Deskaluda Guardian Raid Guide

Deskaluda Guardian Introduction

Deskaluda Guardian is the first Raid Level 6 Guardian and you need to be at least 1415 Item Level to enter this Guardian Raid. This Guardian drops Tier 3 Accessories, Upgrade Materials and Ability Stones as well as rare drops including Runes, Engraving Books and Cards. It takes 10% more damage from Water Element skills and the recommended Combat Items are: HP Potion, Destruction Bomb and Flare.

After going through the agony of daily Velganos raids, you should be delighted to hear, that Deskaluda is considered as a fun and less punishing Guardian. This Guardian is the perfect one to learn the proper timing and usage of your Counter Attack skills. So use this guardian to prepare your countering skills for the future legion raids. On top of that, the Guardian has a Weak Point check and can be cleared without much experience as long as you use the Guardian's patterns to your advantage.

This Guardian guide assumes you know the basics of a Guardian Raid. Check out the General Raid Guide to learn more.

Special Interactions & Patterns

Select a Pattern

5 Counters

Weak Point Check

Clone Escape

5 Counters

Deskaluda has 5 different counterable patterns and is incapacitated longer than the average Guardian upon successful counter. So using this mechanic to advantage can severely reduce the clear time.

General Patterns

Select a Pattern


Hellfire Shards

Hellfire Beams

Hellfire Cage

Hellfire Shot

Explosive Shards

Cardinal Explosion

180° Tail Swipe

Air Dash

Ground Dash

Small Jump

Big Jump


Peck Attack


The guardian summons multiple tornados around it. After a short delay, Deskaluda charges towards a direction and grab the first player on her path. After hovering in the air for a few seconds with the grabbed player, the guardian slams the player twice on the ground before releasing him. This deals high damage and to the grabbed player and everyone around the impact area.

The grab can be prevented by using a Counter Attack skill during the charge animation.

Gameplay Video


Written by Perciculum
Reviewed by Starlast