Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon Guide

Road of Lament Introduction

Road of Lament is the First TIER 2 Abyssal Dungeon and you need to be at least 840 Item Level to enter this Abyssal Dungeon. This dungeon drops Tier 2 Accessories, Ability Stones, Engraving Books, Cards and materials to craft the set Marvelous Earth Bow. After clearing the dungeon, you can pay gold to get additional loot. The recommended Combat Items are HP Potion, Splendid Swift Robe and Time Stop Potion.

This Abyssal dungeon is easier to clear than the previous Abyssal dungeon Hildebrandt Palace. But nevertheless, this Dungeon has it's own cooperation heavy mechanics which can lead to a party wipe.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

First Boss: Najjar

Najjar is a boss with few high damage attacks. Instead, he has a few attacks and patterns which can stun you and make you vulnerable for other incoming attacks. He has 1 mechanic in his arsenal with the potential to one shot if not done correctly.

Special Interactions & Patterns

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This pattern has 2 variants and starts once the boss reaches 8 and 4 HP bars. At the start of this pattern, Najjar runs towards the center creates a safe zone somewhere in the area.

If the safe zone is close to him, move immediately to him. After a short delay, the entire area besides the safe zone will be covered in blood, which deals high damage and can kill you within seconds. Once you managed to reach the safe zone in time, pay attention to the boss's hands and position yourself either in front or behind the boss. Prepare yourself to run either clockwise or counterclockwise because Najjar will shoot lasers out of his hands and rotate in either direction. On hit, they deal massive damage and push you out of the safe zone. This leads to death almost every time if you're hit by the lasers.

If the safe zone is on the outside and not close to the boss, the players will be marked with a crosshair above their heads. Once this happens, run immediately towards the edge of the battle area. After a brief moment, 2 Magnetic Fields drop on each player. These fields need to be placed on the edge because on contact it stuns the player. Shortly afterwards, the boss starts to spin and if everyone placed their Magnetic Fields on the correct spots, there shouldn't be any obstacles in their running path. If you are playing a slow class, you might need to use the Combat Item Splendid Swift Robe. Otherwise, you might not be able to out run the lasers shooting out of the boss's hands.

Be aware if the boss stops mid rotation, this is an indicator for a change of the Carousel spinning direction. So if you have been running clockwise, start running counterclockwise instead.

General Patterns

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Blood Cloud

Magnetic Fields

Blood Wave


Spin Charge


Traveling Orb

Blood Clouds

The boss summons blood clouds at random locations which remain stationary for a while and deal damage to nearby players.

Second Boss: Kaylara

Kaylara has more mobility skills than the previous boss. She has a mechanic that 3 players must do correctly to prevent a team wipe. She also uses an attack that needs to be dodged otherwise it buffs her and makes it harder to stay close to the boss.

Special Interactions & Patterns

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Magic Absorption

Stagger Check

Teleport Stab

Magic Absorption

The boss starts this party wipe mechanic by teleporting to the center and sending out small shockwaves around her in frequent intervals. Once this happens, spread out, the shockwaves deal damage if you get too close to her. Each player needs to take position at 12, 3, 6 and 9 O'clock. Make sure to assign the spots before you enter the boss battle area.

After a short delay, Kaylara shoots multiple red and golden orbs in random direction. Every player needs to get hit by 3 golden orbs while dodging the red ones. For every red one hit, you have to get hit by an additional golden one. Upon getting 3 golden orb stacks, you will be surrounded by a light circle. You need to get the 3 stacks quickly before the boss stops shooting those orbs!

The last part of this mechanic starts once multiple waves of big red orbs spawn at random locations. These orbs start to move towards the boss and can be only destroyed by the light circle surrounding you. Too many orbs reaching the boss leads to a team wipe. If a player didn't manage to get 3 golden orb stacks, he should immediately ping for help and make the other players aware of it. They can rotate to cover 1/3rd instead of 1/4th of the area around the boss. If more than one player fails to obtain the light circle, you won't be able to clear this mechanic.

General Patterns

Select a Pattern


Blood Flares




Kaylara throws her sword, which starts to spin and does a circular rotation before going back to the boss. Additionally, the swords send 3 additional boomerangs in a straight line. This attack deals damage and staggers on hit.


Written by Perciculum
Reviewed by Facefoot