Levanos Guardian Raid Guide

Levanos Introduction

Levanos is the third Raid Level 4 Guardian and you need to be at least 1040 Item Level to enter this Guardian Raid. This Guardian drops Tier 2 Accessories, Upgrade Materials and Ability Stones as well as rare drops including Runes, Engraving Books and Cards. It takes 15% more damage from Fire Element skills and the recommended Combat Items are: HP Potion, Corrosive Bomb/Destruction Bomb/Pheromone Bomb and Flare.

Levanos's armor is the strongest one you have encountered so far and it demands the use of many Skills and Combat items with Weak Point affix. He has a few high damage skills in arsenal and is able to summon a sapling which makes him invisible. On top of that, the Guardian enrages below 30% HP and gets stronger.

This Guardian guide assumes you know the basics of a Guardian Raid. Check out the General Raid Guide to learn more.

Special Interactions & Patterns

Select a Pattern

Counterable Attack

Armor Break

Stagger Check



Counterable Attack

Counter attack is possible during this attack pattern. At the start of this attack animation, the Guardian glows blue. The player has a short window to cast a skill with a Counter Attack affix while standing in front of the Guardian. If you manage to pull this off fast enough, the Guardian's attack will be interrupted and staggered for a few seconds. This gives you and your team a short window to use buffs and deal additional damage.

General Patterns

Select a Pattern

Spirit Flame

Root Slam

Spirit Flare

Spirit Storm

Spirit Explosion

Spirit Prison

Spirit Walls

Backwards Spin

Root Trap

Spirit Flame

Levanos fires Spirit Flames towards his cardinal directions for a few seconds, on hit the flames deal damage and push the player away from the Guardian. While enraged, the Guardian places Spirit Flames to a nearby area instead of channeling it actively below him.

Gameplay Video


Written by Perciculum
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