Akkan Gate 3 Legion Raid Guide

Last Updated: August 16th 2023

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Just like in gate 2 you need to manage your Disease Meter while completing a few team oriented mechanics. This gate introduces an Underground area that is utilized for keeping the main arena clean from disease patches.

Normal Mode: 1580+
Hard Mode: 1600+
Type: Demon
Extra Stage type: Undead
Weakness: None

The recommended Combat Items include, but are not limited to:

  • HP Potion of your choice
  • Sacred Charm or Sacred Bomb
  • Destruction Bomb or Dark Grenade
  • Time Stop Potion or Atropine Potion

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

Learn about the Akkan Gates: 1 / 2

Main Mechanics Overview

Regular Fight

  • x200 HP - X Stagger
  • x165 HP - Line Delivery & Stagger
  • x140 HP - Star or Hexagon
  • x139 HP - x31 HP - Random Party Gimmicks
  • x30 HP - Arena break
  • x0 HP - Destruction

Hard Mode Extra Phase

  • x300 HP - Extra Phase Begins
  • x235 HP - Akkan Smash 1
  • x200 HP - Water Park
  • x135 HP - Akkan Smash 2

Once you have read through the detailed description of the main patterns, use the “cheat sheet” during the raid, or check out our condensed Cheat Sheet Collection for all Legion Raids on one page.


Raid Mechanics

Raid mechanics cover the passive mechanics that are persistent through the entire raid.

Disease Meter

The Disease Meter below the player fills up upon getting hit by Akkan's patterns or during specific mechanics. Every time it fills up to maximum, it fears the player and adds a permanent debuff. This debuff can stack up to 5 times. Each stack adds another harmful effect.

Stack effects:

  1. Permanent low Poison damage based on player's max HP.
  2. Increases the poison damage.
  3. A poison aura appears around the player, which fills up the Disease Meter of nearby players.
  4. A poison aura appears around the player, which fills up the Disease Meter of nearby players.
  5. Player gets charmed and attacks other players. After a short duration, the player explodes and kills nearby players.


  1. To liberate feared players, use cleanse skills or Sacred Charm/Sacred Bomb.
    A well-timed Awakening or dodge can negate the fear effect.
  2. If you get the third or fourth stack, don't stand too close to other players.
  3. In order to survive the exploding of the fifth stack, either utilize a Time Stop Potion or move away from the affected player.
Empty Meter

Full Meter

Main Mechanics

Main mechanics occur at certain HP intervals.

x200 X Stagger
x165 Line Delivery & Stagger
x140 Star or Hexagon
x139-31 Random Party Gimmicks
x30 Arena break / x0 Destruction

Players - Intercept orange lasers, stagger Akkan


  1. Occurs at or near x200 bars.
  2. Akkan teleports to the center and summons a poison aura around him.
  3. Four towers spawn that shoot an orange laser at Akkan forming an X shape.
  4. A stagger bar appears below the boss.


  1. Players should spread out in x3+1 positions.
  2. Stand in front of the laser to break the link between the tower and Akkan.
  3. If all four links are severed, Akkan can be inflicted with stagger damage.
  4. The stagger bar will not decrease if even one of the links is active.
  5. The player who is severing the link will gain a slowly stacking debuff that increases the damage they take from the laser.
  6. If the damage you receive becomes too large, swap with your teammate to remove your debuff stacks.
  7. Dangerous attacks marked with red telegraphs will periodically spawn and try to interrupt the process.
  8. Anyone hit by them will instantly die, so it is important to avoid them first and then proceed with the stagger.
  9. Hard Mode only: Additional large scythe paths are created, that spawn with a delay of a few seconds.

Hard Mode Extra Phase

x300 Extra Phase Begins
x235 / x135 Akkan Smash
x200 Water Park
Random Patterns


  1. After a short cutscene, players are teleported to a squared arena with a Giant Akkan at the end of it.

General extra phase information

  1. Players can be pushed off all ledges, they fall in the water if they do and have to perform a minigame just like in Akkan Gate 1. However, getting pushed off the front where Akkan is located will result in an instant death.
  2. Akkan has a hidden stagger bar, successfully staggering him results in a destruction check that provides a damage boost for all players. 50% for 1st and 2nd destruction and 100% damage increase for the 3rd.
  3. Safe spots for the majority of the fight are on the side where his hand is touching the ground, or the corner that he is holding with his arm when switching the sides of the arena.
  4. Just like in the first part of Gate 3, dead players will occasionally be resurrected and fight against you.
  5. Back attack is the backside of his hand, front attack is in the front of it.

Notable Patterns

Scythe Throw
Front, Front, Back+Sides
Out & In
Melee & Ranged Earthquake
Circle + Lines


  1. Akkan holds his scythe behind him and glows blue.


Counter 1

  1. Akkan steps backwards while surrounded by a green fog.
  2. On a failed counter, step away from the front of the boss.
  3. He will dash forwards quickly and slice knockup players in his path.

Counter 2

  1. Akkan places his scythe sideways behind his back and starts charging it.
  2. On a failed counter, step away from the front of the boss.
  3. Akkan moves forward while spinning and shooting out green skulls from his front.
  4. Stay on his backside and follow him.

Counter 3

  1. Akkan places his scythe behind him and stabs the ground while charging it.
  2. On a failed counter, step away from the front of the boss.
  3. Akkan will move forwards, perform an uppercut whirlwind and fly up in the air.
  4. Skulls will rain down on the floor and Akkan will slam the ground, showing a red telegraph.

Notable Patterns 2

Rotating Laser
Laser Burst(Resurrect)
Big Scythe
Cross & X
4 Swipes


  1. Akkan spins his scythe quickly and surrounds himself in a green tornado.


  1. Stay close to the boss to avoid taking damage.
  2. If you're on the outside, careful of the big scythe spinning around the tornado.


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