Orvis Island


Island Rewards
Orvis Island Token
Stat Increase Potion
Vitality Increase Potion
Expertise Potion
High Seas Coin Chest x3
Creation Fragment x2
Crafting Recipe: Pumpkin Scarecrow
Courage +1

Island Token Acquisition

Orvis Island Token is a part of the RNG loot for defeating Harvest Lord Incarnate. This boss should seem familiar as it's pretty much just a model copy of the field boss in West Luterra. Harvest Lord Incarnate follows the spawn schedule according to your Procyon's Eye Compass.

Island Quests

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
Cuisine ResearcherThe Great Pumpkin HuntHigh Seas Coin Chest
Silver x6,000
Courage +1
Cuisine Researcher A Better PalateHigh Seas Coin Chest x2
Creation Fragment x2
Silver x6,000

Una's Task - Ominous Pumpkins

Each Una's Task completion rewards 10. Once you have completed a certain number of Una's Task, you may receive certain rewards and move onto the next tier of rewards.

Ominous Pumpkins

  • Tier 1 70/70
    1. Silver x35,000
  • Tier 2 80/80
    1. Expertise Potion
    2. Silver x40,000
  • Tier 3 150/150
    1. Stat Increase Potion
    2. Vitality Increase Potion
    3. Crafting Recipe: Pumpkin Scarecrow
    4. Silver x76,000



Written by Yaen