main Mechanics Overview

  • x145 HP - Meteors+Typing+Stagger
  • x100 HP - Medusa+Stagger
  • x43 HP - Shapes (Star, Square & Diamond)
  • x0 HP - Red & Blue marks

Once you have read through the detailed description of the main patterns, use the “cheat sheet” during the raid, or check out our condensed Cheat Sheet Collection for all Legion Raids on one page.


Hard Mode Changes

Raid Mechanics

Raid mechanics cover the passive mechanics that are persistent through the entire raid.

Sidereal - Wei
Sidereal - Innana
Sidereal - Nineveh
Counter Pattern



  • Wei is the Sidereal used for Stagger Damage.

When To Use (Does not include all possible situations)

  • Meteors (After typing mechanic)
  • Medusa+Stagger

Main Mechanics

Main mechanics occur at certain HP intervals.

Red & Blue Spears
Meteor positioning


  1. Occurs at or near x145 HP.
  2. The Boss disappears and reappears in the center of the map. She is surrounded in a blue space circle with diamonds spinning around her.


  1. 8 Meteors will fall in set positions on the map. (Party1 = x3, Party2 = x3+1).
  2. All players must step on the fallen meteors, which initiates a typing mechanic that they need to complete. (Not clearing a meteor will result in raid wide damage).
  3. The Boss will start a Stagger Check shortly after.
  4. Failure to Stagger the Boss will result in a wipe.

What To Do

  1. Once the boss teleports to the center, check your party number and go to your position.
  2. Step on your meteor, finish the typing test.
  3. Go to the center and Stagger the Boss. Use your best stagger skills or Whirlwind Grenades to break it quickly.

Counter Patterns

Counter #1
Counter #2
Counter #3
Counter #4
Counter #5


  1. Teleports and spawns scythes in a square pattern followed by horizontal lines.
  2. These scythes will shoot outwards and come back to the same position they started shortly after.
  3. Counter is possible after horizontal scythes have returned to their starting position.


  1. The boss will perform a frontal attack that can easily be dodged if not countered.

Notable Patterns

Star or Pentagon
In/Out & Out/In
Spiral Petals


  1. The arena gets darkened.
  2. A shape appears on top of the boss.

What To Do

  1. Look at the boss and check the shape she is showing: Star or Pentagon.
  2. Star & Pentagon shapes will spawn left and right of her.
  3. Go near the shape she is showing to aggro it and kite it on top of the boss.
  4. Consume the opposite shape immediately by running over it.
  5. 4 safe spots in yellow color will appear at x3+1 positions.
  6. Each party goes to their correct position, you'll end up as pairs in the safe spots.
  7. If done correctly, everyone will get a shield that absorbs the raid wide damage.
  8. If only one player is inside the safe area, he will die unless he uses a Time Stop Potion after receiving the 1st tick of raid aoe damage.

Notable Patterns 2

Leap Attack
4 Orb Explosions
Drawing Shapes


  1. The boss marks a location on the ground. Shortly after, she jumps to this spot.

What To Do

  1. Right as she jumps, make sure to follow her and stay close.
  2. A large explosion will occur around her landing position.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Perciculum

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