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Ebony Cube Guide

Last Updated: March 9th 2024

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Ebony Cube is an activity that requires you to survive the floors till the end for rewards.

Grab a build here to survive the Cube!

How to Enter

An Entrance Ticket: Ebony Cube [1st Forbiddance] is required to access the Ebony Cube. These drop from your daily Chaos Dungeon entries by killing the 2nd floor boss within them or daily vendors. Different levels of tickets are required for the levels (ie: you cannot use a Level 1 ticket for Level 3). Additionally, you can acquire extra Tickets through the Guild Shop. These weekly chests have a chance of granting you tickets.

Merchant Exchange
Guild Shop

Note that Entrance Ticket: Ebony Cube [1st Forbiddance] can only drop from runs with daily energy!

Level 1 (1302+)Entrance Ticket: Ebony Cube [1st Forbiddance]
Level 2 (1490+)Entrance Ticket: Ebony Cube [2nd Forbiddance]
Level 3 (1540+)Entrance Ticket: Ebony Cube [3rd Forbiddance]
Level 4 (1580+)Entrance Ticket: Ebony Cube [4th Forbiddance]
Level 5 (1610+)Entrance Ticket: Ebony Cube [5th Forbiddance]
Different Tickets Required

Cube Floors

Ebony Cube only has 4 stages, each stage with different mobs.

1st Floor: Lesser MobsKill and AoE them down.
2nd Floor: ElitesGo to the top of the map and AoE them down when they approach.
3rd Floor: Special Could be a Boss, Elite, or Stone. Just AoE them down.
4th Floor: BossAoE Boss. Careful of your HP if you have no support.
Lucky RoomsCould spawn at any floor if you are lucky for extra rewards!

Floor Effects

You are given one random effect per floor. Depending on the effect and floor combination, you may need to alter your playstyle. Plenty of these positive and negative effects can help or break your attempt. They are displayed in the top right corner of your screen, some of which include:

Positive Effects

  • Bonus Attack & Movement Speed
  • Extra Crit Rate
  • Extra Damage
  • Life Leech
  • Max Health Increase
  • Health Regeneration
  • Invincibility
  • Reduced Cooldown of Skills
  • And many more..

Negative Effects

  • Attack Power Reduction
  • Cannot Use Items
  • Kill Curse, death upon timeout
  • Movement Speed Reduction
  • Max Health Reduction
  • Increased Physical & Magical damage taken
  • Increased Skill Cooldown
  • Reduced Vision
  • And many more..

Effects that can be hard to deal with:

  • Increased damage taken - Careful when facing Elites, Bosses and Ranged monsters as they will shred you alive.
  • Kill Curse - Kill everything before the timer runs out or your Cube adventure ends here!
  • Cannot Use Items - Can be detrimental when facing a tough floor as you wont be able to heal with HP Potions.

As for positive effects, all of them are great help, but ones that increase your survivability are the best. Health Regeneration, Invincibility and Life Leech are always a welcomed sight!

Rewards & New Una's

Rewards will range depending on the Cube level:

  • Marvelous Honor Leapstone (Bound)
  • Level 3 Gem Chest
  • Solar Grace (Bound)
  • Soul Leaf
  • Silver
  • Masterpiece #36
  • Engraving Books

The old Una's related to Boss Rush & Cube will be combined into 3 new ones for Ebony Cube.

  • Una 1: Silver + Lonesome Stone of Soaring
  • Una 2: Silver + Honor Shard
  • Una 3: Marvelous Honor Leapstone (Bound)


  • Survive and collect your rewards!


Written by Starlast
Reviewed by Perciculum

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