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Campaign Walkthrough

Last Updated: July 8th 2024

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Last Epoch Campaign currently spans across 9 chapters through 5 different timelines, serving as an introduction to the game and its mechanics. This walkthrough guides you through each area, making sure you don't miss anything important for your progression. Please note that doing every chapter is not mandatory as you gain access to the main end game system, the Monolith of Fate, after finishing chapter 3.

This walkthrough works for any class or build and covers quests, pathing, npc and bosses that you can encounter during Last Epoch Campaign. Last Epoch Campaign provide Passive points and Idol slots through its quests, but you are limited to 15 Passive points and 8 Idol slots . In total you have access to more than that, so this walkthrough focuses on the most optimal pathing while getting everything that you can out of the Campaign.

Chapter 1 - Divine Era

The Old Road

Waypoint: No
Quests: The Keepers' Camp

Welcome to the world of Eterra! You are a traveler and are about to uncover the mysteries of what appears to be time rifts. You start with the quest The Keepers' Camp that will follow you until you reach The Keepers' Camp.

Move forward, kill every monster on your way and loot every item you find.

Chapter 2 - Ruined Era

The Ulatri Cliffs

Waypoint: No
Quests: The Last Refuge

Welcome to chapter 2! You just arrived in The Ulatri Cliffs, located in the Ruined Era and are investigating what is happening to you. Move to the Last Refuge Outskirts and talk with Guardsman Willem and Elder Burron on your way. This progresses the newly found quest The Last Refuge .

Chapter 3 - Ruined Era

The Lotus Halls

Waypoint: Yes
Quests: The Ruined Temple

In this area you need to collect 2 orbs at the opposite sides of the map in order to unlock the path to The Sanctum Bastille. Go to the left until you cannot, then go up, interact with the quest objective and take the time rift. Pick up the orb on the pedestal, press ‘T’ and take the portal back to Council Chambers.
Open your map and teleport to the Lotus Hall. Go on the right side this time and do the same thing.

Once you have both orbs, go back to the start of the area and go north to unlock the path to The Sanctum Bastille.

Chapter 4 - Imperial Era

The Darkling Pier

Waypoint: No
Quests: The Admiral's Dreadnought (Passive point and Idol slot )

The Darkling Pier is just a small area to transition to The Imperial Dreadnought.

Chapter 5 - Imperial Era

Titan's Canyon

Waypoint: Yes
Quests: The Desert Waystation (Passive point )

Go east until you reach Spymaster Zerrick. Defeat him and continue to The Maj'elkan Waystation.

  • Important Spymaster Zerrick receives hit damage only when his head is outside his body. To make that happen, Spymaster Zerrick needs to have a target he can attack in melee range. Stay out of every poison pool while fighting him in close range. Watch out for the poison pools under his body as you get close to him. There is a small window where you can attack him in melee range without stepping in the pools.

Chapter 6 - Imperial Era

The Upper Necropolis

Waypoint: No
Quests: The Immortal Citadel (Passive point )

Go north to reach The Citadel Sewers.

Chapter 7 - Divine Era

The Gates of Solarum

Waypoint: Yes
Quests: Rahyeh's Warpath

Welcome to chapter 7! Go south to reach The Burning Forest.

Chapter 8 - Divine Era

The Temple Depths

Waypoint: No
Quests: Lagon (Passive point )

The Temple Depths is also a maze. The entrance to the Sanctum of the Architect is located in the northeast of the area.

Chapter 9 - Divine Era

The Lower Temple

Waypoint: No
Quests: Apophis and Majasa (Passive point and +1 to all attributes)

Defeat the wave of monsters and continue to the The Chamber of Vessels.

End of the campaign

Congratulations, you are done with the campaign, getting every avilable Passive point and Idol slot , unlocking every dungeon and getting +1 to all attributes. You are now ready to conquer the main endgame system of Last Epoch, the Monolith of Fate!


Written by Terek.
Reviewed by McFluffin, Facefoot

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