Achates Guardian Raid Guide

Achates Introduction

Achates is the last Raid Level 3 Guardian and you need to be at least 920 Item Level to enter this Guardian Raid. This Guardian drops Tier 2 Accessories, Upgrade Materials and Ability Stones as well as rare drops including Runes, Engraving Books and Cards. It takes 15% more damage from Dark Element skills and the recommended Combat Items are: HP Potion, Panacea, Corrosive Bomb/Destruction Bomb and Flare.

Achates is a cooperation mechanics heavy Guardian. You need to work as a team to prevent him from enraging. Additionally, Achates breath and fire attacks apply a stacking Scorch debuff on the player. This debuff reduces the healing received and deals damage over time (DoT). Once you get the 4th stack of the debuff, you are surrounded by a flame circle which deals damage to any nearby teammates and applies the Scorch debuff. To prevent a chain reaction, the player with 4 stacks and the flame circle around him needs to move away from teammates. This leads to a huge damage drop, especially if a melee class is affected by it.

This Guardian guide assumes you know the basics of a Guardian Raid. Check out the General Raid Guide to learn more.

Special Interactions & Patterns

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Counterable Attack

Stone Statues

Power Up




Counterable Attack

Counter attack is possible during this specific attack pattern. At the start of this attack animation, the Guardian glows blue. The player has a short window to cast a skill with a Counter Attack affix while standing in front of the Guardian. If you manage to pull this off fast enough, the Guardian's attack will be interrupted and staggered for a few seconds. This gives you and your team a short window to use buffs and deal additional damage.

General Patterns

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Wing Attack

Flying Charge

Light Explosions


Light Field

Scorch Mark


The Guardian slams on the ground once and summons cross shaped rifts below and around him. After a slight delay, he will slam once more and cause the rifts to explode. Players standing on the rift cracks take damage and are knocked up.

While enraged, Achates slams multiple times while turning during this attack pattern.

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Written by Perciculum
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