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Hall of the Twisted Warlord Abyssal Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: May 16th 2023

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Hall of the Twisted Warlord is the third TIER 1 Abyssal Dungeon and you need to be at least 460 Item Level to enter this Abyssal Dungeon. This dungeon drops Tier 1 Accessories, Ability Stones, Engraving Books, Cards and materials to craft the Sets Enraged Nature Launcher and Boisterous Elemental Launcher. After clearing the dungeon, you can pay gold to get additional loot. The recommended Combat Items are HP Potion, Splendid Whirlwind Grenade and Time Stop Potion.

Similar to the previous abyssal dungeons, this one requires a lot of teamwork to prevent wipes. To ramp up the difficulty, an additional factor called "timing" is introduced. Teamwork without perfekt timing drains your Combat Items, time and  resources making this much more difficult to complete.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

First Boss: Phantom Legion Rook & Bishop

During the first boss encounter in Hall of the Twisted Warlord you have to fight against two bosses simultaneously. Most of the time they do their attacks independently of each other but there is a wipe mechanic where the Rook and the Bishop synchronize. This particular mechanic requires solid teamwork to prevent a wipe.

Both bosses need to be killed at the same time or the remaining boss will enrage. While enraged they get a massive damage buff and inherit some attacks from the dead counterpart. Slow down or stop damage on the boss with the lowest HP if there is a large difference between the two. Usually you have to slow down damage on the Bishop since she has lower HP and is easier to hit than the Rook. If your team is not capable of killing both bosses at the same time then it is better to kill the Rook first and let the Bishop enrage. Enraged rook is harder to beat than the enraged Bishop.

Special Interactions & Patterns



A few minutes after the start of the boss encounter, the Rook & Bishop prepare for a devastating attack. The Bishop remains stationary while the Rook moves to a random spot at the edge of the battleground. At the same time 3 of the 4 players are surrounded by a purple circle. This purple circle deals damage to any nearby players and pushes them back.

After a short while, the Rook fires a big projectile towards the only player not surrounded by a purple circle. The key to prevent a wipe here is to make the projectile hit and interrupt the Bishop in the center. If uninterrupted, the Bishop will one shot and wipe everyone on the battleground.
To increase the chance of success, the 3 players with the purple circle need to run towards the edge of the battleground. This gives the 4th player room to align himself with the Rook at the opposite side and Bishop in the center.

This mechanic is performed a 2nd time towards the end of the battle. To increase the difficulty, Rook summons rock towers around the Bishop. If not destroyed, these towers can block the big projectile shot by Rook and prevent Bishop from getting interrupted. In this case try to destroy the stone towers as soon as they spawn before you get into your positions for the mechanic.

General Patterns

Rook: Punch & Swipe

Rook: Punch & Swipe

A simple punch and swipe combo. Punch staggers on hit while the swipe part of this attack wknocks up the player on hit.

Second Boss: Phantom Legion King

The second boss is the Phantom Legion King. Similar to the Rook & Bishop boss fight, the Illusion King has a wipe mechanic that requires additional focus, perfect timing and cooperation.

This encounter has multiple Stagger checks. If your party lacks classes with Stagger skills, take Combat Items with neutralization so you can succeed.

Special Interactions & Patterns

Illusion Barrier

Illusion Barrier

At the 16th and 6th HP bar, the Legion King teleports to the center of the battleground to channel energy for a wipe mechanic. At the same time he is protected by a purple barrier. To interrupt the boss, you have to use skills and combat items with the Stagger affix.

Shortly after teleporting to the center the boss summons one Illusion sword for each player. If any player touches the chasing illusion sword, it disappears and debuffs every player with as illusion sword debuff. This debuff lasts for 2 seconds and is displayed above your mana or energy bar. This debuff is required to bypass the purple barrier. If you try to interrupt the Illusion King without having the debuff, the entire party will be wiped.
If all that wasn't enough, the party will also be wiped if a player comes in contact with an illusion sword while the debuff is still active.

To sum it up, these are the wipe conditions:

  • Not interrupting the boss fast enough with Stagger related skills and combat items.
  • Touching or collecting an illusion sword while you have the illusion sword debuff active.

The best way to clear this mechanic without a wipe is to pick up or touch the illusion swords in a particular order, using 2 seconds interval before the next player picks up their sword. Watch the debuff displayed above the mana or energy bar, once it disappears the next player needs to take the sword within a second.

The order should be assigned before you start the boss fight. Players with Stagger heavy classes should pick up their illusions sword first and start to attack the boss. To make it even easier everyone should be assigned to one of the cardinal directions and should move to their assigned spot when the boss teleports to the center. Depending on your preassigned number/order, you might need to run away from the chasing sword for a few seconds without touching it. To avoid running into each other, everyone who hasn't picked up their sword, should run clockwise until it is their turn.

If you have multiple Stagger heavy classes like Gunlancer or Artillerist, you might be able to interrupt the boss before the last 2 players have to pick up their illusion swords. In that case you should still try to finish the rotation or run around until the remaining illusion swords despawn. Overlapping the illusion sword debuff will still lead to a wipe even if the boss already has been interrupted.

General Patterns

Sword Swings

Sword Swings

The boss swings his sword up to 3 times to deal low damage and stagger players on hit.

Gameplay Video


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