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Maxroll Last Epoch 1.1 Branch Update

Last Updated: July 8th 2024

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Welcome back Travelers as we reveal our Maxroll Last Epoch 1.1 Branch Update! Patch 1.1 brings many changes and new systems; as usual, we got you covered. Our Leveling and Endgame Builds Guides have been updated along with a lot of love given to our Resource Guides. Check out all the guides below, and best of wishes in Cycle 2 on July 9th.

Leveling Guides

We've gone back and re-tooled our Leveling Guides to be better than ever. We also have new paths for those who want to play the fantasy of the Mastery vs. the quickest ways to level. This was all a result of your feedback, so keep it coming.


Acolyte Leveling Guides

As the dark magic user, the Acolyte thrives with Blood (Physical), Necrotic and Poison damage. She can curse her enemies, debuffing them before unleashing her wrath. This class also specializes in controlling minions. The acolyte can even use her own health to power abilities.


Mage Leveling Guides

Every ARPG needs a Mage class and Last Epoch is no different. Mages use elemental damage to destroy their foes, which means they have tons of support for Fire, Lightning and Cold damage types. This class also takes advantage of Ward which provides a strong defensive layer.


Primalist Leveling Guides

The Primalist is a versatile class that fills several thematic rolls. Damage types with primary support are Physical, Lightning, Cold, and Poison. Primalist also has a wide variety of defensive options including the highest support for Endurance of all of the classes.


Rogue Leveling Guides

With a skillset that includes attacking from the shadows, firing with bows from Range, and even Melee Range ranking, she can seemingly do it all. It doesn't hurt that she also has the widest variety of defensive options at her disposal. She is largely based around Physical and Poison but also has solid access to Fire, Cold, and Lightning, only adding to her versatility. She also has access to Shadows, a unique mechanic that creates a copy of the Rogue and mimics the next skill used.


Sentinel Leveling Guides

The Sentinel is the typical Warrior or Knight type class. With lots of support for melee (including the ability to dual wield), armor and shields, this class fits with players who like the 'Bruiser' playstyle. He also has some of the highest support for Throwing Attacks in the game.

Endgame Guides

If you're following one of our Leveling Guides, you find that the endgame in Last Epoch approaches fast. The game's difficulty increases significantly faster in the endgame than in the campaign. We've updated our guides for a wide swath of updates from the patch to ensure your success. We'll continue to play these builds and many others throughout the Cycle and update as we go.


Acolyte Endgame Guides

  • The Lich is a master of the Dark Arts; able to cast Physical spells through blood magic as well as having a firm grasp of Necrotic and Poison damage.
  • The Necromancer is a classic minion archetype that has the ability to wield large armies, single but powerful minions, or sacrifice them in a variety of destructive ways.
  • A Damage Over Time (DoT) specialist, the Warlock can release the very fires of Hell upon enemies. They are able to use Fire, Necrotic, Poison and Physical damage to their advantage, making them one of the most flexible damage type classes.

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Lich, Necromancer, and Warlock builds.


Mage Endgame Guides

  • The Runemaster has a unique playstyle, in which casting different elemental skills create matching Runes that can be spent by casting Runic Invocation. The spell cast at this point is determined by the Runes you created!
  • The Sorcerer is the quintessential spell caster, specializing in ranged spells and big elemental AoE damage.
  • Spellblade is a melee wielding spell caster that have a number of melee skills that can also proc spells, synergistically blending the two playstyles together into a very satisfying combination

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Runemaster, Sorcerer, and Spellblade builds.


Primalist Endgame Guides

  • Any Primalist can use Companions, but the Beastmaster excels at them. He gains access to more support and the ability to have more Companions with their own active skills.
  • The Druid's most notable feature is the ability to transform into Werebear Form, Spriggan Form or Swarmblade Form for which Werebear and Swarmblade are Mastery exclusives.
  • The Shaman is the primary Totem user, but also excels at spellcasting. His damage type support is largely Cold and Lightning, but he also has some Physical.

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Beastmaster, Druid, and Shaman builds.


Rogue Endgame Guides

  • The Bladedancer fits the Ninja/Assassin playstyle with a unique Mastery feature called Shadow Daggers, an ailment that is guaranteed to Crit when procced.
  • The Falconer is a minion class with a twist. The Falcon assists her, by directly attacking enemies and buffing her own skills. The Falcon is also immune to damage, allowing Falconer builds to focus more on the Falcon's offensive abilities.
  • Marksman is Last Epoch's version of the Ranger. Marksman has exclusive access to both Bows and Quivers and much of their damage scales only with Bows.

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Bladedancer, Falconer, and Marksman builds.


Sentinel Endgame Guides

  • Forge Guard is themed around Physical Damage which includes the ailment Bleed.
  • Paladin is themed around Fire Damage (including the ailment Ignite) and Healing.
  • Void Knight unsurprisingly specializes in Void Damage and it happens to be the only mastery with Void support.

Look at our Build Guide Section for even more Forge Guard, Paladin, and Void Knight builds.

Tier Lists Updates

If you want to know which build is the best of the best, check out our Tier List section! Here we compare all the build guides currently on Maxroll while speculating on the strength of future builds.

  • Leveling measures which builds get through the campaign quickly and reach level 70 smoothly.
  • The Corruption and Arena Tier Lists are all about how far a build can push when faced with ever increasing difficulty, with special attention being paid to defenses.
  • Bossing is all about single target damage.
  • Speed Farming measures a build's ability to quickly clear Echoes.
  • If you hate dying while you progress, check out our Hardcore tier list.

Progression & Resources

Like in any ARPG, understanding how to find gear and how to make it as strong as possible is essential to get the most out of your farming sessions. Likewise, navigating the layers of endgame along with difficult challenges and bosses is critical to your success. Use these guides below to make the most of your rewards and supercharge your progression!

Progression & Resources

Pinnacle & Harbinger Boss Guides

A Harbinger from Patch 1.1

Aberoth, the new pinnacle boss that's coming with Patch 1.1 is going to test you more than any other content LE has offered so far. While a boss guide won't be available at the start of the Cycle, once the Boss has been unlocked for all players, the guide will come shortly after.

However, we have full Harbinger Boss Guides ready for you (at Cycle start) to tackle each one and not get sent to the void in the process.

LEPlanner, Database, and Easier Loot Filters!

Along with the full update of Resources and Build Guides, our tools have been updated.

  • LEPlanner has been fully updated for Patch 1.1.
  • Our Last Epoch Database has also received an update with almost everything in the game.
  • A much requested (and wanted) Loot Filter update, that trims down the steps to create and yours to implement has arrived. It's now easier than ever to grab and use filters for your Leveling and Endgame Builds!

Watch Us Live

With a new Cycle, a lot of excitement is waiting for us. Many of our Last Epoch team members will be streaming at the Cycle launch. Below you can find links to their content, so you can watch and learn along with them.

LizardIRL (Team Lead)
Mcfluffin (Resource Lead)
Ter3k (Leveling Lead)
Binashole (Content Creator)
Volca (Content Creator)
VisionGL (Content Creator)
Amarathy (Content Creator)
Boardman21 (Content Creator)

Blasting To Aberoth!

We hope you take advantage of our Maxroll Last Epoch 1.1 Branch Update and enjoy Cycle 2 on the 9th. We'll be monitoring the game and updating our builds as required for those all but guaranteed Patches and Hotfixes. Also, stay tuned for when the Aberoth Boss Guide drops. Stay safe jumping Timelines in the world of Eterra, Traveler!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Last Epoch role to stay up to date with our content development. If you find an issue, report it in the branch's #le-maxroll-feedback channel.

Written by: Dredscythe

Contributions by: The Maxroll Last Epoch Team

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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