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Lopang Island

Last Updated: May 19th 2023

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Island Rewards
Lopang Island Token
Vitality Increase Potion
Melody of the Sea: Brahms
Crafting Recipe: Messenger Pigeon Post
Gold x100
Wisdom +2
Courage +3

Island Token Acquisition

The Lopang Island Token is obtained through the island quest An Important Personage. For the island quest to appear, you must complete 6 of the same Una's Tasks on the island in addition to completing all the other island quests here. Completing all 6 of Una's Tasks will not make the quest appear you must do the same one 6 times.

Lopang's Islands Una's Tasks are mostly used if the player's silver reserves are low. Do 3 per day on each alt can net you a decent amount of silver.

Island Quests

Part of the quest A Small Mage's Big Picture requires you to use an item on a moving box around the island. The moving box is shown in the below image and moves around that general area.

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
Senior Manager JasniLopang Inc.Wisdom +1
Silver x9,300
Secretary Sarahan Blooming PassionWisdom +1
Silver x9,300
Senior Manager Jasni The Wind at Your Back
(Unlocks Lopang Island's Una's Tasks)
Silver x9,300
Mage Niedel Labor ViolationsCourage +3
Silver x22,000
Mage Niedel A Small Mage's Big PictureSilver x22,000
Senior Manager JasniAn Important Personage
(Requires 6 of the same Una's Task Completed)
Lopang Island Token
Silver x9,400
Gold x100

Una's Task - Lopang Inc.

You must complete the quest The Wind at Your Back, to unlock these Una's Tasks. To unlock the quest for the Lopang Island Token, you must complete 1 unique Una's Task 6 times.

Each Una's Task completion rewards 10. Once you have completed a certain number of Una's Task, you may receive certain rewards and you move onto the next tier of rewards.

Special Delivery

  • Tier 1 10/10
    1. Silver x2,000
  • Tier 2 50/50
    1. Silver x9,000
  • Tier 3 100/100
    1. Silver x18,000
  • Tier 4 150/150
    1. Vitality Increase Potion
    2. Melody of the Sea: Brahms
    3. Craft Recipe: Messenger Pigeon Post
    4. Silver x27,000



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