Bladedancer Leveling Guide


The Bladedancer flits in and out of shadows, each movement another deadly cut. She dashes out of the reach of her enemies easily, only to engage again at a time of her own choosing. When she does, she deals incredible melee damage and damage over time.

While the Rogue in general has fast paced gameplay, the Bladedancer specialization excels in assassin-like movement and blades, allowing you to move quickly from enemy pack to pack and cutting them to pieces. Together with this guide, you will quickly level a Bladedancer that can deal devastating damage to your foes from the shadows.

This leveling build centers around throwing spinning Umbral Blades, fast movement skills, and dealing damage over time by applying the Shadow Daggers ailment. Your dashes also throw additional Umbral Blades giving you a consistent source of damage even on the move. Despite your high damage, you can be a bit squishy so you need to rely on Decoy to Taunt enemies and Smoke Bomb to keep important defensive buffs up.

Early Campaign Gear Planner
Dancing Strikes
Umbral Blades
Smoke Bomb

Check out the Campaign Guide for an in depth breakdown of the campaign.

Easy Gearing
Fast and Mobile

Massive Damage
Powerful Supporting Skills

Delayed Damage
Reactive Playstyle
Has to Respec 1 Skill

Can't Facetank Everything