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Last Epoch Patch 1.0 Branch Update!

Last Updated: February 20th 2024

Patch 1.0

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Welcome Travelers, the time has come for Maxroll's Last Epoch Patch 1.0 Branch Update! It's been a journey through many eras to get to this point. The Maxroll Last Epoch Team in partnership with Eleventh Hour Games (EHG) have come together to bring you the highest quality content you have come to expect from a game we support. The Team has poured 10,000s of hours combined into this game and 1,000s of hours working with our Development Team to get to this point...and we couldn't be more excited!

LizardIRL (Team Lead)
Mcfluffin (Resource Lead)
Ter3k (Leveling Lead)
Binashole (Content Creator)
Volca (Content Creator)
Boardman21 (Content Creator)

VisionGL (Content Creator)

Whether you are returning to the branch from a while ago or it's your first time, we got everything you could want covered. An entirely new Getting Started section to a revamped Resource menu, to completely overhauled Leveling and Endgame Build Guides with all the powerful tools Maxroll brings to the table each and every time with a new game release!

Sharpen your blades, conjure your magic, and let's dive deep into this massive branch update!

Getting Started & Pinned Pages

Last Epoch Patch 1.0 Branch Update Getting Started
The new Getting Started section!

The brand new Last Epoch Getting Started section guides you through the early game, helping you avoid common pitfalls. With all the changes in 1.0, it's always good to get that refresher in as you brave the world of Eterra.

Pinned Pages

Our Pinned Pages feature has been expanded beyond members of our Maxroll Ad-Free service! This feature lets you pin ANY article, guide, etc. from ANY branch across Maxroll to your own profile. Anyone can Pin 10 pages, and Ad-Free users have up to unlimited Pins. Furthermore, when our Team updates a guide we'll send a notification to anyone who has the page pinned. See the video bellow, starting at 1:42.

Leveling Guides

Our team already had Leveling Guides for every Class and Mastery in Last Epoch. However, over the last few weeks, our Development Team along with the Maxroll Last Epoch Team came together to overhaul the guides completely! Specialized tools (such as a new combo Passive and Skill Tree embed) along with making sure the required information is there, but paragraphs of fluff were removed to help make the guides A LOT easier to digest to get you hacking and slashing faster than ever!


Acolyte Leveling Guides

As the dark magic user, the Acolyte thrives with Blood (Physical), Necrotic and Poison damage. She can curse her enemies, debuffing them before unleashing her wrath. This class also specializes in controlling minions. The acolyte can even use her own health to power abilities.


Mage Leveling Guides

Every ARPG needs a Mage class and Last Epoch is no different. Mages use elemental damage to destroy their foes, which means they have tons of support for Fire, Lightning and Cold damage types. This class also takes advantage of Ward which provides a strong defensive layer.


Primalist Leveling Guides

The Primalist is a versatile class that fills several thematic rolls. Damage types with primary support are Physical, Lightning, Cold, and Poison. Primalist also has a wide variety of defensive options including the highest support for Endurance of all of the classes.


Rogue Leveling Guides

With a skillset that includes attacking from the shadows, firing with bows from Range, and even Melee Range ranking, she can seemingly do it all. It doesn't hurt that she also has the widest variety of defensive options at her disposal. She is largely based around Physical and Poison but also has solid access to Fire, Cold, and Lightning, only adding to her versatility. She also has access to Shadows, a unique mechanic that creates a copy of the Rogue and mimics the next skill used.

Forge Guard
Void Knight

Sentinel Leveling Guides

The Sentinel is the typical Warrior or Knight type class. With lots of support for melee (including the ability to dual wield), armor and shields, this class fits with players who like the 'Bruiser' playstyle. He also has some of the highest support for Throwing Attacks in the game.

Endgame Guides

If you're following one of our Leveling Guides, you'll find that the endgame in Last Epoch approaches fast. The game's difficulty increases significantly faster in the endgame than the campaign. To prepare for this, our Team has tested each build countless times over the game's development until release. This ensures the smoothest transition possible into the endgame. We'll be playing these and many others throughout launch and plan to update our content as we go as updates and hotfixes are released.


Acolyte Endgame Guides

  • The Lich is a master of the Dark Arts; able to cast Physical spells through blood magic as well as having a firm grasp of Necrotic and Poison damage.
  • The Necromancer is a classic minion archetype that has the ability to wield large armies, single but powerful minions, or sacrifice them in a variety of destructive ways.
  • A Damage Over Time (DoT) specialist, the Warlock can release the very fires of Hell upon enemies. They are able to use Fire, Necrotic, Poison and Physical damage to their advantage, making them one of the most flexible damage type classes.

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Lich, Necromancer, and Warlock builds.


Mage Endgame Guides

  • The Runemaster has a unique playstyle, in which casting different elemental skills create matching Runes that can be spent by casting Runic Invocation. The spell cast at this point is determined by the Runes you created!
  • The Sorcerer is the quintessential spell caster, specializing in ranged spells and big elemental AoE damage.
  • Spellblade is a melee wielding spell caster that have a number of melee skills that can also proc spells, synergistically blending the two playstyles together into a very satisfying combination

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Runemaster, Sorcerer, and Spellblade builds.


Primalist Endgame Guides

  • Any Primalist can use Companions, but the Beastmaster excels at them. He gains access to more support and the ability to have more Companions with their own active skills.
  • The Druid's most notable feature is the ability to transform into Werebear Form, Spriggan Form or Swarmblade Form for which Werebear and Swarmblade are Mastery exclusives.
  • The Shaman is the primary Totem user, but also excels at spellcasting. His damage type support is largely Cold and Lightning, but he also has some Physical.

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Beastmaster, Druid, and Shaman builds.


Rogue Endgame Guides

  • The Bladedancer fits the Ninja/Assassin playstyle with a unique Mastery feature called Shadow Daggers, an ailment that is guaranteed to Crit when procced.
  • The Falconer is a minion class with a twist. The Falcon assists her, by directly attacking enemies and buffing her own skills. The Falcon is also immune to damage, allowing Falconer builds to focus more on the Falcon's offensive abilities.
  • Marksman is Last Epoch's version of the Ranger. Marksman has exclusive access to both Bows and Quivers and much of their damage scales only with Bows.

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Bladedancer, Falconer, and Marksman builds.


Sentinel Endgame Guides

  • Forge Guard is themed around Physical Damage which includes the ailment Bleed.
  • Paladin is themed around Fire Damage (including the ailment Ignite) and Healing.
  • Void Knight unsurprisingly specializes in Void Damage and it happens to be the only mastery with Void support.

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Forge Guard, Paladin, and Void Knight builds.

Progression & Resources

Like in any ARPG, having robust resources are very important to the power of your character. Understanding how to find gear and how to make it as strong as possible is essential to get the most out of your farming sessions. Use these guides below to make the most of your rewards and supercharge your progression!

Endgame Activities

Last Epoch releases with three forms of Endgame. With ways to further target farm gear, to pushing the limits of your character into the infinite corrupted void, or testing your mettle wave after endless wave, there is always something to do!

Monolith, Timelines and Timeline Bosses

The Monolith of Fate is the primary and deepest Endgame system in Last Epoch. This is where you'll spend the vast majority of your time farming for loot and progressing your character. These guides below will help you dive into this endgame system and maximize your time going through the Timelines.

Dungeon Guides

Dungeons are one of the main endgame systems in Last Epoch, making them an important activity after the campaign. They also provide substantial rewards to player who complete them. While each dungeon is unique, there are many aspects of that apply to all dungeons. Learn about the current dungeons in our posts below:


The Endless Arena is the main competitive game mode. It's all about how high you can get on the Ladder! Arena is very demanding and requires good game knowledge, patience, amazing gear and perfect mechanics. Only the best players can reach the top. Do you have what it takes?

Tier Lists, All the Tier Lists

If you want to know which build is the best of the best, check out our Tier List section! Here we compare all the build guides currently on Maxroll while speculating on the strength of future builds. There are 5 brand new tier lists for a variety of activities.

  • Leveling measures which builds get through the campaign quickly and reach level 70 smoothly.
  • The Corruption and Arena Tier Lists are all about how far a build can push when faced with ever increasing difficulty, with special attention being paid to defenses.
  • Bossing is all about single target damage.
  • Speed Farming measures a build's ability to quickly clear Echoes.
  • If you hate dying while you progress, check out our Hardcore tier list.

LEPlanner, Database and Ladders!

Along with the full update of Resources and Build Guides, our Development Team rallied to deliver MANY QoL improvements to our tools.

  • LEPlanner has received a massive update for 1.0, but it is only the first of several planned!
  • Developed a searchable Last Epoch Database of almost everything in the game.
  • An Event Ladder that's being used for the current Blast Epoch Race to 100 Event and future races!
  • Many Embeds have been updated to perfectly display the information you need!
Example Runemaster Planner
Example Runemaster Skill Bar
Example Runemaster Idols
Example Runemaster Blessings
Example Runemaster Leveling Combo Skill & Passive Tree

Gaming PC and Case Giveaway

Maxroll is partnering up with Starforge Systems and Eleventh Hour Games for a gaming PC and case giveaway for Last Epoch 1.0 release! The giveaway starts February 21st, and ends March 4th. We couldn't be happier for Last Epoch and are even more excited to offer this amazing giveaway to the community. See below for prizes and how to enter.


  • 1 custom themed Last Epoch Gaming PC that includes a 4070 TI Super and an I7-14700K Processor!
  • 1 of 5 custom themed Last Epoch Gaming PC Cases that include Plate Lights of all 5 Classes!
One custom themed Last Epoch Gaming PC that includes a 4070 TI Super and an I7-14700K Processor!
Five custom themed Last Epoch Gaming PC Cases that include Platelights for all 5 Classes!

How to Enter

Whether entering the giveaway for the Gaming PC or the PC Case, it only takes a few steps. We are using a simple Gleam entry system to grant you chances at winning. Note: It is one entry system for both sets of prizes.

^ Click the image above to go to the Gleam entry ^

BLAST Epoch Race to 100!

The BLAST Epoch Level 100 Launch Race hosted by BinaQc and VisionGL is launching February 21st, 12:00 PM EDT. Whether you decide to race smart and tactically in Solo Hardcore, or fast and loose in Softcore - Victory and Glory awaits you.

In this first iteration of our Launch Race, we are offering a custom Last Epoch themed PC Case that includes Plate Lights of all 5 Classes from Starforge Systems, supplied by Eleventh Hour Games. First Place from both Solo Hardcore and Softcore will be walking away with these prizes.

Last Epoch Custom PC Case from Starforge Systems

If you want to participate and try to win, check out our full news post!

Future Plans

We never stop here at Maxroll. Listed below is just a small list of things we are looking at post 1.0!

  • New and Updated Tools - What you see with our embeds and LEPlanner are just the start, QoL updates are always in the works!
  • Database Updates - More features and QoL updates are coming to the Database.
  • More Guides - As new systems come out, you can rest assured guides for them will be created to help you along!
  • Community Events - Community events and contests are something we really want to do, especially for Cycle races!

We hope you take advantage of our guides and enjoy Last Epoch on the 21st. Stay safe jumping Timelines in the world of Eterra, Traveler!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Last Epoch role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. If you find an issue, report it in the branch's #le-maxroll-feedback channel.

Written by: Dredscythe

Contributions by: The Maxroll Last Epoch Team

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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