Spellblade Leveling Guide


This Spellblade leveling build unleashes deadly Cold waves to exterminate everything on the battlefield. It utilizes Firebrand to get massive Shatter Strike casts.

The Spellblade goes into melee and generates wards to stay alive. Flame Ward is an incredible Defensive Skill with tons of Damage Reduction that can save him even from the most dangerous attacks. It also benefits from ward gained on melee hits and from Firebrand tree. The build has decent mobility thanks to Teleport which grants great defensive buffs on use.

Overall this Shatter Strike Spellblade is an amazing leveling build. It provides amazing damage which can one shot monsters and even some bosses in the campaign, while scaling really well into the end game. It is also a really good defensive build with high ward generation and its 2 charges of Flame Ward, making it one of the best mastery for leveling.

Early Campaign Gear Planner
Shatter Strike
Enchant Weapon
Flame Ward

Check out the Campaign Guide for an in depth breakdown of the campaign.

Good AoE ✔
Easy Gearing

Multiple Layers of Defense
Amazing Scaling With Gear

Spellblade Leveling

Rotation Playstyle
Has to Respec 2 Skills
DPS Downtime After Rotation

Defensive Skills Require Timing