Sorcerer Leveling Guide


This Sorcerer leveling build unleashes devastating blasts of Lightning to vaporize foes. It utilizes two Damage Skills: Static Orb and Lightning Blast. The first is primarily used for AoE and clearing while the second is specced into high single target DPS.

The Sorcerer maintains a distance while in combat but has plenty of defensive options in case enemies come too close. Flame Ward is an incredible Defensive Skill with tons of Damage Reduction that can mitigate even the most dangerous attacks. The build also has decent mobility thanks to Teleport. This Movement Skill grants great defensive buffs on use and can even be specced into damage nodes while moving, showing its versatility.

Overall, the Static Orb Sorcerer is an amazing leveling build, as it provides enough damage to one-shot most monsters in the campaign. It also scales really well into the end-game. With its 2 charges of Flame Ward, the build is also quite tanky. This combination makes Sorcerer leveling look easy.

Early Campaign Gear Planner
Static Orb
Lightning Blast
Mana Strike
Flame Ward

Check out the Campaign Guide for an in depth breakdown of the campaign.

Easy Gearing
High Damage in Campaign ✔

Multiple Layers of Defense
Insane Single Target and Clear Damage

❌ Has to Respec a Skill
Tedious Mana Management
Defensive Skills Require Timing

❌ End Game Damage Dependent of Gear